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  1. I filled up my new tank with tap water and decholrinzed the water and left it like that for 24 hours. I added live sand 30 hours and planning to keep no fishes in there for a while. I am also planning when i do make water changes, that im going to change it RO water from there on so i can make it into a reef tank in about 6-8 months. If this is a right path to go please tell me! thanks!

  2. Hi there , im living in christchurch NZ and council says that the water we have is one of the best water in the world. is that ok do u think to use tap water for marine fish or corals ?

  3. I been using tap water on my 20 gallon nano tank for a 2 years.  The water is a little greenish, algae is growing everywhere.  I would scrub it constantly, but today my pair of snowflakes did spawn eggs on the bottom of the frogspawn.  It is possible but just make you sure you keep the nitrates below 10.

  4. I filled my 55 gallon saltwater with tap water. I use a uv light and Nopox by red sea. My tank is running great. Screw running around with jugs that would have taken me so many trips.

  5. Newbie here asks: what about using bottled distilled water? I've been told that can be used if you don't have an ro system. I just started a ten gallon tank a few days ago and was wondering how to top off the water that's evaporating

  6. NO! Dont use tap water, you may be fine for a while, it it will get you in the end. just buy an RODI system for $200 and call it a day

  7. I noticed when I top off my water the rodi water has like an oily effect when in add it in it goes away quickly and my live stock are just fine any one have any answer's

  8. For the most part I would say people should RODI as tap water has goodness knows what in it. Some minerals are harmless to marine environments but as you pointed out some will cause nothing but algae trouble for you and potentially some stuff that could be toxic to marine fish. a TDS meter (or meter that checks for Total Dissolved Solids) would be the best way to go. If it's under 50 then you can probably get by with tapwater that has been left out, if it's over 50 then chances are the concentrations are too high to be relied upon with any regular stability. I get RODI water for free from an LFS that is less than one light down from my house, so for me it's a no brainer to use them.

  9. My ammonia is pretty high & I’m out of water that I buy from my local aquatic warehouse & they are already closed 😰 I really hope my fish can make it to the morning

  10. I’m new to salt water and am literally waiting for deliveries to set up my first tank. I went to my local store yesterday and He told me that they sell salt water and that I should cancel the salt delivery I had placed. I feel like he took advantage of me as a beginner and not understanding my options in regards to water. Where I would then be a position of coming to him to buy water every 5 minutes. I took his advice and cancelled the salt. Now 24 hours later with continuous research and this very video. I noticed my local grocery store sells de ironised water. Which I will be using rather than paying him. This was a very short video that has helped me immensely. Thank you.

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