16 thoughts on “Is Music Medicine???”

  1. Yes i do think music is great medicine, lifts you up when your feeling down etc, great show buddy,, Cheers

  2. Great show Hack! Sorry I missed it live. Life and all that jive getting in the way. If I don't see you before, have fun at NAMM buddy! Enjoy Nashville!

  3. Guitar Hack, I've got a song for you that you might like. You can find it here on youtube. It's from 1978 and is called "Johnny All Alone" by Starz. If you get a chance, check it out. Just love sharing music I dig that not all people may have known existed. Have an awesome weekend, my friend!

  4. Music Therapy is a real medical and psychological treatment for everything from PTSD, Alzheimer's and Dementia to adjustment disorders and other traumas…it's one of the the best medicines you can get because it's basically free and affects people in so many positive ways I could write a book about the subject! I could not imagine a world without music!

  5. And the overseas companies are making remarkable guitars with out the ridiculous price Tags and guitar companies like Gibson will suffer because of that…I have a 1998 Kramer that was crafted in south Korea and it smokes the USA and Japanese made Kramer's as a matter of fact some of these older overseas made guitars from the past 25 years have become highly desirable and collectable I have been offered as much as $800 American dollars for my 1998 south Korean made Kramer more than once from collectors it's a banana yellow all original I would never sell it

  6. Gibson and other guitar companies need to get it threw their heads that Mexico…China…Indonesia…South Korea are making professional quality guitars their craftsmanship is remarkable it's been that way for at least 25 years the guitar making Technology is on all 4 corners of the earth now…the same with Amplifiers Tube Amps are not superior over solid State or Modeling Amps Anymore that's just plain facts it's all about the Technology….

  7. Before I got Rid of all my Stomp boxes I had 3 Dallas Arbiter fuzzfaces my son now owns them I'm just sticking with my Boss GT6…GT8 and Line6 Floor Pod plus all older systems not one issue with any of them and all 3 are still very relevant today

  8. My old friend Adam Mitchell wrote some KISS songs with Ace. I can't remember which ones. I gigged with Adam for about a year before he headed off to New York. I saw KISS in 1976 at Varsity Stadium, Toronto.

  9. YES, MUSIC IS MEDICINE. I've played several charity gigs for kids with special needs, and they come to life when they hear music; their faces light up with joy. Good stuff, dude. I'll have some content on my channel by the end of the summer; I just don't know how to fit a video or pictures with the music; I'll probably do a few live songs first.

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