Introduction to 8 Laws of Health

Introduction to 8 Laws of Health

alrighty I'm back I'm back having trouble with the internet so hopefully y'all can come on go ahead and share all right let me check here I don't know what's going on all right let me check here good morning Evelyn all right I'm going to go to this it's very simple good morning sweetie how are you I'm going to go through this and hopefully you guys can understand it is really simple you just have to incorporate healthy foods in your diet if you do these things right here that those are the steps but you're going to have to you know put it in action and stick to it okay like I said you know my job is to help people come away from the processed foods the flesh meats help them with their weight their their selection in foods and things like that okay so hopefully I'll be able to see you guys the comments you're welcome all right date laws of health is very important and know that when we make it to the kingdom if we make it to the kingdom we're going to have to strive to strive we have to change here okay the most high it's not going to do it for us he gives us free will so it's up to you to decide if you want to do it and if you don't excuse me then it's on you you did very good I'm proud of you sweetie all right ready all right the eight laws of health this is what I when I do my prisons presentation good morning sweetie this is what I show people and it's very important some people are visual some people can just listen but I like to show people not only like this but in cooking if I can all right the eight laws of Health is God's plan is his plan and we need to stick to it if we would just do what is right in his sight he will show us the way the right way all right let me turn this way a little bit all right proper breaths now just write it down or just play the video back sweetie proper rests resting we must rest from our labor so that nature will restore their vigor and strength in sleeping if you're not going to bed at the right time if you're not going to bed at the right time you're not going to get the rest that you need between the hours of 10:00 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 o'clock a.m. your body is repairing okay between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 o'clock in the morning your body is preparing now I'm telling you that right now if you say well I work it's such in such time I'm telling you between the hours between the hours of 10:00 to 3:00 a.m. in the morning your body is repairing that's all I'm doing okay I'm just planting the seed you have to figure it out and even if you work those crazy hours find time to rest you have to do what you have to do okay so I'm just putting it out there all right rest I went to bed and I'm refreshed you have people just stay up like you're going to miss something on the videos you may not wake up the most time I said okay you're doing too much you're neglecting the temple of mine the temple of the Lord so you know he may put you to sleep I don't know but all I know is that I'm going to have to go to bed and rest and the older you get the less sleep so why not incorporate that sailing all right that's number one open air fresh air now yesterday it was beautiful today it looks like it's gonna rain okay I'm not worried about that the rain will help I wanted to go to beach today but unfortunately I can't go today because if it like it starts to lightning you know and stuff like that I don't want to get struck by lightning and that's right open air sleep okay open air fresh air air every cell of your body must receive a constant supply of oxygen for good blood inhale exhale inhale exhale so that's what I'm going to do when I get to the to the gym with my trainer I'll do that on my own okay you can go to the ocean the best place to be if you go to the park where there's a lot of trees the trees releases oxygen we need that it helps you know come away from all the smaug's and cars and all that stuff I can't stand it I'm like I always have a you know a rag or terrycloth or whatever cover don't breathe that then it's going to cause free radicals in our bodies just destroying ourselves and two cells is just going like this set up diseases oxygen so that's three mm-hmm exercise exercise we want to eat healthy we want to do this and we want to be a vegan and we want to be a vegetarian but we don't want to move the body we want to put good nutritious food in us but we don't want to move the body you think you can't gain weight by eating good food as well yes you can and as you get to the point where you if 50 because I'm 50 52 you want to take care of your body you've got to move if walking is all you can do that's fine if you can just buy you some free weights you got to tone not only the muscles the bones really you have to tone you have to do something sitting and eating healthy it's not the only thing you have to move the body if you cannot move the body then you go see your doctor and see if you can have them send you out to a physical therapist someone can show you or if you don't know anything about anything I'm sure I mean I'm not like want to advocate people you know but I'm just saying you gotta move that body you gotta move that body exercise exercise by active exercise in open-air everyday do scriptures I'll go back and give you the scriptures I'm just going to read this and then I'll give you the scriptures then you write them down okay because they're scriptures for this okay and I send my clients when I send them eight laws of health I send them the scriptures as well and ponder on it and read it exercised by active exercise and open air every day the kidney the liver and your lungs will be strengthened to perform their work you see exactly in the garden just move I mean just doing you know you and the Sun you're getting air in the garden that's another form of exercise just walking okay I like to take it up a notch I like to work out that's just me okay some people don't I'm not saying you have to all I'm saying is to move the body okay exercise sunlight sunshine we need that the Sun is very important very important I call it energy is the energy and you need that to help make vitamin D okay that energy contacts your skin activates the liver to convert it and to make vitamin D okay it also helps in making cholesterol the cholesterol good cholesterol okay we're not talking about animal cholesterol okay the cholesterol that God makes naturally in us is to protect our arteries because sometimes you'll get like little holes pocket holes and so when that happens God is so good put a cone teach you this it goes into your arteries and it covers it and heals it but if you eating flesh meat animal you're going to get that in you whatever you eat you get a part of that it doesn't become part of you into it's broken down and matter so if you keep eating a lot of red meat a lot of flesh meats they release their hormones and their cholesterol in there so this is why you go to the doctor and it puts you on these cholesterol medicine just for your body for your body to stop making the cholesterol when all you got to do is stop eating the flesh meat something that is dead that's coming into our body which makes no sense to me now I know so it reduces the cholesterol that your body makes when God put that there to protect you in case you do something and it goes in there and your blood and it just patch it up naturally but if you're doing that and you're putting flesh meat and their cholesterol this way is high think about that do your research on that God is so good sunshine water water people the astros because sometimes sometimes I have to make myself make myself drink it and I know if the stool is dry hard okay oh yeah you better get that water you can get your fiber and this is one way getting your fiber in the morning don't put ice or anything in there okay get your fiber like this get your fiber in your greens get your fiber and your foods grains nuts and seeds and follow date laws of health drink plenty of water water drinking water is like washing out your insides the pipes our pipes needs to be washed away yes on the inside the water will cleanse the system it'll fill up and decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues the lymphatics the lymphatics okay it's not only the blood the plasma okay we need to cleanse the lymphatic so it's really good to go and sit in a sauna so you can sweat you see i'm saying we need to be cleansing and one way of doing it is in the morning time have you some lemon water drink your lisa 16-ounce drink that then make you some you know wait you know because you want to be full with that breakdown and then have you some fiber or have you whatever okay and then you eat your meal get your drink in as far as your water if you don't know like i said in the previous video take your weight / – and that's how many ounces you should be drinking for your body weight don't look at nobody else you need to worry about yourself okay alright next one temperance temperance self-control and eating self-control in all that you do self-control in processed food you need to get rid of that thank you sweetie I appreciate you if you don't practice self-control you're going to keep eating and eating and eating and if you don't work out and if you don't rest if you don't get sunlight exercise and you just sit there in the house or sit wherever and you just eat eat eat you're not moving their body what do you expect then you want to go get a quick fix and go let man go in there and take your stomach and shrink it when the body will do it itself the stomach will shrink won't you pray annex God to help you show you the way the way is to the sanctuary I'll talk more about that in a future okay so temperance if you have issues with I have a client is that I have issues with with the salt and well are you eating what kind of salt you're eating sweetie are you eating the salt this in the store turn it and read it aluminum right to the brain right to the brain come away from things drink more water flush out the lymphatics and the red blood cells temperance in order to preserve health temperance self-control in all things it's necessary if you don't have self-control in in anything that's insects that's in watching TV I don't watch TV okay music music and really hearing your and your frontal lobe can get you to your mind it I mean this right here is where the enemies tries to get in but he cannot get in if you stay in the world and the most high word and follow the laws of Health scuse me and eat right according to what does say the Lord not according to what man says yeah manners show you other way but if you don't have Christ in him I am listening to him because we have too many people on YouTube saying eat this way would I don't need this I'm a vegan I'm a vegetarian oh I don't do this i juice this but where's God in that where is it and then you try this and it doesn't work I don't understand that so you know what like I tell people I'm gonna do God i'ma do me y'all do you all right okay nutrition nutrition let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food when you eat these healthy nutritious foods God is going to be right there helping you I'm told I'm telling you come away gradually from these animal dead flesh animals that you cannot see when they cutting him up may have cancer in there and it's all cut it out but you cut it or you may not cut it out okay you don't know what goes on in these factories I mean this documentary is out there where you got to do is look at it people are trying to educate y'all but I gotta have my meat all right you can have everything that comes with it disease disease but a lot of people are waking up they're seeing that eating that way all it does is make you lethargic it just has you just Oh tired what do you have no energy and then when you get up to your menopause your body's out of whack you don't know what to do and you go right there and you tell them oh I have this symptoms because they look for symptoms cuz that's what they're trained to I mean you can't knock them I mean they learn men by learn man okay but you know you just gotta just let God guide you and if you don't believe in him I don't know what to tell you then you need to go read citiz chapter 15 verse 6 verse 26 scuse me Exodus chapter 15 verse 26 okay if you don't listen to him and you don't do what is right in his sight and give here to his laws his ten commandments yes his ten commandments he said he will not put these diseases upon you like he did the Egyptians what's in the past is going to be in the future and we are now in that and we have more people sick each and every day eating things that they you're welcome sweetie that they know they shouldn't be eating so I challenge all of you the last one trust in God you need to trust in him all right trust in him now review the scriptures write them down get proper rest Hebrews chapter 4 Hebrews chapter 4 read for 311 for 311 Hebrews chapter 4 4 through 11 and in Exodus chapter 20 verse 8 Exodus chapter 20 verse 8 someone can put that down there I appreciate it fresh air Genesis chapter one thank you sweetie Genesis chapter one reverse 6:37 Genesis chapter 1 6 to 7 daily exercise what gained weight Genesis chapter 2 verse 15 Genesis chapter 2 verse 15 god bless you sweetie god I love you thank you you see we have to edify each other meaning build each other up help us help one another sunshine sunshine Genesis chapter 1 verse 6 and 7 Genesis chapter 1 6 and 7 drink plenty of water it's all in there in Genesis because that's where it started creation drink plenty of water Genesis chapter 1 verse 6 Genesis chapter 1 verse 6 self-control people temperance is very important try to control it all right first Corinthians 1st Corinthians chapter 9 verse 25 first Corinthians chapter 9 verse 25 nutrition yes nutrition remember food is for giving us energy and nutrition not to sit back and let because there's a lot of people sitting back eating two or three plates you're gluttony just like the children of Israel then will be none of that in the New Jerusalem okay Genesis chapter 1 verse 29 for nutrition Genesis chapter 1 verse 29 and the last one trust in God put your trust in him in that man proverbs my favorite one proverbs chapter 3 5 through 7 proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 through 7 and it reads like this trust in the Lord with all thy heart up here and lean not to thy own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path be not wise in thine eyes fear the Lord and depart from evil when he says trust in him he means what he says he said be not wise and ionised wise me able to discern don't try to figure it out God will show you the way to the power of the Holy Spirit okay and that is in John chapter 14 verse 26 John chapter 14 verse 26 yep that's it and that is it you guys if you follow that and eat right come away you'll see a difference in you you'll see it in your look you'll have this glow because meat makes your face dark the blood makes you it makes you just want to just echo ooh and you see what's happening so I'm going to do a video on that to help you guys understand what the blood does and a lot of you probably said well you know the Bible says that we can eat meat yeah but there's something that you have to remove that is the blood the blood is life in the blood diseases and life that gives us life without the two oxygen and blood that's it so check mama Rosa I wanted to come in and give you this here you follow the lots of help share this video on Facebook Twitter so that others can understand if they do a God's Way they will see that he means what he says if you follow the eight laws of health all right you guys now I gotta go and take care of the temple by doing one of the eight laws of Health which is exercise and one water so that be – no sunlight today but you know what I'll take my vitamin D only when the Sun is not out all right you guys I'll see you on the next upload

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  1. Hugs & love. My goal is to allow my body to bnb e clean and glow in it's natural beauty. You're encouraging thxโ™ก

  2. โ€œDonโ€™t try to figure it out and God will show you the way?โ€ Does that mean donโ€™t think. Let God take the wheel?

  3. Hi!!
    So glad you have this channel for me to learn how to do better with my new diet Iam at my end of my rope, I thank God for you every second of the day my new best friend!!!Thanks so much for all you're time and all my faith I will be a better me, because of you I thank God for every vidio I watch of you're channel Blessings to you honnie I ve been trimming bushes in my yard got 2 more to do you have give me hope, thank's honey you're in my prayer's!!!!

  4. Hello Chef's Mama what the antibiotic name you mention in your video for bad breath please waiting for your reply i can't find the video

  5. Grass fed beef in moderation is good to eat. What about this verse: 1 Timothy 4:1-5 โ€œNow the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
    4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
    5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.โ€

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