I Should Have Bought One Of These Ages Ago! - Home Gym Upgrades

I Should Have Bought One Of These Ages Ago! – Home Gym Upgrades

may the new little investment for the Watterson home gym the ski ugh is here now to set it up put it together I'm very excited for this new gadgets the Fitness is going to be going down in the garret Jim I've got a 60 kilo D ball coming as wealth and wolverson I got mosquito from wolverson where I got all my gym kit from this is the best thing about having your home gym I can get to finish today's programming at the box so I'm going to finish it here right now I've got some strict hands down push-ups then I've got an imam with five hands down push-ups every 30 seconds for ten minutes let's go down I'm moving closer to you tell me what you wanna do so Jason and the guides at wolverson have acted on me a solid they didn't have any sixty kilo D balls at the moment so they've sent me over sandbag I just got a bit fill it with kiln-dried sand so we're gonna go to B&Q graft in the sand fill this bad boy up and see how it feels okay here's the deal I don't know how many bags of sand it's gonna take to fill that up I think it's 48 kilos and if I remember from my carpentry and building days bag of sand is 20 kilos I don't know what the size of the bags of sands are in being Q because it's kiln dried so it has to be super dry it's what you use for like paving and brushing it in so I'm gonna grab something and grab two bags we'll see how it fits place your bets is it gonna take – mmm well maybe one less than two or more than two in the comments how much you think I tell you what that could be two backs I'm not stupid enough to drive home with a half-full bag of sand if it doesn't take a fullback we'll put the other bag in at home and find out if it takes two bags then what I'll do is I'll stand on the scales before without the bag then with the bag and then we'll find out how heavy it really is it could go I think is 30 kilos maybe 25 let's find out okay me on the scales no sandbag not the best floor 82 kilos sound bagging me not the most scientific way to test but I was aged 2 kilos – the ball I should hope – the ball – the the sandbag I was 82 kilos with the sandbag on I was 112 so that makes it a 30 kilo sandbag boom science about 3000 calories I was hoping to average around to 850 Lauren and I got gender yesterday and I was like oh there's a free at this start that's my free 150 I think I said if you feel hungry to eat more warning boys she's chatting calorie boy you ready for a good training session this morning maybe bit you boys picking up with some conditioning aren't you you're not doing it can't work it with this gear others someone else who wants to well goodbye call it row row I don't want to break on can do rather bike I've done about money today so I'm gonna have you double unders run the practice so yesterday in program and we had to do seven rep max back squat Leone with 150 like it was sixty kilos tell me who did you meet Barbados in is in are dropping boxes I'm gonna throw it up to you guys some witness the man strength [Applause] vs. swap program ownership dad strengths so big key sanam Rose you've got some new but some new toys didn't ya I have got some new to show us the gun show so I've been hit me he completely missed that I don't want sure don't show off the biases I've been given a chip okay so this is called a continuous blood glucose monitor yes so continually measures your blood glucose emergency by glucose so if you can see patterns you can see trends the coolest thing about it is when I when I test you gives you an arrow so it shows you the glucose you're out also gives you an arrow saying my so you have a sideways arrow that says like it's gonna stay around there slightly or straight up or vice-versa get down so it goes down slowly or down to eat something so a bunch of you are really interested after we mentioned that toby is type 1 diabetic want to know what he's doing with training it's prepared to say in the past six months of stuff he's had a bit of trouble controlling his blood sugar a lot of lows and stuff not really around exercise there were they there were other times a day was awful so he went to see the specialist and they're like tell you what let's kind of monitor do and step it up so that yet that is Toby's current type one situation goodnight shots so turn on bird Oh stand that thing so it's on my gun you got nine inch gun that's what it's going to do you look like you're from 90s back street potentially Eminem 90s just badass no the plot thickens it was you the stunk out the toilet look at that face that is the face of man human in black Americana who's made an hour you think the guys get involved with the met calm this morning I'm gonna do a 10-minute double-under practice I struggle to brief with double ovens I'm not very efficient at home I'm gonna aim for 30 double unders every minute on the minute for 10 minutes this is my practice sweet him what yes and I'm gonna Leon said every time I do a blunder I do a single first he said you gotta practice going straight into the first initial swing of the rope is a double how's operation get fit going you tell me get fit a guy trying Fitness sponsored might not go strict chief of our pull-ups yeah well I haven't done in a very long time so you've got you two every two minutes actually such a cop-out just a bathrobe at my max is like five is it strict chest-to-bar pull-ups five do I find out how many I can do to start with by all means great Oh easy easy try not to swing come and touch my dinner night mine five Tulio and you can do three you can do three every two minutes then not kidding but yeah helps and emotionally I think he put the Sun a bit definitely no serious you're a Casper hello darkness my old friend that you want me to do free every team in person they're gonna be all because my max is five new today they're having around I realize the bed yesterday have a shout the backlog shitloads over you mean skipping minimum for me it's so much easier with a policeman who you slurring why to like shave my armpits you too can be like Toby Buckland is that what you've got your Blue Peter badge ball for shaving your armpits I saw you suck the Stuckey Blue Peter badge on your arm all right sure your mum's would be so proud of your mom to be so proud of you Toby's like yeah put that on your blog all right cheese mum next up we have butterfly pull ups or kitten pull ups something that I would say none of us are particularly great at we've got to try and do how many we got to do every 30 seconds I've got six every 30 seconds so I've got six butterfly Chester bars every 30 seconds one thing I do have my Chester bars do I get like a really big swing away from the bar and it makes it super loopy so one thing I'm gonna try and do is pop my hips earlier you stay closer to the bars it's more of a kind of an oval-shaped movement hopefully a big circle so the boys are doing a workout which is every 30 seconds I've got a complete bipartite Chester bars I don't have a benchmark for that so all of your actual weight or Brett's and everything like that I've set from benchmark for exercises so I've got through a five-minute amrap Chester bar but life to see how many I can get which will then be mathematically equated into how many I should be doing every 30 seconds on average to push that tempo I guess so I'm gonna go and do that hopefully this doesn't rip because if it rips more I'm just gonna stop because it's in a really awkward place where I could put me out for a few more days if not so let's go and see what we got think oh it's 72 happy with that just watched it back and it was 73 reps in five minutes really happy with that we have to spend forever setting up the next workout because it's basically free ten-minute hammers of a five minute break between and because there's four of us working out we need all three of them up and all be on different stations at the same time so see wait how is it good to go they're fun they're really fun two down one to go getting into the fifth round average on everything so far so let's try and do that with this one this is very leggy now food prep kitchen ragu Bolognese motivation obviously and one of my favorites how was your session Leon do I really have to go through this again you don't well I'm gonna tell you guises you just missed some natural blockage Gold is basically what happened is John asked me how my session was and I did did and then asked if he knew when I was texting my glutes because it really saw but you've missed all of that so there's no contact so yeah it was great session it was done oh it's just session what do you mean second time around I'm filming this your bum clinton thing with a huge executive just a bit weird well the fact is it's like we're natural ists that's probably not the right word I think you probably do sit we're just like first-timers yeah we're just out we don't need to recreate stuff just put in some dragons behind my head in a couple of explosions and then we're all good just turn into removing for like Pete's dragon no just it just did loads differently great we can't feel about there Leon just chill out on me lap on my sofa why not so I realized I was editing this video and hadn't done any kind of sign out for it and our videos the past eight nine years how long we've been doing it I've changed quite a bit I mean we started off just doing our education stuff here absolutely dice and now I'm pretty video workouts to get pumped and now our education stuff my lives on our podcasts it lives on our dailies on Instagram and that kind of stuff and YouTube for us now is for the most part it's just a bit of fun like it wasn't like in this vlog we gave you any real kind of education it was just a case of look here's a mate Toby he's a massive clown but it's quite fun to watch and I hope you guys enjoy these type of videos let us know what you want to see more of if you want to see more the information stuff and maybe you want it laced into these type of vlogs where we give you some tips whether it comes with exercise whether it comes with food and more than happy to do that or you just want to see more of us acting like absolute idiots again that is fine if you enjoyed this video please give a massive thumbs up and we'll see the next one bye guys

18 thoughts on “I Should Have Bought One Of These Ages Ago! – Home Gym Upgrades”

  1. I love the vlogs – I’m nosy af, plus they’re motivating 👊 Personally I prefer the educational content in podcast format. Thank you! 🤘 xx

  2. Awesome video! More training vlogs and training tips! I just started CrossFit and make videos about my struggles as a beginner! I’d love for you guys to check it out and maybe some pointers to!
    Cheers from California 💪🏼😁

  3. Enjoy these kinds of videos, particularly the ones where you show your home gyms (where did you get the clock/timer from?) but it would be good to get a a few cooking/nutritional videos as well if you can.
    Keep up the hood work!

  4. Like these when you workout with the boys- also like vids where you put tips in the workouts for us- eg- how to snatch better in wods etc. Keep it up guys 😘 #fingeredyourgranny

  5. I LOVE these kinds of videos! I cant train at the moment so I am just living through you! Makes me want to get back to Crossfit and working out soooooo bad! Keep up the good work boys!

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