and then before you know it you're smash you know heavy ass hit Frost's and all them and and looking at you like horrified that you can move that much where with your ass it's great honestly hi I'm oh let me turn the air con Daniel a bit so I've literally just been just filmed this video but him my phone overheated I prefer filming in my mom's car but if my phone's gonna keep overheating it's it can't work so if anyone has any cover recommendations let me know but yeah so I'm filming my um how I got into the gym why I got into the gym confidence and motivation tips because I said I film it so here we are I'm just going to jump straight into it because honestly I'm concerned that my phone's got all over here and turn off again so yeah so why I got into the gym I'm not gonna talk too much about this just because I feel like people don't actually care I mean if anyone does then thanks but I had a bit of a bit of an asshole of an ex-boyfriend he's common like anorexic there's make nasty comments about how small I was and which by the way you can't look anorexic like anorexia is an eating disorder we won't mention names but clearly lacking in brain cells but yeah I used to call me on her exit and stuff and it did make me quite insecure about it so I started going to the gym typical girl started at the gym wanting to turn up which by the way is literally just building muscle and then having a low enough body fat percentage to like sure the muscle there is no such thing as turning a muscle just did a quick fYI and so yeah I started going to the gym typical wanting to turn up did a lot of cardio should be fair to me and Miller we did used to use the machines at the gym I used to go to we did use like the leg press and stuff and we did actually do it for you like squats we've liked the barbell like in the actual like men where it's area but we were both like intimidated to go in there so we didn't really go in there that often we did like a lot of like cardio a lot of ABS oh my god I don't think I've ever done so many crunches in my life and a lot of body weight stuff and then I started like digging because I was obsessed with her tummy Hembrough and brow Hembrough I don't know which one it is but I was obsessed with hours oh my god I want to look like her let me look like her so I started digging on like how to gain weight cuz I've got a really fast metabolism so for me it has been a long a long road to gain where as I started digging on like what I needed to do like training wise I eventually moved gyms and joined a PR gym which is the one I still got an hour one of my home from uni started with going with my friend Vicky who went for like a week and then abandoned me so I think so that's when I started going and then obviously wouldn't go so I ran into the same problem again of oh my god like I don't when I got the gym on my own so I just didn't go and then one day I was just like Amy grow a pair of balls just got the gym I just started going birthdays and just going in the women's early section and I'd find like workouts on Instagram and stuff and just copy them it's a bit to be honest like I feel like it's built on the premise that women just want to do like weights and cardio which if that's what you want to do then fine but that wasn't how I ended up building my body so I did that for a few months and then it got to a point where I'd seen a decent my progress but my progress is kind of hold in and I knew that I needed to be in the Midway it's area with some heavier weights I was just sort of intimidated to go in so my other friend also goes to that gym so one morning at 6:00 farm we were like right we'll go like tomorrow like half a and we'll just we'll go together and we'll go in the moon where it's area so we did we like got familiar with like loading plates on her stuff and all that and then after then I like felt alright to go on my own but I'd only got quiet times this is how my confidence that built up so I started going in the women's only section and then me and my friend went into the men where it's area and then I just got quiet at times just sometimes I'm used and now I don't I still don't like going at busy times because it's just pointless like especially at PR gyms like it's pointless going when it's like peak busy times but I'm not really I prefer trading on the morning but I'm not too like anal about like the specific time whereas I used to be like half a every single day and I just go like when I can on a morning and so yeah and then I just got used to it learn more and more about what exercise is for what muscle groups learn about progressive overload I go over all this like training wise in my first video so I'll watch that if you've not seen it this is literally just why and how I got into the gym and yeah that's it really it's not that long of us I mean I could tell a long-winded story but again my phone and all other heat so I won't buy with that now building confidence in the gym this is what people wanted so my tips would be if you've got a woman's only section use that to start with just to get comfortable with the form of exercises getting into a general routine of going to the gym and it's a really great way to like get into where or if you don't have a women's only section find like a quiet area in the gym normally a like my area where people do up work and that's normally really quiet so you could like grab a few dumbbells or whatever go over there and just slowly start building your confidence up learn the correct BOM YouTube is really good for it there are some dodgy dodgy workout videos law so make sure you're watching someone who knows what they're doing Lucy Davis she's where I want one online coach but I'm not biased like her farm and stuff in our videos he's really good so and she bought really good workout videos I know that boys get intimidated by the gym as well because obviously like there's a lot of like big scary men so obviously I don't think there would be a boys only section if there is then use that and if not then just again start with like a quiet Carter and build up and like one day you will literally you don't feel like it but one day you will literally just be like oh it you just got to a point where you don't care anymore and another thing we've gaining confidence in the gym the main reason why a lot of people are confident in the gym is because of scared of people looking at them no trust me especially if you go up your gym everyone in that gym he's far too vain they are far too vain to be concerned about what you're doing everyone is too busy looking at themselves in the mirror or thinking about what the graffity honestly know when he's looking at ya and if they are honestly it probably just means you you good looking take as a compliment but if they get like a bit too scary because I think some men can get a bit weird and girls can probably get a bit weird as well for boys just throw them a quick a quick look I'll just help a piss off I mean I won't recommend it they might throw down by like you're but another thing we're gaining confidence is the personal trainers in the gym if you get to know like the pts and stuff you feel safe I know it sounds weird cuz why would you feel unsafe in the gym but you just feel more comfortable cuz like familiar faces you know people so I suggest getting to know the pts obviously like maybe not jumping into a relationship with them because if you got that Jimmy probably gonna see them every day almost there if you like consistent with it so maybe you'll get to know him too well but you know just got to know like the pts and like they'll be the same kind of people in the gym every day you'll get familiar faces and you do just get more comfortable with it another thing we're gaining confidence which kind of just overrides it all is if you just consistently go if you yeah get into a routine of going you just you confidence just builds naturally because you're every time you go you get in that little little little little little little bit more confident and then before you know it you're smash you know heavy ass hip frosts and all the men are looking at you like horrified that you can move that much weight with your ass it's great honestly it's great um so yeah confidence give it time but also like push yourself at your comfort zone you know and motivation wise so I talked about this in my last video so I'm not gonna like go over it too much again but you're not going to be constantly motivated don't know who needs to hear this but you will not be constantly motivated like I'm not constantly motivated like some days I honestly can't be asked but I mean a routine of going so I go and I know that I'm gonna feel better afterwards so it's like it comes and goes like I go through phases where I'm like yeah and then I go through phases where I'm not copy ass but then once I get there I'm fine it's the getting yourself there just get yourself there and then you will literally be fine another thing is find something that you genuinely enjoy doing so obviously if you have a specific specific goal in mind like building muscle weight training will be more beneficial for that goal than cardio that's there but you need to find a method of reaching your goal that is enjoyable for you if you enjoy cardio great if you enjoy CrossFit great if you enjoy just general weight training great like there's so many different things that you can do don't feel like just because everyone on Instagram is doing one specific way of training that you need to do that too you need to find something that you enjoy because if you don't enjoy it you won't stick to it like you literally won't stick to it I genuinely enjoy going to the gym that's why I've been able to consistently go for the past like two and a half years five days a week you need to find something that you enjoy oh yeah so another thing with motivation I think this is probably the last point with motivation your source of motivation kind of thing do not I did this when I first started like I said I was upset to try and do not use someone else as your motivation now it's fine to look at a girl on Instagram and be like she has got a banging body absolutely unreal however I genuinely personally don't believe that using someone else's your motivation is a good idea at all I again don't know who needs to hear this you will never look like that girl on Instagram I hear it's a brick at sea sweetheart but you will never look like that girl on Instagram everyone's body like hi everything is so different you will never look like someone else because you are not them and they will never look like you because they are not you like I used to look at girls that are really sure like 5 foot something and think oh my god they've got like such like nice thick legs for me who's 5 foot 5 foot something like sharp 5 foot I'm five foot six and a half and for me to have thicker legs it's gonna take long a lot longer be wrong in saying that but I feel like it does take longer for me to build my legs up because they're a little bit longer I'm getting their dog got me wrong I'm getting there and I'm pushing myself but it takes time and at the same at the same time I will never have the legs of a 5 foot 3 person because we've got completely different bodies completely different bodies I get asked on Instagram how did you keep such a small waist and grow your glutes at the same time I'm very very lucky that I don't hold much fat around my waist obviously I hold fat there but not much at all like even when I was bulking yeah my wish did grow like I will say that my wish did go up to like 25 26 probably at the highest point but even then it's still smaller because they also put weight on my hips like I think genetically yeah I do netic Lee have that kind of a stomach I've got hip dips so my hips don't go like my hips go out but then they do come back ynx i've got hip dips but my stomach is like that so that's genetics I'm not gonna sit there and say it someone well if you copy my workout routine then you'll look like me because you won because it depends on your genetics just don't use someone else's motivation I feel like it's really damaging and I also feel like you don't want to look like someone else you want to look like the best version of yourself like why would you want to look like someone else I mean I get why you'd want to look like someone else lying I look at some people and I'm like wow but that sad lie we should all want to be the best version of ourselves so yeah I'd say with motivation and use yourself as motivation take progress pictures because I've got online coaching at the moment I take progress pictures every week to do a check-in with Lucy and I've never done that before but I find that really motivating if you don't want to do it every week because you think you'll get too caught up in it do it every two weeks do it every three weeks do it once a month but when you see that progress it'll motivate you another thing with progress when you first start you'll see a lot of progress and then it does slow down which is why like I said at the start enjoying going to the gym and genuinely loving it and finding another reason other than vanity like I love how it makes me feel and I genuinely have an interesting training will be really beneficial with motivation because when your progress slows down if that's the only thing that move is yeah then you're likely to give up you've got her you've got to genuinely just enjoy the process and find another reason other than sheer vanity reasons there's nothing wrong with wanting to improve your appearance in the light by going in the gym don't get me wrong absolutely nothing wrong with it but if that's the sole reason your motivation will dipper bet so yeah I hope this video was helpful if you have any questions comment them down below or you can message me on Instagram follow me on Instagram if you're not already I'll leave the first video that I did that's basically like part one to this down below which is on how I gained weight how I grew my gluts thumbs up hope you enjoyed subscribe if you want to see more video wise I know I said that this wasn't me fitness channel this is watching the third gym related video I hate myself I did try and film a bikini try on haul this morning but I went on a jet last night and it a lot of Chinese food and my stomach was quite swollen so um but if you want to see that then I'll try and refilm it and get it up next week as always video suggestions let me know I hate doing these out trusts I don't know how to say bye so I guess I'll just


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