Stop going forward, what are you doing? He has to lean forward. Arghhhhhhhhhh (Sexy Music) Oh my god bro, you have that crazy look in your eye like you’re about to fly. I am about to fly. Aye yo Good Morning Logang What’s Poppin’ Bro, your car’s farting bro No, that’s me yeah hey i smudged the screen bro hey guys it’s good, to see you again how are ya ho-oh Where do i even start bro there’s so many things going on okay i guess i’ll start with this, so you guys See the title of the video yeah it’s gonna get juicy later. So if you guys are not a part of the logang gang gang make sure to subscribe hit the buttons and join the strongest and then you’re speaking of strength and regarding someone who has none you guys know that the ksi fight coming up august 25th slight issue though the dude can’t stop running his mouth Yo are you ok? Calm down with the profanity JJ you have a young and impressionable audience. And then he tweeted I’m gonna beat logan so easily that people are gonna think i should go pro haha just you wait (Devils Face) Haha for sure bro you should definitely go pro OOOHHHHH That man is lethal anyways guys back to stuff that actually matters we just dropped some new maverick merch guys you already know probably saw it on my instagram it’s our brand new blue fly hoodie we got dent the universe on the sleeve here and then do it different and then they do it different a Hey Kong shut the F**K up Woahhhhhh Sorry man all this ksi stuff lately got me fired up little bit fine it’s gonna it’s a big deal oh Oh my god just, farted but anyways guys The do it different bro the dude fine is that funny bro i didn’t even fart it smells like you did i think its ksi’s head band enough talk about this clown bro Ill talk about the hottest merch in the game Got those new t-shirts right here Guys, it’s a big deal what some people have been calling the revolution of the millennium i don’t know bro i’m just a part of The system or link in description shhhh kong’s hunting for something in the water oh? Oh no what do you see young doggie it’s the loch ness monster oh my god how did that get in my pool? anyways bro i’m just pumped for the yoga later you know it’s couples yoga maybe i got a girlfriend i dont know bro okay what else yeah yeah guys since the daily vlogs ended obviously i’m not like you’re not as up to date in my life We’ve been doing a lot of stuff, oh? my gosh the music studio bro we’ve been making music i’m gonna give you a sneak peek of the studio front this is like a Severed whoa whoa? you’re showing them now just the tip bro just a little sneak peak oh Bro it smells ksi get your disgusting bandanna out of here dude Sorry guys thats the only sneak peak i can give you for now But thats a vlog for another day Also at the beginning of the week we did a nice little charity event Let me just show ya. (Fast beat Music) Hey guys whats up Today we are out here about to go on like a car drive A car run i’ve never done this before have i actually the only truck here a real maverick move but we were here to support the mothers for a safer la county my brother jake is behind me Hi Jake I love you He didnt say it back but he loves me too i think Well what are you waiting for Spencer hop on in brah (Fast Beat Music) Lets go baby that one car was super cool that was cool yeah that show was nice Another thing i want to address guys you may have noticed lydia has not been around some people have been saying she’s missing but what happened was she she got up she got caught up in a trade embargo in south korea she’s just in in south korea just no guys heres what actually happened She she she moved on guys it was a mutual decision that her time here on team maverick has Come to an end lydia you know we love you we miss you so here’s a quick tribute to lydia yup guys i’m pregnant no, worries guys, we actually we found a new assistant one you may recognize guys know her you guys love her Yo its Ayla Mike put me down Its Ayla Where you going? you’re quitting again Ayla you were great assistant it’s no it’s different things are different no We have a new we have a nice yard and a nice dog? and a nice path Path Ayla i dont understand why you didnt love being my assistant you didn’t love these moments I didnt enjoy those moments well what if i told you as my new assistant you never have to worry about anything like that again besides this moment right here after that we’re not doing that ever again welcome back we love you ayla we still got a little bit of committing to make Ayla my assistant but speaking of this I think it’s almost acroyoga time guys So if you don’t know what this is i don’t either here’s a picture thank god we got an instructor what happened Yo, apparently this guy can do like handstands but with like one hand i don’t even know bro? OOOOOHHHHHHH yo hes like running but upside down All you need is yourself straight up all you have to do is trust the other person that’s going to be flying on you and you’re just gonna support them up in the air wait so i need more than myself I need another human being yeah alright sick Ayla hey hey? Ayla, do you want to be my partner? oh man mike already, you know wanted to first Is that true,its actually completely inaccurate I feel like you guys would look really cute together. after yoga okay yeah i got my partner andrew This is such a bad idea dude yo, this is human centipede boy. what in the world she’s spinning off Nahhh we cant show that on youtube bro. i cant do that well i luckily can so lets do it Ayla Ayla Ayla you’re gonna take a buddy grip like this with your buddy then you’re gonna bend your knees as a base flyers gonna step one foot Woahh woahh woahh arghh Oh wait no im good im good Arghh i dont know this is kind of sexual dude Lets see if you can tickle the toes now, for the next one your hands are gonna connect you’re gonna scoop with your heels Time to connect Ayla. Oh My God Arghh Logan Seriously please do not drop me. I’m fine. Do not drop me. It’s fine. Ayla we’re doing it. I’m scared I’m scared. I can’t let go. You shutup. Mike shutup. Arghh you guys look great Logan Logan Woah Ayla You’re falling. You’re falling. Argh Argh This is terrifying. Argh Argh. I’m standing up on you Mike Yo this is the worst day of my life Ayla Ayla Ayla What the hell just happened? you guys looked really bad doing it but i can tell that you guys felt like you did good Yeah, i know for a fact i could do that but the question is can you? You’re gonna drop me. You’re gonna drop me. He’s too heavy i cant do it. Stop going forward. What are you doing? He has to lean forward. Arghhh Argh Ayla why can’t you be more like him oh my gosh Bring your hands by your side. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH That was pretty magical bro. First time flying? No i do parachute flying, Flashback. Yeah naked. I did it naked. But it’s whatever. Ayla get your ass over here. Wow you’re so romantic. Mummy It’s not your time just a little bit it’s gonna be me and you one day I don’t think so I can’t see anything. I can’t see anything. This is amazing. Oh, my god there we go and bring your feet to her hip points So out like this. alright that’s about enough acroyoga for me thank you bro that’s uh that’s definitely a workout jesus ayla thanks for being such a wonderful partner it’s glad to have you as my new assistant again No it’s not. Alright Logang that is the vlog. Thank you guys for watching. If you’re not a part of the Logang Make sure to subscribe. Wait there are people that still havent subscribed? I know bro. Im Like what? Also so you guys know we just dropped some knew Maverick Merch. A brand new blue hoodie. And a couple of new t-shirts. or link in description. Logang I love you guys and I will see you tomorrow. Take it easy fam. Kong shut the f**k up. He always barks right as we’re about to record. But Mike is a little harsh. πŸ™‚

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  1. It’s the lockness monster I live that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I also loved mike in the background with Kong

  2. Logan: ima knock out ksi

    Ksi: he ain’t goin to do s*** n**

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  4. Im a time traveler it ends as a draw and you also gave me a new car for college in the future if you want you can gift it earlier i won't mind… ill train you to win ksi if you want. Good bye…(travels back to the future)

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