Home Leg Workout (Follow Along)

Home Leg Workout (Follow Along)

100 thoughts on “Home Leg Workout (Follow Along)”

  1. Do you need to do this in reps, i mean if I do it one time is that enough or do you need to do i multiple times after eachother

  2. Chris I got a great idea you comment back on how much push ups you did and I’ll comment back to and see who win for push ups cause I can beat my teacher on push ups and my teacher exercises

  3. Going to do this one definitely because so far i did one of ur chest routines and abs routines as well and absolutely notice the difference. Thank you for all of ur effort u put in these videos u all.

  4. All I see is that all of the thenX members seemed to be relax. It can be seen through their facial expressions and that's what makes them cool 😎

  5. amazing thank you so much…I can't afford gym nor the equipments..this one saved me from stressing outmyself…

  6. I did it . Thanks Loved it. Just started working on legs now never gonna skip leg day in a week now.

  7. Thank you for this great leg work out! I've been looking for something just like this. Just did the three reps and my legs are burning! Thank you!

  8. Did this now at 5:40 am, 2 rounds body weight and 2 more with 15lbs dumbbells.
    Awesome morning routine, feeling SORE, definitely doing this every couple days 🔥🤙🏼🔥🤙🏼

  9. Fantastic workout…started off doing just 1 set now doing 3 ! great job guys..workout looks easy but it really works the legs👌🏿👌🏿

  10. Will these exercises help me lose leg fat? I don’t want to build muscles, i just want to lose my leg fat. Will these help me?

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  12. Can I do this with a weight vest it’s a little to easy. Also will this build muscle without the weight vest or do you need extra weight to make your legs grow a bit bigger?

  13. Dude this level intensity is moderate!
    Not the best but good for ones who are trying to look something harder then beginners

  14. I am advanced-begginer but I started with this programs. I am 38 and it is really working with my arms and chest. I must wait for the results in legs. Thank you so much

  15. Abs workout videos have like tens of millions of views and leg workout videos less than 1M views, legs are important too!

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  17. Great and now leave out all the jumping ones because I'm pretty sure you can even hear people walk on the other floors at my place…

    Plus I'm awake at nights and after 9pm too much noise is peace desurbance..

  18. That last scene with Chris in the end of the video was insane. Taking a few minute break now and then ending my morning workout with the fourth set of this bodyweight leg workout.

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