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the first valid we are making is this kale Caesar I’ve been craving a Caesar
salad lately so I thought I would make a kale Caesar one that has like a
dairy-free dressing so of course you’re going to need some kale but if you don’t
like kale you can use spinach or just regular lettuce but as I said before I
love using calc more nutrient dense and then I’m going to be using hemp seeds
for the base of this dressing and hemp seeds are amazing because they’re filled
with omega-3s they actually have 9 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons and I go so
it’s with healthy fats some water and then a tablespoon of lemon juice that
I’m using from a fresh lemon but you can use like lemon juice if you just hug
juice and then I’m adding in 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast and
nutritional yeast is amazing because it’s high in vitamin b12 so you don’t
eat a lot of red meat or meat in general this is good to boost your b12 and it
has like a cheesy flavor so it’s like replacing the parmesan in the Caesar a
tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which is great for your digestion a pea spoon
of garlic which is a great antifungal and antibacterial and then a sprinkle of
pink Himalayan salt you guys know I love my pink Himalayan salt blending that up
and then you get this nice rich creamy Caesar dressing it’s so delicious and
it’s quick to just blend up and it tastes so great and it’s got so many
good things in it for you and then I also cooked up a couple of slices of
this nitrate-free turkey bacon to kind of replace like the normal bacon in
Caesar salads but it’s important to look for one that is nitrate free and low
sodium so cooked up a couple of those and then just sprinkle that on the top
and that is your kale Caesar I love this and what I like is that because it’s
kale you can make this salad and keep it for like two three days in the fridge
and it won’t well so it’s perfect for making for a bunch
of lunches next up we’re making a Thai peanut salad which is probably one of my
favorite like style salads or like those Asian ones the peanut dressing so I’m
starting off by spiralizing a zucchini and I will link all stuff
that I use down in the description box like food items that I could find as
well as like a spiralizer and all that and then I’m going to be using a carrot
as well to add some color in to the mix kind of like past pad thai 1/2 just like
a peanut salad Asian dressing something like that and I’m just spiral izing that
until you know you get all those noodles and then mixing that up so like all the
colors are mixed together and you don’t just have carrot and zucchini on top of
each other we want to evenly and mixed up and then I’m adding in 1/2 a cup of
edamame which is going to add some protein into this dish and edamame just
really gummy and it’s in a lot of Asian food so I threw that in and then I’m
putting in some purple cabbage for color mostly I like a little bit of like
crunch in my salad and I like the color I think it looks great so cutting that
up and throwing some of that into salad and it’s also filled with anthro Cyan’s
which is something that’s not found in a lot of foods because it’s bright purple
like and a lot of foods are bright purple so it’s a great source of that so
sprinkling that on to the top and then next up we are going to be making the
dressing so I’m starting off with 1/4 cup of all a natural peanut butter and
guys you want to get peanut butter that the only thing is in it is peanuts you
don’t want sugar you don’t want five six ingredients just want peanuts so make
sure you look for that on your peanut butter that is very very important and
then I’m adding in a quarter cup of water and 1 tablespoon of Bragg’s Liquid
aminos they’re kind of like as are two tablespoons to do students and it’s like
a healthier salty thing to add to dressings and 1 tablespoon of rice
vinegar this gives it a really nice Asian flavor and then 1/2 a tablespoon
of honey but if you’re vegan you can use maple syrup and it just adds a little
bit of sweetness and we literally use such a small amount and then I’m going
to be rolling out a line because if you’re going to be squeezing half
the lime into it to be stressing and this adds like a really nice tang to it
and really helps all the flavors kind of come together and menu is going to blend
that up and I drizzle that on the top now this dressing it does make a bunch
of dressing more like more than enough for one salad so I like making like a
big batch like this and then having it in the fridge to toss on salads so I
would say is probably good for like three to four salads topping it with
some cilantro and some extra line because I love extra citrus on
everything whether it’s lime or lemon I like one of the two and then I’m gap
topping it with cilantro and you are good to go and this is such a delicious
Thai inspired salad I love the peanut butter got some
healthy fats in there all the different colors it’s kind of like a rainbow I
love it and lastly we’re making this quinoa peach salad I saw somewhere I
think Instagram maybe Pinterest some sort of
peach salad and so I was inspired to create some sort of peach salad so in
this one I’m using some butter lettuce butter lettuce is probably my second
favorite green I don’t know I just like the texture I like the color I like the
flavor I just like everything about butter lettuce and then I’m adding in
some quinoa but I meal prep about 1/2 a cup I love just meal prepping like
quinoa that you can keep in the fridge for up to two weeks you can have it as a
side throw it into salad is just a really good thing to kind of cook up and
it’s really inexpensive as well of course you’re going to need a peach
although I think this is a nectarine now that I think about it Oh a similar
similar taste guys it’s just roll with it and cutting that up into small chunks
so that I can go into the salad I prefer a small one so that I can get like
multiple bites in verses like big slices but you do you and whatever you like
we’re just throwing it onto the salad after you cut that up and then I’m
putting some slivered almonds on I like this because it adds a good crunch and
also some healthy fats and then I’m putting on some mint as well because it
makes it really refreshing and I think it really complements like a quinoa and
peach in the almonds as well and there you go and I left this kind of plain
because I wasn’t going to eat it right away but what I would normally do is
just throw on some olive oil and that’s probably about it because I like really
basic salads so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and me
three salads let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing you ate
today was and you I will see you guys in my next video


  1. first comment. i love your videos. i came from nickiphilipi channel and subscribed instantly!!!! ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

  2. HEY GUYS! Hope you enjoy this video ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought showing you some healthy salads would be perfect for summer! Don't forget to come over and chat on instagram! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Frame# 5:35 you put the arrow & it says Cilantro, but you were cutting the peach. There isnt any cilantro in your peach salad. OOPS.

  4. some of these salads just look too good to eat them ! I'll definitely make one or two of them ๐Ÿ’– especially the quinoa-peach-salad, this is my favourite. I know what my lunch is going to be tomorrow haha ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i dont mean to be rude or insult you in any way but you have turkey bacon and thats still meat but your vegan…

  6. Can you please make more videos with nutrional yeast, I don't eat red meat and I really want to know what to eat to replace the nutrients of the meat, please talk more about what to eat when you replace red meat.

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