Healthy recipes”Make Healthy  Breakfast” healthy recipes

Healthy recipes”Make Healthy Breakfast” healthy recipes

Cooking recipes KK today I and in my kitchen is your
probably tell and gonna be showing you how to make a
healthy breakfast maybe this is something that I have been
eating flash drinking for every long time now I really like it
penny came up with it myself but it’s not anything genius it’s very very
simple and healthy chill so this is perfect for
those if you work in a rushing at the door we don’t have time to eat breakfast or
just like the taste just pennies the first thing you’re gonna need are
some qualities summer fruits well yeah that’s what that when
he heard though this is just from I’m a bronco point in saigon in the
frozen food section of my supermarket I’m if you live in Ireland I got in
super value you don’t live in Ireland you can get these anywhere so you just
mixed berries I he hasn’t stopped restart raspberries
some blue breeze and some black currants so super super good date make this meat
is three sweet and delicious in any event a hundred
grams of the mixed berries so I just met them into this little bowl here also gonna need some low fat
organic yogurt I like to buy organic just cuz it’s better to do that and down this is the low-fat natural
variety but you can get slavery one sitting at the light kind
which would be your reaction really good this movie the third and final ingredient in a
super simple smoothie principles movie he is it milk organic
flaxseed now flaxseed is meeting for you so if
you’re a vegetarian or even vegan I Percy and vegetarian now 100 percent I’m proud to say this also what makes
you feel so much fuller for longer so that’s also great if you’re dieting or
something like that but not you’re gonna need a blender now
I just have a really tiny one and this is gonna work just fine you
don’t have to spend a whole bunch money to make this.Cooking recipes I’m smoothie you can just do something
really small like this really easy I used just for like onions
and a small things okay so paddington mixed very fun in there and then some yogurt 150 grams just make sure you get all about now I’m
taking 1 tablespoon I’ll the flaxseed you in and then we’re just gonna blend all of that up together its and this is what it should look like it can’t like it dark pink it looks
really pretty and super yummy and then is poured into
your chest and there you have it s super easy
healthy breakfast smoothie and its plant which is reading he cute and
he’s a little pink straw don’t very you want to rush uses drugs
used them and up you know i’m happy for your this movie is also very very low in
calories I know this because they were today in my love my fitness power nap so there’s only I think about 215
calories work for this exact smoothie with all
the ingredients that are you so if you’re on a diet or if you’re trying to lose weight this
would be perfect for even just snapped if you want to beef it up a little bit
more just at a muesli or some other fruits in there or even just a more
flaxseed so I hope you guys enjoyed this video
thank you so much for watching let me know in the comment section below
what your favorite smoothie to make is leave me a video response are common
with the recipe is I would love to hear if you buy it and I
will talk to our in my next video.Cooking recipes byee.

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