Healthcare Infrastructure - The Pulse on JoyNews (11-7-19)

Healthcare Infrastructure – The Pulse on JoyNews (11-7-19)

yes is now expected to be completed and handed over to government by March next year the project which commenced in 2014 was scheduled to be executed in four years but it remains uncompleted for various reasons it is one of five projects initiated by the previous NDC government in a bid to reduce congestion in health facilities in the Ashanti region love FM's Nanao Chima joined the Health Minister clergymen menu on a tour to the project site from where he filed this report unlike other health facilities in the region which thought after government change in 2017 work has progressed at Japan but at a slow pace staff of the construction firm we're on site at the time of the minister's visits presently block and concrete work has been completed awaiting installation of equipment Minister for health who admire men who gives reasons for delay we had a linguist with tax exemption issues those things doubly resolved they are not clearing their goods from the port without any challenges so work is being done my engagement with them indicates that by first quarter and much like next year this place will very fast now we are pushing them to try to see what they can do for us to bring the time for it because residents and communities have been waiting for quite a long time common things like this figure have been completed by now so we are pushing probably zimbave indicated that it would start commissioning and testing and I think that will be for us to come back here in December to spend Christmas yet so that we will see installed facility I mean prob equipments and they will join them intestinal commissioning contractors assured government they will deliver within the revised schedule Khalid Hameed its Resident Engineer for each age group which is executing the project by March most of the construction work we have done are waiting only for the medical equipments now for the furniture for the medical equipment for the medical guys we have finished 95% of the medical gas system some of the theater lights that ERC's is in place already and we start with delivery to size contractors on two of the other five health facilities on-site mr. Mann who says the ministry is resolving outstanding issues to get contractors on other projects back on site Nanea Jima reporting

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