Grocery Shopping at Tesco: Foods I Like to Eat! | Gym & Bants

Grocery Shopping at Tesco: Foods I Like to Eat! | Gym & Bants

those are live like an ethnic area I want to give you the plug quick this is the standard test code which is a chicken legs ever since you just get way much more bang for your buck once the chicken doesn't shrink to is already skinless for you sweetest boy bad for you anyway these ones it's so little tiny wise good people as you can see we're outside Tesco Extra right now in Litchfield and what I'm probably looking to do it will show you guys some of the foods that I eat at work and some of you may already know if you're following for a long time but still gates question all the time by other ways my face time to trim down a bit yet because I hate this the last area that that's the weight losing I don't need to shave what the hell is that look at that I've missed that beer just man leave our patch never never never never never get the Tesco brand of bran flakes taste like you – nan sticks trust me I have to go with Kellogg's or little those two ones I've tried so far and both forms of brown flakes nice consistency he has a nice taste to it these are also a really good cereal but I only get the window on offer just because one path a pair parts and little steep we have the stuff so I got blueberries cereal if you do decide to do the mixer I do which is the cereal of bran flakes mix of this make sure the ratio is more like 70% bran flakes and then like tapes and this just because the calories can really add up with canola also got myself some peanuts if I normally leave them in my car for like when I'm just really packing if I had them in the house or my work desk I'll eat the whole pack Jesus the full pack of these peanuts is over 1300 calories today I also did purchase a monster for two reasons one I am very very tired today if you saw the ladies video you may know that I was up until 2:00 a.m. trying to make sure that video was live for the very next day or the same day I should say and the second reason was because I wanted an appetite suppressant because I mentioned a previous video fizzy drinks can also have like an appetite suppression because they gas you up so they make you feel fuller than you are and because I have my cereal a little bit earlier than I normally would like normally I do in me fasting so I don't have it until like 1:30 today I had at 12:30 hour so peckish which means an extra hour in the day I'm not used to not eating when I'm at work so drinking these will least give me that for feeling along with water and stuff like that but yeah that's my little tricks and habits I do just try and stay full that way it is 1:30 in the morning around half 7:00 I literally was passed out and I woke up maybe about 30 minutes ago and I am so wide awake so as mad as it sounds one thing in the morning I'm going to the gym simply because I'm so wide awake right now I need something to tire me out like fall asleep right away right we are here and I am super super super still awake the question is I wonder how many people in the gym surprisingly there's a lot of people I'm not job just like me that love going to gym Batman timings so in the dead of night because I can see these cars in the car park or benefit of like having these gyms or my search for code that she uses people in here only my Asian man timer in here Asian late-night grafters eligium you know what even though I feel awake I'm still gonna start warming up on skype him purely because just in case that I'm mentally awake my body's not alright so I'm going to use a quick little warm up on the skipped road I'm arrive right now is 2:30 all right people were getting ready to finish off so let's go home all right people and now the next day all right people we are onto another day for those who have said you want the vlogs you want the vlogs these two vlogs in a row now I'm pretty sure and this get me kept raw so right now I'm going to do my Nan's food shopping because she needs food and are you giggling about to keep you raw just a child right now this is probably my main place I go shopping at snow snow I fully as the knowing it I've kind of betrayed Tesco right piece we're still walking around to the five same things so a lot of Tesco deadlines for those you live like an ethnic area I want to give you the plug quick this is the standard Tesco which is their chicken legs ever since you just get way much more bang for your buck once the chicken doesn't shrink to is already skinless for you sweetest boy bad for you anyway these ones it's Soto tiny in comparison of the actual Shazam's if you don't care just like halal or anything like that the option I always go for my gives me sister's hands knowing it how come you switched [Laughter] euros for a hot soup that is the best name ever you cook me a child for that that is more funny than what you laughter in the car going raw versus Clark suit when in doubt people protein bar always that one in your car I was so hungry birthday cake flavor once again because I'm addicted to it alright piece I've dropped off my stuff to my nan you know what she said to me she loves me like your pendant they've got something given right yeah that's how they come awful is hilarious first of all I've never have announced a pants like feel like trousers that's very nice gray-headed say in america diana say to ever know you've had them mad times a change you probably think I should have got a discount all right we're gonna end this video on a little bit of a topic and it's all about having self-restraint I probably want to make a video in more depth in a different video which is gonna be about how to try and resist binging but I'm gonna give you an example now for example right now we have on La Salle's Road and we're going to circuits well Koreans go into the caves so let's take away shop for those you don't know it's like fish and chips or chicken and chips I've bought my stuffing lid from Tesco so I'm gonna actually cook but the temptation is often when you hang out with friends that you have to eat the same thing they eat or just naturally like if they're gonna go take away you're probably gonna get some it does take a while to build up and try and get that that restraint to like say okay I'm not gonna get it too but once you do it a few times it becomes just natural to you it's more or less the initial point it's almost like training that first is hard then after while you get used to it it's the same way we're trying to resist bad foods like once upon a time I could never ever I would are used to forbid anybody with me whether it's Korean family whatever from game takeaway when I'm around them because it would I'd be sold lacking world power that would give it an easier but now he's got to the point where I may have like maybe one or two ships with an asset also for those who actually want me to make a video on resisting binge eating things like that please bully point or what I like a list of the actual things you like to cover because in my head the main top talk about is just how I kind of deal with it boy if there's certain things or same thoose even like show examples of what foods you could have instead of it for example if you love sweets like harrybo and things like that alternatives and that that can also fulfill your sweet off if you like that type of sweets low-calorie jelly is an easy one that fulfills that kind of Ariel he's the same sort of really intense sweetness except for it's a low-calorie version so this thing's like that for example the reason why I always tell you I keep peanuts in the car and stuff they simply because I know we've same foods I have very low ball power so things like that I can address how we've same trigger foods is what you basically call it we've set in trigger foods what you can do to actually still enjoy them or it was a total no-no for example I'll never have a cupboard full of brownies or pancakes because those ones I'll definitely trigger food for me to the point where if I have them my house it's gonna be gone it's not gonna last one day it will be gone in like two hours of buying it whereas things like the peanuts or ice gems snacks I like here and there I can actually have the package somewhere around me and not ridiculously go nuts have you insta kids before I did the Magnum watching us from Birmingham yeah what's the best takeaway shop even to in Brom I think the kids his mind you knows to be in Lascelles the people Ezell's is probably the best quality she can be happy don't be talking about the kids you know she gives because listen yeah you know I'm I'm gonna tolerate do not disrespect and then somebody's pitter maybe as flavour all right Peter hope you enjoy the video anyways welcome there did you end the vlog here and I'll start afresh in a day's time hopefully you enjoyed it is so give me a thumbs up peace make a million cash for you flatline make a masterplan watches backfire burn it all down then collect the ashes build it back respect your passion

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  1. It's been a hot minute since I've pumped out back to back vlogs 😯 lol. Hit the Like button if you want me to keep pumping out more Vlogs 🎬💪🏾🙂

  2. TJ I hit you up on insta under my company account, barbell Bouquet, check us out and hit me back for some free protein bars!

  3. Ain't lived in brum for a few years now but during uni big John's Perry Barr was the one. Go in at 9pm and fiver got u full chicken and pizza and wings and samosas. Budget gains.

  4. The execution of Db row is completely incorrect. You had to stretch your lats….. In your way you work more biceps

  5. It's always interesting to hear what others do to prevent binge eating. Definitely a great topic to cover…. but Cock soup for the win 😀

  6. i always struggle with hunger after ive had my dinner, any advice. love the amount of videos coming out recently keep it up

  7. Banger! Nice quick vid 👊🏾 I’ve started back at the gym been going now for around 2 months. I’ve lost weight but don’t wanna lose to much, wanna bulk up and see some abs! No homo lol. My diet is pretty good tbh but the odd day in the weekend I do have forget to track my macros and snack a fair bit. Crisps is my kryptonite

  8. Lovin the fact you mix cereal, cereal mixing is a game changer, btw, the guns are looking swole bro just in time for summer 💪

  9. Chilling with TJ!! It’s been ages man been waiting for your next grocery haul . I’ve taken some great advice from Your Channel , Gabriel Sey, Matt Does Fitness , Christian Guzman , Brandon Harding and Obi Vincent .. you guys are the best !

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