50 thoughts on “Get Stronger While Travelling (NO GYM, NO PROBLEM!)”

  1. Great video Dan. You were the one who really ignited my passion of training calisthenics in an intelligent way, and that is something I am very grateful for. I live in Canada but if your ever near me I will definitely come

  2. Hey Dan, I enjoyed the vid, had a quick question about legs if I may, for a while now I've tried training hamstrings but every time I do it gives me sore knees. Ive tried first without weight, then with weight then back to easier bodyweight progressions. Ive tried slow and ive tried fast, always with a mind muscle connection and I keep getting the same issue. All ive really tried is the hip thrist on the ground. What could I do differently/better without risk of injury? If you could answer I would be really grateful!😊👊

  3. I see some posters in polish language on the wall, where you in north of Poland? Gosh! I love your channel and so sad if I've missed your visit to my country

  4. Can you do a "unlock the sit-up" video? I just dont get how to do one even though i can do crunches, legraises, bycicle crunches and all other sorts of ab workout without issues.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Loved the video as always! Would really like to see your current/updated approach to 1 arm chin/pull progressions/training.

  6. Hmm I’m not sure I quite follow how long duration holds directly translates to strength training. I think using high reps is good every couple of weeks but any idea why it helps with strength training ? Are u using this sort of as deloading?

  7. All of your videos are awesome! I’ve improved so much in the last few years thanks to your information that you share in your videos! I’m 38 years old. Been working out since I was 14 and I’ve never improved so much and so fast on my strength until I started putting your knowledge into practice! Thanks man!

  8. I love how you've articulated doing handstands "incentivises mobilty". I totally agree and it's what keeps me trying to improve my handstands and tumbling as a 50 year old who's not getting any younger 🙂

  9. I love training
    but I wich that I have time to train
    I work 10 hours daily
    I'm in shape but I need to build some muscles

  10. Nooooo !!!! Man I've been waiting for something like this type of upcoming workshop for months and now that's it's finally served to me on a silver platter, im traveling so am unable to join the event. Damn it, well still gotta say congrats man keep it up

  11. It's been a while since I've seen your videos, but really enjoy some good old commentary on your training! Keep it coming!

  12. I half expected you to recommend chucking my baggage around. Just like give me 100 ways to throw a hand carry across a room to develop as many muscles as possible. And top it off with recommendations of durable suitcases to handle the abuse.

  13. Hey Daniel, big fan of yours. Quick question : Can u tell us on an average how many hours u sleep a day? Also would be great if you could make a video on rest and recovery. Also we are eager to know what kind of foods you eat on a daily basis, with it's timings. Also whether u r using any protein suppliments or any other kind of suppliments. Once again, a very big fan of yours.

  14. Awesome video Daniel. I need to implement these concepts in my oap training. Doing 1RM of the full rep isn't helping me progress, so I need to dial back and take control of an easier specific progression like pulley assisted or band assisted

  15. man, you're in germany on my birthday and I can't come. that would be a great present 😀 but I've already booked flights for my vacation

  16. I don't know if you new it and thats why you did show it, but the graffiti on the wall while doing push-ups says
    "Calisthenics area" in Spanish. By the way you did these exercises outside in Madrid last weekend? You are mad men, it was the hottest days in history here since we have temperature records, do to a heat wave from Africa.

  17. No man, THANK YOU, from the very bottom of my heart THANK YOU! Because of you, your program, your insights/tips/videos/ and everything else, my life and training exceeded 9999999999%! You’re my inspiration man!!!!

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