Get Rid Of Mental Fear of Disease

Get Rid Of Mental Fear of Disease

First of all brothers and sisters fear not, we acknowledge that God is on His throne. He still rules in the
kingdom of men. He is a mind regulator and we can rest in knowing that He is well able to bring
us through Amen?…Amen! you do know that all power belongs to
God He is Almighty nothing else possess power of itself God, alone empowers the right movement and
functioning of our body malfunctioning of any kind is just an
absence of His present power in our thinking you can repent or change your
thinking at any moment and see that God is governing you do believe that you have eternal
life God is Life and we were made up of the Word of Life All things were made by this Word of
life, and without And without this Word of Life, was nothing made, that was made you do know that God loves you! Love is kind and patient Love never thinks evil God is believing all things good He’s hoping all good things enduring in
all good things towards you! love, God, never fails You do know that God is good and now is just an opportunity for Him to manifest His goodness towards
you You do trust Him, You do You do believe in Him! God made you! Not man Man did not make man! Therefore it makes sense to trust
and believe the One who made the body over those that studied the body God said that He made you in His image and likeness and you reflect His
qualities and His qualities are everlasting You do know that God loves you! You are the love of His beloved You are the object His Love forever and ever brothers and sisters your guarantee that
you can express your healing now is the fact that God already sees you
whole He sees you in your Christ-likeness you do know that you’re healthy, whole, And perfect right now it Solomon said, I know that whatsoever God is doing it shall be forever nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it. and God is doing it You do know that your whole As long as Jesus Christ remains at the right hand of God perfect, in perfect health, so are we now, in this world ! Thank You Father, thank You so much Father!!!

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