8 thoughts on “Fungal Disease Awareness: Think Fungus!”

  1. I've gone from doctor to doctor with good insurance and not one of them has ever cared enough to order the right tests to find out what's wrong with me so I'm taking matters into my own hands, I have no choice, I want to live and be healthy again

  2. Not fun to imagine all the people that were given antibiotics from misdiagnosis, destroying their microbiome in the process, leading to other complications. Wouldn't be surprised if fungal infections also become more likely after antibiotic use. Our gut is like an exterior surface inside of us, the lining needs that complex ecosystem of beneficial organisms to protect us, digest food. Antiobiotics are amazing, but we've been using them for everything for so long.

    Feedlot animal agriculture is stupid. That animal density provides too much opportunity for fecal contamination and disease transmission so they heavily use antibiotics. The next super bacteria could easily come from there, killing millions. In general, we need to focus on systems balancing, stop making such strong actions without thought to the consequences down the line.

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