Episode 561 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe Health Rumors, Alyssa Milano’s Influence on Biden, Nuclear

Episode 561 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe Health Rumors, Alyssa Milano’s Influence on Biden, Nuclear

boom-boom-boom-boom pom pom pom pom pom pom loon hey everybody come on in here it's me and it's you and between the 1500 of us we're gonna have something called the simultaneous sip if you would like to participate in the Sonia – man I'm tired I'm still in Las Vegas it's possible I didn't get enough sleep last night but I didn't want to miss coffee so I got up early anyway and if you are up and you've got a cup or a glass or a mug a Steiner a chalice or a tankard some kind of thermos or maybe a flask could be a vessel of any kind put your favorite liquid in it I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure of the simultaneous hip ray says it did my first one up yesterday great so somebody made a connector to call for money I hope I'm the interface by when hub app but let's talk about other things right now here's my question for you who who would be famous as a political person and also self-identify as alt right I can't think of anybody can you can anybody give me an example of somebody who calls themselves alright who would be a well-known person politician is there anybody yeah it could be a YouTube person could be a doesn't have to be an actual elected official it seems to me that all right just sort of went away I never I never knew what it was I never was one of course I'm left of Bernie as I tell you often but it seems to me this whole alright thing doesn't exist and somebody says Richard Spencer oh I'll bet even he gave up on it I don't think anybody identifies with anymore but this reminds me of the the New York Times article talking about the radicalization of some poor young man who watched too many YouTube videos and got sucked down the alright rabbit hole except that the article says the opposite so I tweeted a daily wire story that's really worth reading it's well done in which they they pull apart the New York Times story is essentially completely false it's not internally consistent it doesn't make the point that it claims to make the people that it labels us as alt-right or not I mean just just everything about it is wrong but the funniest part about this story somebody says Steve King I don't think he identifies all right but I don't think anybody does I think everybody ran away from that anyway there's a funny story about Ben Shapiro this is really funny by the way I don't know maybe it's just being it I think this is funny so the New York Times piece I'm talking about is this horrible slanderous hippie son ben shapiro which pains him is some obnoxious terrible character that he is not so if actually it's just it's just fake news it's just horrible horrible fake news but here's the funny part ben shapiro apparently went went off the grid for i don't know how long a day and a half or longer whatever it was for a jewish holiday so the entire time the united states was debating how bad ben shapiro US pen shapiro was one of the only people in the country and the small group of orthodox folks who were it turned off their devices for the holiday they say he was the only one who didn't know the country was talking about what a horrible person he was and and he tweeted but if you didn't see his tweet where he wakes up to the news like well guess we'll see what must have been the funniest thing oh where where he said well I've been offline for a while let's see what the news is what to find out that news is about him now being being semi-famous myself I have also had the experience of waking up and checking the news to find out what the news is and to find out the news is about me I'll be a holy hell I'm looking about I want to see news about other people I didn't I didn't want to be the news so that was pretty funny anyway you should read The Daily wire piece that I tweeted because it just just pulls out an article apart I don't know how the New York Times stays in business honestly Bloomberg apparently Bloomberg has announced some big expensive green New Deal climate initiative I don't know the details but I guess he's putting up a lot of his money and it's to push energy that would be better for the planet but it doesn't mention nuclear so here's Bloomberg talking about putting vast amounts of his own money up to try to figure out how to combat climate change and it doesn't mention nuclear what do you make of that I think you'd have to make make of that days a fraud I hate to say that because I've been sort of a fan of his I liked his his quirky do whatever it takes not to went to one side or the other there was something about his independence that I liked but what do I make of the fact that he leaves out nuclear and nuclear as as far as basically anybody who knows anything about energy would tell you that that's the only solution and it's the only thing he left out if the only solution is the only thing you left out you're not really a credible player even with your half a billion dollars or whatever it is now apparently one of his aides was asked about nuclear and the answer from one of his aides and here again it's not even Bloomberg they talked to it's an aide and the aide had some kind of passive non-committal statement about well we don't dislike nuclear we're not we're not completely opposed to it under the right same situation I'm that's my own words not the aides but the sense of it was rather than saying oh we've kind of done a cursory view of what the big opportunities are and it's obvious that nuclear is the only one that can work therefore we're going to put a lot of emphasis on that that's what would have made sense that would be that would indicate someone who had done their homework just a little bit not a ton you don't have to do a lot of homework to find out that nuclear energy is the only way out of climate change disaster if you believe climate change disaster is coming and the aid just acts like well we don't completely rule it out is that the bold leadership you want to see that the only thing that could work well we haven't ruled today we have that's about it it was a week and I don't know what to make of it because here's what I think is happening so here's my hypothesis and if it's if my hypothesis is correct you will see much of the same the same phenomenon so here's a prediction are you ready prediction is this number one nuclear energy as the prime solution for climate change is guaranteed so this is prediction one that whatever people are saying about nuclear energy as a solution for climate change it started to get it's becoming more and more of the conversation I think most of you would agree that a year ago people were not talking about nuclear energy as the obvious solution for climate change as much people who knew stuff we're talking about it but the public wasn't kind of in that conversation yet but today sitting here today wouldn't you agree that that the media has clearly been a turd there there's a very clear term you can see it in the reporting the mentions of it the frequency that generation four comes up and all that and so here's the prediction the people who are associated with the left and even the right are going to be in a condition where they know nuclear is the only thing they should be saying in terms of the primary solution not the only thing we should do because it makes sense to do solar it makes sense to do wind and at least try to iterate them to their best versions no matter what so we should do all the all energy sources but nuclear is the only one that's going to make a big difference you're going to find that people can't say they support it because its reputation is so big and there are still so many people who would be against it and you wouldn't want to get that wrong that you're going to have this weird situation so here's the prediction where people will instead of coming out in favor of it will come out here's here's the prediction people will start coming out not opposed to it it's gonna it's gonna look weird so instead of people saying yeah we should look pretty hard at nuclear or if they're gonna say I'm not saying we shouldn't look at it because nobody wants to say nuclear is a good idea why have him why haven't we talked about it more I'm putting it right in my plan there is one and only one way to go nuclear is the only way we know of that could possibly make a difference at the scale we need in time people chaos say that because it would be such a big mental change from where they might have been even a year ago when they knew less about it when they thought nuclear was dangerous before they learned that the technology has moved forward so look for that that's the prediction lots of people saying I'm not saying we should not do it and fewer people say oh yeah we should go dude nuclear all right here's another one of my favorite stories of the day Chris ELISA in at CNN he was writing about the horrible horrible baseless speculation about Joe Biden's health he mentions on Fox News Kennedy and and Hannity as two people who have mentioned the speculation of the possibility of the potential of Joe Biden might not be as healthy as he needs to be to run for office no of course solicited to call back to questions about Hillary Clinton's health but here's the thing wasn't everybody right about Helen Hill really Hillary Clinton's health what was the public wrong about that word it seems to me that when she collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony and then her health was apparently not good enough to campaign as much as she needed to and it probably cost to the election I count that as one of my most accurate predictions of all time because I think I was probably in the top handful of people who said I don't know about you but she doesn't look healthy to me so I said that a long time ago before it became popular and a lot of other people were saying it early as well Mike Simmons for example but I think we were right just because we don't know the full details of her health situation doesn't mean we were right because it looked to me she didn't look like she had the the the stamina and then she in fact demonstrated it by collapsing and keypoint having as she did in fact have allegedly had pneumonia so we weren't wrong anyway so there's that's the same speculation about Biden now I let me say as clearly as I can I personally don't see it so I do not see any sense that there's some kind of a health illness situation in particular what I do see even from the the video clips were where you don't hear him talking so much i that my impression and I'm I'm I'm not saying this for effect he looks like he's on his last legs to me he looks like a man who doesn't have much mental flexibility left he looks like he's struggling to run let's say rotten clips of best of Biden in his mind I think he's beyond the point where he comes up with new ideas and you know puts them together in complicated ways and presents them I think he's just running recordings at this point so it's clips of things he said before that he can sort of still very well put them together in the order that that turns into sentences but the cracks are showing and if you were to put Biden and Trump on stage at the same time your contrast is going to be just deadly for Biden because Biden if you see him all by himself you can you can allow yourself the luxury of thinking well he is old buddies you still got it it looks like he could give us a few more good innings of pitching to use a baseball analogy but you put him next to Trump and Trump Trump's energy he looks like he'll never die Trump looks like he somehow you know living on the the blood of young children or something because he doesn't look like he's even aging he's not gonna look even older at the end of his four years so that's a deadly connection but here's the funny part if Chris ELISA at CNN was concerned that the Fox News folks are starting to speculate about Biden's health the worst thing you could do is write a big ol articles about how other people are speculating about Biden's health because you know what that makes you do if you'll read an article that says you should not be speculating about Biden's health and it makes you speculate about Biden's health there's no way around that so Hannity this feels like more of a good play I think just bringing it up causes the other the other side of the political world to complain about the fact that was brought up which just brings it up again so I don't think cNN has yet mastered the art of a focus what Hannity does well is he makes you think about something that he wants you to think about what the president does well is he makes you think about something that's good for him if you're thinking about that instead of other things so this is something that maybe CNN should have just avoided if they didn't want us to think about it but at the same time CNN and the Democrats are playing the the association game with John Dean now John Dean is very old let's see what was he he was jailed at one part for his part in the Nixon Watergate stuff I forget the details doesn't matter but he was a an attorney who went to jail for a while for whatever he did and apparently he's he he's made a full time career and I've writing books and complaining about Republicans being awful and watching who was it Matt Gaetz was interviewing him in Congress interviewing John Dean and he asked have you made a career out of just criticizing Republican presidents and it was just devastating to to see Matt gays frame him as someone who doesn't do anything except criticized Republican presidents and say that they're worse than Watergate it really made him look like he's silly a silly doddering old man I didn't see Jordan interview him but that would have been good to know CNN of course is is playing along with the Democrats who are trying to smear Trump simply by having characters and people and conversations about Watergate any mention of Nixon or Watergate is good because then people associate it in indeed I'm talking about it right now so the same way I was saying that CNN was talking about Hannity stuff Here I am talking about CNN stuff so the association thing works works here as well for them but CNN's headline is that it says Trump's Nixon like numbers on impeachment could you could you ever do anything more manipulative and skeevy as a news organization that they have a headline this as Trump's Nixon like numbers of impeachment first of all impeachments not going to happen you know that or at least if it happens that the Senate is not going to confirm it whatever the legal terms of for that so it's not going to happen and whether or not whether or not there are Nixon like numbers in terms of the polls that would be because of CNN it's because of the media that the polls are the way they are it's the most ridiculous thing in the world to see the media report on what the opinion polls say because the opinion polls are what they create the news industry creates your opinions and then they they measure them and they say hey look what those people think as if they didn't just give those people their opinions if the media wants the polls to change they could just report the news different and it wouldn't because the public is just reporting on what they see on the news so if that news says Trump PES you know mix and light can be cheap in numbers well that makes it a little bit more likely that the next time they do a poll somebody's going to say well I don't know the details but I keep hearing he has Nixon like poll numbers so maybe I'd better agree with those people all right let's talk about Russia and all of their provocative allegedly provocative actions I guess they're doing flight intercepts they've been intercepting US flights and international waters and they may have they did they came too close to a navy ship with their with their Navy ship so people are asking what's up with this and here's the question I asked and I'm gonna I'll ask this forever until somebody can give me a question remind me again why we're having trouble with Russia can somebody explain to me a path by which Vladimir Putin is saying we'll do these things because we want to get to this place that's good for us Russia or even just good for Putin can somebody explain that because I feel like that you used to exist you know back in the Cold War you can imagine that both sides were trying to hit each other as hard as possible to weaken the other one so we can do all the things we're gonna do but what exactly is that that Russia wants to do that really would be good for Russia and we're trying to stop well what does that list okay can somebody show me the list of things that Russia wants that we somehow don't want them to have that they really actually want it in a sense that they're trying to get it there are things they might want in some general way but I don't understand and the news is derelict and not explaining it to me I do not understand why Russia and the United States don't want to be best friends let me compare these two alternatives alternative one Putin says you know we've got a bad history with the United States but as of today we're just going to stop doing that stuff as of today we consider ourselves a strong ally of the United States and we're gonna trade with you and we're gonna work with you internationally what would that do to Russia's economy it wouldn't make it worse would it I would think that if Russia said we want to play well with the United States and the Allies that Russia would save money on defense right they'd save money on defense they would have more trading opportunities everything would be better now so somebody's saying pride I'd like to see I would like to see the facts connected such that Putin would would risk half of his GDP for pride when President Trump is clearly saying look I'll give you all the respect you want you just have to play nice I think President Trump is very clear that if Putin just acts like a you know a good player he's got all the respect he could ever have in the world it's very clear that Trump is offering that should Boonton play so here's my problem when I see these reports of Russia doing things that could start a shooting war I mean potentially I think the odds are low but how does that make sense and why can't the news business who should try to put things in context for me why can't they describe it what watch for the next time there's some general or pundit or expert who's on one of the new shows and somebody asks them why is Russia doing this watch how their explanations sound like word salad they don't make any sense because I recently heard I can't remember who has some pundit general expert and when he tried to explain why Russia is doing this it all fell apart it wasn't even slightly coherent because it doesn't make sense compared to the alternative now here's what's here's the way that they fool you specifically people on the news pundits especially like to speak as though the alternatives don't exist they'll just talk about the one thing they're talking about so they might say Putin's testing us in all these different ways internationally because they want to you know they want to poke us they want to get some advantage they want a weakness okay so let me let me say that I accept that that's what they're doing they're trying to weaken us by poking us in a variety of different ways to get slight advantages psychologically etc how does that compare to business case opportunity number two of being nice to us and doing trade and not spending as much on military how are they even close seriously are they even close in terms of benefit for Russia they're not close if you look at the sanctions you look at the you know trading opportunities etc Russia should be acting as friendly as possible Yeah right now we're having this conversation with Germany should Germany be accepting as much natural gas I guess it is from Russia because that puts them in a weak position because Russia can control their energy the only reason that Germany has this problem is because they perceive Russia as being you know maybe an enemy well why doesn't Russia just maybe do something about that why don't they say you know what we'd really like to do is sell a lot of gas so why don't we just be your friend and then you can buy all our gas you won't have to worry about it we've got lots of gas have some guns all right so don't believe anything you hear about Russia until you hear at least one pundit argue that there's some reason that they're not being friendly with the ad states so somebody's prompted me to talk about the the New York Times and other people are saying that the so-called Mexico tariffs inspired deal is is a fake because most of that stuff was agreed on before I don't know it seems to me that whether it was agree done before or not it wasn't happening so that seems like an important distinction right you know if you're saying hey what Mexico agreed to they had already agreed to back in March in these secret agreements so there's nothing new here but if you agree to something in March and we're having a conversation in June about maybe you should do the thing you agreed to do in March I'm gonna conclude that whatever you agreed to in March wasn't going to happen obviously they needed a little bit of a push because they showed up within what 24 hours or something they booked a flight to Washington to to negotiate this thing it's obvious to me that that that the pressure made a difference now of course you can never compare what would have happened without pressure – what did happen with pressure and this is again the trick that the media does they give you the story without the comparison you can't compare nobody in the world can say what would have happened under the other conditions nobody can say that because we didn't have that test we didn't have we didn't play out another reality under the other conditions it never happened so we can't compare it alright and somebody says in the comments it's the difference between getting engaged versus actually getting married or maybe it's the difference between getting married and consummating the marriage yeah let's talk about Bill Maher he was actually next on my list so Bill Maher is like the canary in the coal mine in the sense that there are very few people in the world who you could trust would change their mind on the political topic and now I've been no fan of Bill Maher's political opinions about Trump although I've been a fan of Bill Maher's show for years he's he puts on puts out a good product and I that from the political views is the product he produces every week it's very good and I've watched it for years and I'm glad I was on his show but he is one of the few people who was capable of saying you know yesterday I thought X but then you know these new facts came out now I changed my changed my mind to why and here's why very few people in the whole planet who are well known anyway can do that he just happens to be one of them now if you see him changing it's pretty big deal because it means that there's something out there that matters and something out there that's big enough that would change somebody's mind and one of the things that Bill Maher said when he's talking to Chris Cuomo he was on I guess Chris Cuomo show maybe lastly Bill Maher complained that the facts don't matter and that we can't even agree on basic facts now do you remember when was the first time that Bill Maher heard facts don't matter I suppose he's heard it lots of times but it's what that was my primary message when I was on this show and in those simpler times beckoned was it 2016 or 15 in the short there was 2016 back then it wasn't it was more of a controversial statement so when I said clearly and unambiguously that people won't use the facts to make a decision it seemed like sort of a provocative thing to say and now it's an ordinary thing to say which I also predicted I predicted it would go from a fringe thought that nobody is rational and nobody uses information to make decisions I thought that would be a weird fringe you know sort of out there thought that would become a mainstream understanding within the Trump administration and that's exactly what happened so seeing that change is important because it means that that Mar is understanding that the factual level has a modest effect on how people operate and he acknowledged that he thinks people look at strengths and that if they see more strength than Trump and less strength that if a competitor the strength will dominate the decision not the policies and the facts and the details which I agree with I think that largely that's true but he also Bill Maher also said that Hillary committed obstruction of justice with the destroying of the destroying of the discs and the phones and stuff and I thought well there you go that's what I'm talking about how many people are anti Trump and will say in direct language but it's also true the Hillary Clinton obstructed justice and you know here's here's why well he might be the only person in the world as far as I know can you think of one other person who holds both of those opinions right that well who's famous I guess yeah a lot of you all those opinions but among the famous people it's a rare opinion so I would keep an eye on Bill Maher because he it feels like he's at something like a turning point where he's understanding that his viewpoints on Trump have been largely a hate based opinion and and that the facts are not lining up with where the earlier let's say hate based opinions of Trump because he does make people hate him you know for every person who loves them there's there's going to be at least one person who says I like it less so I think bill is turning and I would give him you know I hope we all give him the room to do that because I think a lot of people are going to turn when Trump gets reelected now as I've said before I believe that the Democrats have given up on 2020 yeah I think that they know that they're not going to win 2020 or they think it's a low chance you know they'll still try if it's easy but I think they know there's a low chance of anybody beating Trump with this economy etc and especially with the candidates they have so I just don't know that you're going to see much energy for Biden or anybody else um although I would be surprised if Biden makes the gets it all the way to the nomination so I would say it would be unlikely for Biden to be the the final one all right somebody said talk about injury yet yes I will Andrew Yang is interesting he is interesting now he did say something so – full disclosure yeah he did make some comments that seemed racist to me yeah I don't I don't know how to how to define them any other way but it was he's made some gross generalizations about white people wanting to target maybe Asians because Asians are over let's say over-represented in college for example and having more success than other people and that that might make people resentful and want to dislike them you know that feels like a fundamental you know misunderstandings maybe somebody can help me here because this is just an opinion it's not a fact-based thing but it feels to me that the average conservative is pretty happy when anybody works hard goes to school follows the law and is successful have you ever met a conservative who had a bad opinion about somebody of any race and the agenda and the ethnicity have you ever seen a conservative who thought less of somebody who followed all the rules stuck to the Constitution stayed in the trouble studied hard got a job and succeeded maybe maybe you know I've often thought that I wanted to teach a class on what I call black strategy I'm sure I'll get in trouble for even talking about this which is why I haven't done it yet and the idea is this that if you're a black in America and you want to succeed most of the rules of success are exactly the same for everybody so 90% is all the same you know work hearts they have the trouble don't get pregnant don't get anybody pregnant you know so there's a lot of basic stuff that's true for everybody but there's some special things that I think the black population has a blind spot for because everybody has a blind spot for how other groups so think so you know everybody has a blind spot for how a different ethnic group thinks the other gender thinks we all have our own blind spots but it's worse if you're black in America because your blind spot is about white people and white people have control of a lot of the jobs and opportunities so misunderstanding what white people care about is a big problem strategically because it makes your strategy less effective because you're trying to influence people to give you jobs and opportunities to buy your products that sort of thing you're trying to influence a group they have a blind spot about and I've often thought well what if I just taught a class or wrote a book or something to teach people who have that blind spot how to get past the blind spot not by really understanding how other people think exactly but at least have it explained to you so you can navigate it better for example if you thought that you were going to going to apply for a job at a company where you were worried it was a bunch of white people work there and that they might be bigots what would be your best strategy let's say you thought it was a bunch of conservatives love you walked in and you know the office TV was tuned to Fox News right here an african-american man you walk in you like a house I want to work here but man how do I convince all these conservatives well I'll tell you how you walk in and you mention your church mention your church you know and if you don't belong to a church join one you know assuming that that's compatible with your beliefs join a church and talk about it wear a nice suit here's here's another idea so so the first thing is if you think you're talking to your classic you know white older male a conservative or older female or just female doesn't matter what your ages if you think you're talking to a conservative mention your church you don't have to rub it in anybody's face just mention it you're immediately on the same page the the the glass ceiling just fell apart right so you're worried about like you found black you know I can't get past that ceiling mention your church to a conservative yeah I spend a lot of time I work with my church BAM the ceiling just evaporates right now if you're black and you don't know that they're just mentioning your church to some conservative is enough to completely shatter all of the all the band boundaries here's another one mention your love of the Constitution I mean I don't know you're working into the conversation but you'd probably find a way mentioned your love of the Constitution you don't even have to agree on how its interpreted but conservatives want somebody who's going to play by the same set of rules well the Constitution is a set of rules everybody likes mention it and here's let me give you the greatest suggestion this is so powerful that I almost am afraid to mention it like it's so powerful as a as an influencer and I don't know if the black community completely understands this about your typical conservative white person if you do it if you do a favor for the typical conservative white person they will be almost obsessed with paying back to the favor you can you can control somebody's behavior almost entirely by being nicer to them and more generous than the situation called for now if you don't understand that about adult white conservatives how would you deal with them right it's a simple formula now you know why is it that I as a typical white person could go into an interview with another typical white person and have a good result is it because I'm white well that's a little bit of it I'm sure that helps right people are always more comfortable with whoever's most most like them but on top of that I would know and I do this routinely and by the way people do this routinely with me and it works very well they will simply offer me something that I didn't ask for something that really had value you know so if you're in a job interview and something comes up and you haven't even gotten the the the job you could say you know I'll tell you what I do this thing for you or give you this information or connect you to this person and you just offer it for nothing in return every white conservative wants you on the team if you've offered something for nothing in return that's the magic sauce I'm afraid to even tell people this trick because it's so powerful you can you can change people's behavior like that it'll work well let me let me say this if you do this with somebody and it doesn't work like they don't respond to it you don't want to work with that person anyway because they don't get it so it either works and you've joined a good team because people understand reciprocity or it doesn't work and you don't want to join that team anyway you don't want to be in the team with somebody who doesn't even know how reciprocity works it's magic all right so the strategy I'd love to teach a class on it somebody's asking for similar tricks for liberals I'll have to think about that all right I love this story about Alyssa Milano reportedly I waited awhile because I wasn't sure this was real news but enough people are talking about and I think it might be real and that is that actress and activist Alyssa Milano convinced the Biden campaign by contacting them personally to change Biden's views on the Hyde Amendment I guess an abortion question and so people are saying my god this this candidate Biden this a week that some actress calls him and he changes his mind I think we're seeing this all wrong I've been saying for a while that social media is essentially the government now because social media tells us what to think and then what we think gets translated into the news and it gets translated into polls and it gets translated into political action but the government is no longer people who went to got elected and sat in rooms in Washington and work things out and then told the people what they decided and tried to get their buy-in that was the old model now opinions are created on the Internet and they're assigned to people you know in the media and the internet was sort of working together and then the politicians sort of have to do what the public is forcing them to do so social media is the real power and the people who are most influential on social media are the biggest power within the biggest power within that category we have Alyssa Milano she is used the internet and social media to perfection so I know you're gonna want me to dump on her because you don't agree with her opinions but I'm just gonna separate from the opinions and tell you this if you're still complaining that Alyssa Milano is just an actress and she should but end of it you're way off base Alyssa Milano has changed she's she's changed her her power I guess so she is no longer Alyssa Milano just the actor or actress she is an activist she is successful she is powerful she is influential she's the real deal you want to dislike her because you don't like her opinions on stuff and I get that and you're welcome to that but she is effective she is sincere she's putting in the time she's putting in the energy you don't want to underestimate her because you apparently she just changed a major political platform peace that's what but that wasn't a coincidence it's not a coincidence that she's developed this much influence she worked for it she did it the hard way she took the risk she took the arrows think of the pain think how much abuse Alyssa Milano has put up with over her public opinions gargantuan I mean more than most people certainly so I would say that independent from her opinions on politics and I I stay out of the abortion stuff especially I would say that her her participation is in the best tradition of America I would say she's a patriot you ain't that right you know you could disagree with her completely by she's a patriot she's working the system she's involved she's trying to make a difference she's trying to make the world a better place she's capturing her attention and and she in fact moved the needle I know I have to respect that even if I might disagree on some topics now keep in mind that at least with the abortion topic she picked the topic which she can understand so she's not saying you know if if Alyssa Milano were out being active about let's say TPP or the trade negotiations with China I'm not sure I would have the same feeling but I don't think she is is she I don't see Alyssa Milano leaving leaving the field of topics where you really can't understand them you know you can understand guns you can understand abortion there are a lot of things you can understand climate change the hybrid because of the skepticism and the complexity of it but anyway I give her a plus for being a good American even if she's persuading in a way you don't like it's the Hyde Amendment something men can weigh in on not interested in that questions but let me let me restate my opinion on the whole abortion thing that no matter what what the laws are half the country is going to be mad and say it's an abomination like a serious abomination no matter what the laws it goes laughter in fact it was right so the best you can do is have a law that people are willing to put up with even if they're on the losing side the side that didn't get the things they won't so you need to make them happy to have a stable society it's not good enough to make the people happy you've got what they want and the only way to do that is to make sure that the people who are involved that the decision are the people with the highest credibility and if women as a majority want the laws either way that's the most credible situation for those laws now people want to attack me by that point by extending it to something ridiculous so they say Scott would you take that same thinking that you know men or women should recuse themselves from the decision would you take that to other topics to which I say no because there's no other topic like abortion abortion has a very specific life and death situation in which our energy and our are caring about it are through the roof nothing else is like that if there were another situation where society might be ripped apart by getting a non-credible law they might have the same opinion but it's just not like any other thing and as soon as you say Scott but would you take that same thinking to this other situation the answer is it's a different situation the thinking that I take to a different situation is it's a different situation start from scratch look at the pluses and the minuses all right yeah everybody wants to win on abortion by words the the the people you should not pay attention to on the topic of abortion are the ones who are trying to work win by definitions so if somebody will say well I define it as a life therefore I defined it as murder that's not a reason those are just your the definitions you put on words somebody else says I define it as not alive and therefore I define it as not murder well there was no thinking no reason no facts there it was just two people using words differently and acting as if that meant something so abortion is largely a fake debate in the sense that people are trying to win it with words instead of win it with reason which is not to say and and I've said this before that the moral argument is squarely on the conservative side so if the only thing that mattered in the world was morality you would say well we don't know if its life or not life but you wouldn't take any chances so the most moral thing you could do is act as if it's all life and life life is precious that's the most moral thing you could do no doubt about it but morality is not the only factor there there are other factors and other other considerations and one of them is who gets to make the decision and what are the economic and other consequences of all this social consequences they all count and on the practicality level the left has the best argument so if if the only thing that mattered to you was whether something is practical and economical and good for adults they have a great argument but the moral arguments on the other side so you have to you know irreconcilable points of view and I'm happy to take the lead of women collectively on that topic because that's the most credible situation even if I personally disagree with it somebody says where are the father's rights well when it comes to money I think men have a say so that's that's the part that I can say for sure all right I lose all of my followers when I talk about this topic and it's not fun anymore so I'm not going to talk about anymore so the if I'll just put in a closing statement that my oh I I did this is actually interesting a different topic I'm running an experiment and let's see if I can check on that today so you know there was a helicopter crash in New York and I wanted to do an experiment to see on let's say citizen journalism and the experiment was this I offered that I would pay $500 for anybody who would go on my startups app interface by wind up in sign up as an expert so you can be an expert or you can be somebody who buys the time of the expert and we'll see if anybody did this and they said if there if there were witnesses to the helicopter accident that I would pay $500 just to talk to them you and it didn't even have to be publicly so I don't have a sign up yet but the idea was this imagine if you will there's some big national event could be a tragedy could be could be something and let's say you're a rich person and you thought I want to get the news directly I actually want to talk to somebody who's standing there at this big event whether it's a tragedy or anything else well if those people knew that they could just sign up on my app and they could set their price could be zero if they just want to get their story out but it could be $1,000 if they have the best story in the world and they were standing right there when something happened and so people like me I would pay in many cases a few hundred dollars just to talk personally without exchanging any private information because we wouldn't have to no private information I wouldn't have anybody's phone call or vice versa but the app would connect us and I could say what did you say and I could find out the news before the news on TV even those because I'll be talking to somebody was there likewise I wanted to see if I could create a news source that's a commercial news source so if you I'm trying to create the idea that there will always be a demand for telling your story on my app even if I'm the one who creates the demand so right now if even one person in New York City who was let's say in the building when the helicopter hit if they simply signed up for the app I would contact them and they would give $500 so the demand exists you don't have to worry if anybody else would ask you because I just added all pay $500 first person who comes on here and is an eyewitness to that helicopter accident $500 now you don't even have to do it on periscope you could just take the call for me personally and I can validate whether you're the real thing or not before before you get much money so the name of the app is called interface by when hub if you just sort of search interface it'll pop up on the app stores it's been there for a while works real well somebody says would you envision police using it for informants that's interesting probably not because it does create a digital record and probably informants don't want to do anything except talking in person is my guess so that anything that's digital is going to make people skittish even though we don't exchange information all right so let's see if we can create that model so you give stories but I doubt the validity yeah but it's just like the real world isn't it that you would have people who might be pretending to know what they do but here's the standard that I would suggest so I was going to do this if anybody answered it I was going to say if you if you say you were in the building can you show them this instance of video call I would say can you show me a picture of your your ID for the building or or a photo that you took standing there or a selfie that you took in front of the burning building or something like that so I would ask people to give me some credible information that would tell me they were really there and it's a real person and you don't and the call doesn't start for I forget where we sent it a minute was 30 seconds so you have a little bit of time to decide if the person is real now the other thing you can do is you could agree to a low cost or even zero connection and then once you've decided who they are you can use the app to send them a donation so you don't have to agree to pay in advance you can hear what they have to say and you can say look if I like what you said you're really who you say I'll give you X dollars and then you could just send it as a donation so you have a number of ways to do this all right that's all for now and I will talk to you later

42 thoughts on “Episode 561 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe Health Rumors, Alyssa Milano’s Influence on Biden, Nuclear”

  1. The picture behind you reminds me of an original Matisse print a friend of mine bought some decades ago. It was printed by Matisse, but not signed, for one of his exhibitions.

    Good picture, though.

  2. I appreciate that you are sensible and methodical. I have a big imagination about Dem party leadership, based on history. Maybe they are not going to push and predict Biden the way they did with their last Presidential candidate. But can you imagine them "screwing over" a candidate in the primaries? Cuz they did, right? How about cheating in the debates? Yep that happened. How about allowing the richest candidate to control the DNC? Yep. How about voter fraud, any of that in 2016? No doubt. Legal challenges after the election? Both in 2016 and 2018, right?

    So, you are describing normal humans (who "give up" on Biden). And THAT they are NOT. They are not beyond using Joe Biden with a VP candidate of their choice. Then…. whatever to Joe Biden at some point… you know, so that their Kamala or Pete or Beta O becomes POTUS. And that was just one scenario that — given 2016 behavior — does not really seem THAT outlandish (to me).

  3. Milano IS putting in the time. Anyone has to give her credit for that. She's unlike the other wimpy celebrities who wait for some kind of awards show to throw out a hand grenade of their ignorant opinion.

  4. Good job Scott. Is it the lighting or have you been out by the pool? Remarkable inpersonation of a beetroot there mate 🙂

  5. Nothing "patriotic" about dispatching with the presumption of innocence — a pillar of American society — to destroy a political opponent and to achieve self-aggrandizement. Since Scott seems to have forgotten, he should Google "Brett Kavanaugh."

  6. Alyssa Milano has "suffered more than most people" for her opinions? No. I'll agree to that when I see her getting blocked on YouTube or Twitter or when the New York Times writes opinion pieces about how she's a gateway for far left violence like they write about Ben Shapiro etc. In other words: never.

  7. My read on …Russias actions are defensive, we freaking have them surrounded with bases, missile defense stations (capable of offense) and they are an energy producing country (we have a history of invading energy rich nations). They dont like globalism and globalist interests have a history of puppeting the U.S. into conflicts.
    I think Russia is just trying to "stay russia" and not get completely invaded by globalist cartels that routinely infiltrate nations by corrupting the existing power structure…. so the russian elite/oligarchs just want to stay independent and they puff up their chest by provoking a little with fender benders to let outsiders know they arent afraid to make a big deal out of small stuff.
    Scares off the globalists.
    Putin isnt convinced that Trump is running the show.
    He routinely laughs at our electoral process , sees no difference from one president to the other, thinks that a man serving a 4 year position literally has no real lasting impact on foreign policy.
    Hes not wrong. . . . most presidents spend half their term trying to get re-elected, you arent a "real president" until your 2nd term where you no longer have to worry about re-election.
    Why should Putin play nice when Trumps gone in 2 ~ 6 years? 😉 on the grand scheme of things, he thinks America will just default to deep state status when trump leaves office…. so any promise or deal Trump makes is essentially worthless once he leaves office.
    Also Russians may hold a bit of a grudge for the whole collapsing their economy and destroying the soviet union causing mass migration from orbital soviet states into their nation destroying them kinda thing….. see a bit of a mirror today with mass migration collapsing America? its retribution.

  8. Id rather we skip Fission reactors and dump a trillion into cracking fusion. High Risk, High Reward.
    I think the energy problem will go Conventional Reactors -> Thorium Reactors to harvest energy and cleanup the radioactive waste -> Eventually we crack fusion
    Lockheed martin working on miniature commercial Fusion Reactors right now, they went public with it a while ago.
    Im not convinced human activity has a meaningful impact on the weather/sea level/tornado/hurricane occurrence etc.
    Im more worried about a volcano going off than diesel engines puffing up smoke when it comes to pollution, we have catalytic converters on all cars now I mean cmon, whats the big deal? really? fossil fuels are fine.

  9. Did you read article about the NYT cartoonist who is no longer doing political (per NYT )cartons ever?

  10. Russia wants high energy prices. We are killing their cash flow by fracking oil and gas. And LNG exports which are going up in multiples. Plus since Mueller they are off the front pages (which might matter to an ex KGB Colonel).

  11. whenever I watch scottls content I get a bunch of content on the feeds (to the right) from the same person! whats going on !!!

  12. There is no Nuclear energy when it comes to those that only want control of and money from the populus.

  13. I want to dislike Milano because she values emotion over logic. Respect for her dedication, but she is destructive feces. Yeah, she means well. But I must mind my gag reflex.

  14. It's insane that Biden is running. Can only assume others pressured him into doing this, persuading that they could make it run smoothly but they needed his image. Starting to suspect he was actually reluctant to campaign. Maybe I'm slow?

  15. government shouldn't be involved with marriage or abortion…and i used to be pro choice until i actually got educated and informed and looked at the time line of human development and what they actually do to the baby…nobody is attacking reproductive rights…by the time abortion happens, reproduction has already occurred…you succeeded…abortion is a parenting decision…kill my baby or care for it…

  16. Nuclear is dead. Solar and other renewables are as cheap and getting cheaper. The only real future for Nuclear is small remote stations like in Antarctica or under the sea.

  17. This is a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate of what it would take to electrify the U. S. transportation energy requirements.

    The U.S. Internal Revenue Service defines a BOE (barrel of oil equivalent) as equal to 5.8 × 1E6 BTU (5.8 × 1E6 BTU59 °F equals 6.1178632 × 1E9 J, about 6.1 GJ (HHV), or 1.7 MWh.) The value is necessarily approximate as various grades of oil and gas have slightly different heating values. If one considers the lower heating value instead of the higher heating value, the value for one BOE would be approximately 5.4 GJ (see ton of oil equivalent). Typically 5,800 cubic feet of natural gas or 58 CCF are equivalent to one BOE. The USGS gives a figure of 6,000 cubic feet (170 cubic meters) of typical natural gas.

    What You Can Buy With America's Daily Oil Consumption. It is no secret that the U.S. has long been the world's dominant oil consumer. According to the EIA, America uses approximately 18.9 million barrels of crude per day; that nets out to nearly 7 billion barrels per year, an astonishing figure.

    The United States uses approximately 18.9 million barrels of oil per day (a BOE yields ~20 gallons gasoline, ~11 gallons diesel fuel/home heating oil, ~4 gallons jet fuel, and miscellaneous other products). The energy contained in a barrel of oil is 6.1 G Joules (HIgher Heating Value) or 5.4 GJ (Lower HV).

    Using the higher heating value for a barrel of oil:

    18.9E6 barrels per day X 6.1E9 Joules/barrel (HHV) =
    1.15E17 Joules/day / (3600s/hr) = 3.2E13 (J/s)-hours/day =
    3.2E13 W-hrs/day = 3.2E4 GW-hrs/day =
    3.2E4 GW-hrs/day / 24 hours/day = 1,334 GW

    That's the energy consumed at the customers point of usage! It DOES NOT include power plant energy conversion efficiency from whatever energy source, transmission line losses, up/down voltage conversion losses, etc.! That also assumes that the load is spread evenly across the entire day which everyone knows is not true.

    That's equivalent to ~1,334 1 GW power plants at the customer's point of usage!

    Using the lower heating value:

    18.9E6 barrels per day X 5.4E9 Joules/barrel (LHV) =
    1.02E17 Joules/day / (3600s/hr) = 2.84E13 (J/s)-hours/day =
    2.84E13 W-hrs/day = 2.84E4 GW-hrs/day =
    2.84E4 GW-hrs/day / 24 hours/day = 1,181 GW

    That's the energy consumed at the customers point of usage! It DOES NOT include power plant energy conversion efficiency from whatever energy source, transmission line losses, up/down voltage conversion losses, etc.! That also assumes that the load is spread evenly across the entire day which everyone knows is not true.

    That's equivalent to ~1,181 1 GW power plants at the customer's point of usage!

    Better start building lots of electricity generating capacity if you really think that electricity can replace oil especially in the transportation sector (forget about electrifying air transportation). This ROM does not include U. S. nationwide charging station requirements.

    Also, on the surface wind turbine plants seem like a bargain. That's until one realizes that to get 1 GW of generating capacity one has to build 5 GW of nameplate rated generating capacity (that equals 2,500 2MW nameplate rated generating capacity wind turbines). That's because wind turbines only generate about 21% of their nameplate rated capacity over the course of a year. The wind is fickle even in the windiest of places.

  18. Earth to Scott: the Left will never embrace G4. It's not about fixing things, it's about gaining power. Fixing stuff hurts that, thinks the lefties. Logic has zero to do with it.

  19. Just FYI: https://themazatlanpost.com/2019/06/10/mexico-abandons-the-us-52-thousand-tons-of-avocado-will-be-sent-to-japan/?fbclid=IwAR1U5m185NMNWGUsmBk0ts2H1jlWllNDeAggn4Ri9NPLkbq9m_B3czfxydk

  20. No "alt right" people exist. It's part of the democrat's mythology that tens of thousands of bare-chested hillbillionazis came running out of the forest on election day to vote for Trump.

  21. I have watched quite a few of this fellow's videos and the only conclusion I can derive from them is that Adams has no core philosophy. His opinions are all over the place because I think he is purposely trying to be obtuse and unpredictable.

  22. No rumor, Joe has already had brain aneurysms in the past.

  23. I don't underestimate or dislike Alyssa Milano, I just don't agree with her and I will tell her that to her face.

  24. Maher followed his comment on Hillary with "Trump did worse" when of course he did not. The reason Maher seems to be turning is that he is a SNAKE.

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