Eating healthy on the road | Japan

Eating healthy on the road | Japan

You know what today I really don’t feel like being stuck in here, let’s go somewhere else come on Much better. I’m in Japan this week one of my favorite places in the world We’re gonna talk food, but we’re also gonna go around and check out some sights. Let’s stay First I thought well, I’m on the road this week. I don’t have my camera I can’t make any videos then. I realized this is actually the perfect opportunity A lot of people say they can eat really healthy if they’re in their element But if they’re busy or traveling everything goes haywire, and what’s worse once they’re back home It’s really hard to get back on track How do you still eat healthy without spending a ton of money or having a lot of work even when you’re away from home? Very far away from home. Let’s have a little challenge. Okay, so I’m gonna pop into the store behind me and get some food I mean, it’s a grocery store. They’re the same anywhere in the world, right? How hard can that be? I got this Hi, I’m so lost everything’s in Japanese. I don’t know what half this stuff is All right, I’m back I did find some good stuff eventually My approach to food is pretty simple as many whole plants as I can possibly fit in I’ve made videos before on the science the why behind that choice I may have some processed foods or some animal products once in a blue moon depending on circumstances But in general I try to avoid it I try to get as many of my nutrients and calories as possible from whole plants That’s it. So, let’s take a look at that grocery haul I got some black beans You look a little different from the Western black beans a little rounder, but I look this up. It definitely says red black beans I got some edamame very Japanese And then I got some veggies tomatoes avocado some broccoli sprouts some Japanese mushrooms and Almonds some corn and then these greens they look like a Spinach and bok choy had a lovechild And and some grapes and lastly I got this New Diigo mom it’s basically a Japanese tahini and so we’ll use this as a kind of a sauce Okay so I have the beans soaking already in the same pan that They’re that I’m going to cook them in so that saves me work later I’m gonna leave that in there for two hours and go do some sightseeing and I’ll come back to tend to these later That’s right grab another bottle put it up to a face Before she would Okay. Now all we got to do is put this bad boy on the on the stove and now comes the hardest part of the Whole operation which is figuring out what these buttons mean I’m just gonna assume this is the on button and hope pray to the gods above that. It’s not self-destruct fingers crossed All right. It’s been a few minutes. That’s cooking really. Well. It’s almost done So it’s time to add the mushrooms corn and edamame mix it up while that’s finishing up. It’s almost done a couple more minutes We’re just gonna chop some veggies over here to make a quick salad And this is where I make my enemies and throw the grapes in there as well, okay Through the salad on a plate and this is ready to come out Let’s set the sprouts and the almonds to that and finish up with that tahini So, there we go that was five ten minutes tops of hands-on work it’s pretty filling if I can do it anybody can do it There you go. When we’re away from home. We often focus on what we miss that food. We like or the seasoning we normally use but There’s also a big potential upside in trying unusual foods it can help build our microbiome diversity meaning having more different species of bugs in our gut which we’re learning more and more is associated with better health outcomes This way you have another bottle put it up to a face brother Trevor Okay, there’s no dining table someday sitting them basically using this coffee table. I’m sitting on the floor I mean, it’s Japan, right and I’m doing that. I’m doing the chopsticks. I’m not messing around. Who do you think I am? What’s this work? You’ve been doing here? Come on You thought the key mass. So that tasted pretty good. And here’s the back of the envelope calculation for that meal 680 calories so roughly a third of daily needs 33 grams of protein with a good breakdown of essential amino acids 26 grams of fiber 30% of my daily calcium 100% of my iron 100% of folate 100% of vitamin K Etc. And that’s just one meal and it was definitely a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant Now the point of that video is to share ideas. It’s not the limit or to lecture people I like to eat in restaurants. Occasionally. It’s fun But personally if I do it three times a day, I get really sick of it. Plus it gets expensive really quick So this is a way to eat healthy for about the same price. You would pay at home bottom line Even if you’re somewhere different, you’re not in your element, you don’t know the foods It’s still possible to throw something together that’s cheap and quick and healthy if you stick to a few basic principles So the goal here is not to impress Gordon Ramsay And admittedly I can work on the presentation and if I make more of these videos I’ll get better at making things look prettier But the main goal here is to throw something together That’s healthy and tasty without spending hours in the kitchen or breaking the bank now, obviously This is just an example some people may not like tahini or Grapes in their salad or they do want to have some animal products in their meal, or they may be allergic to something There’s plenty of room for variation to fit your personal needs and preferences But the bottom line here is that if your foundation is solid if it’s based on sound principles Then you’re off to a good start If you thought that video was useful consider sharing with others who might be interested and hit that like button And subscribe for more nutrition made simple also Feel free to link up with me on my Facebook page and on Twitter for more in depth nutrition science Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one

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  1. this was a bootstraps video on the road but we do what we can until we can do what we want, amiright? hope it helps! we can eat healthy anywhere and have fun doing it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awesome! I find eating healthy while travelling incredibly hard and can use some inspiration. Can't wait for the next vids!

  3. Japanese people r the healthiest people in the world

    Meanwhile in the USA:๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ•๐Ÿช๐Ÿก

  4. Hi Gil! Wow Japan must be amazing, I hope one day I'm gonna go there! A tiny hint.. once you have a bit of time, consider making a new channel logo, more modern and less "made with paint" ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cheers!

  5. One more disadvantage of restaurants: They tend to use more Salt, Oil and Sugar than when you cook. They want to keep the customers coming back. S.O. and S. are a cheap, easy way to do that.

  6. The people of Japan live the longest as a country. They eat a lot of rice, edamame, seaweed and tofu. The traditional diet was low on meat compared to the west. They also have a lower BMI.

  7. Very nicely done…no need for fancy production. Great message here also. Some of my most memorable and most nutritious meals have been on travel. Just a quick trip to a local store, head straight to the veggies/fruits/grains and then all hands on counter to chop/saute and all of a sudden there is a great meal with the fun of making it together. I really appreciate your science-based approach and no magic bullet/pill honesty.

  8. Thanks for the new vid Gil. I am so glad I found your channel. I needed a no nonsense approach to changing my dietary mindset and you have helped tremendously. Keep em coming.

  9. Great video! I've heard Japan is actually not that vegan-friendly so cooking at home is a great solution. Enjoy that amazing country and can't wait for the next video ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Would you mind sharing what specific DHA+EPA supplement brand you take yourself? I've been looking online and it seems that ones containing carrageenan may be harmful. I'm confused as to how the values work as well. For 250mg/d, should I be looking for something with ~250mg of DHA and ~125 of EPA? Anyway, I've learned a lot from your videos, keep up the great work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Bean that are done in just "a few minutes" (3:13)?! This is way too fast for beans in my experience. What kind of beans can do that?

  12. Hi Gil, I'd love to chat with you about a business opportunity. Do you have an email address that I can contact you at?

  13. That was good for one meal. I travel a lot and many times hotels do not provide mini kitchens. Mini fridge regularly.. I follow mostly vegan. (Sometimes it gets tough only eating salads while on the road) Recently I was on a 5 day cruise, found it takes a whole lot of effort and creativity to eat healthy. My easiest vegan meal was at the hibachi place however the additional salt caused problems later. ๐Ÿ™ I will be traveling to Paris, France in the next few weeks. I plan on using Yelp as much as possible to find vegan friendly, vegitarian friendly but I'm betting it is going to be tough. Lots of bigger cities now have vegan places popping up so cross your fingers.

  14. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I LOVE this video! This is what nutrition is all about! When people see how easy and inexpensive it is to eat well (healthy), there's a higher chance of them actually taking responsibility for what they eat. This video is great on so many levels; from learning to make their own food to discovering new healthy foods that feed their gut biome. Awesome job! AND….. all while in a foreign country???!!! Way to go.

  15. Hi from Japan! I enjoy your "can make it work" attitude. Thank you for the info that neri goma is basically tahini, and that I don't need to go to a fancy supermarket to find it here — never knew!

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