[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol Bae Suzy diet (INDO SUB)

[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol Bae Suzy diet (INDO SUB)

Sarapan:Ubi, ayam dada dan segelas low-fat milk. Makan siang: Nasi dan salad. Makan sore: Dua buah ubi Hari 1 Berat badan=48.6kg. Lemak=23.5%. Otot=35.3%. Air=56.2%. BMI=18.9 Sarapan Makan siang Makan sore Hari 2 Berak badan=47.9kg(-0.7kg). Lemak=22.2%(-1.3%). Otot=36.1%(+0/8%). Air=57.2%(+1%). BMI=18.7(-0.2) Sarapan Makan siang Makan sore Hari 3 Berat badan=47.4kg(-0.3kg). Lemak=21.7%(-0.5%). Otot=36.4%(+0.3%). Air=57.6%(+0.4%). BMI=18.5(-0.2) Sarapan Makan siang Makan sore Hari 4 Berat bada=46.9kg(-0.5kg) Lemak=21.5%(-0.2%) Otot=36.5% (+0.1%) Air=57.7% (+0.1%) BMI=18.3 (-0.2) Sarapan Makan siang Makan malam. Hari ini saya udah rasa muak dengan ubi. Jadi ganti dengan buah naga untuk makan malam. Berat bada=46.6kg(-0.3kg) Lemak=21.3% (-0.2%) Otot=36.5% (Gak beda) Air=57.8% (+0.1%) BMI=18.2(-0.1) Diet ini, saya tak rasa kelaparan. Pada hari pertama dan ketiga, saya tak bisa habiskan dua buah ubi untuk makan sore. Tetapi, pada hari terakhir, saya sudah merasa muak dengan ubi. Jadi, saya menggantikan ubi buat makan sore dengan buah naga. Saya hanya mengikuti diet ini selama 4 hari. Berat bada turun 2kg, Lemak turun 2.2% dan otot menambah 1.2%

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  1. You weigh less than fucking 50kgs and you’re going on a diet???? There is so many things wrong with this. And judging by your body pre diet, you are amongst the millions of people creating a horrible body image for girls and guys all over the world. This is not cute. You should promote healthy eating, not dieting. Shame on you!

  2. I'm skinny, but like…over the summer i began gaining weight. Which is stressing me. I plan on not eating for 2 or 3 days. Or maybe try a diet. I plan on working out too.

  3. I tried to eat a little less, cut out sugar etc.
    My mom started yelling at me because I am trying to "starve myself"? UhhHh

  4. I dont get it, whenever i dont even eat ANYTHING for whole day i only lose 0.6kg MAX and she at least eats 3 meals and still she loses 0.7kg. Life hates me lmao

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  7. im currently doing my own diet right now, i experimented for 5-6 days and lost about 5 pounds. basically what i do is eat shaved ice for the whole day. when im starving i just put syrup or sometimes eat fruits with it too :'^) basically i just did a 5 day water and fruit diet, i suggest it.

  8. If I ask anything about food, if I skip one meal, if I even eat as much as an average person does for once my parents will be all up in my face like "DA HECC U LIKE A STICC EAT MORE!!!" especially with my brother but it makes sense because he's a skinny legend and has a Matt Stonie metabolism. BUT THE QUESTION IS WHY DON'T I????

  9. Did you exercise? Howd ur waist get that small in one week?? 0.o i can barely lose 2 pounds in a week with exercise
    And u weighed yourself every day im surprise the numbers even change cause usually its wrong if u weigh everyday.

  10. i started eating clean and diet 2 days ago then when i cooked a healthy meal, they gave me a weird look bc i usually cooked unhealthy foods, u know what i mean.. and then asking me to eat the asians foods! ngl asians foods are the best i cannot resist! but i still stick with healthy diet meal 🙂

  11. What kind of scales are you using? I haven't seen anything that cN tell fat and calories, beside the big one from the gym

  12. i tried iu's diet just only for half day i can't even try for whole day. i don't like to torture myself so i give up. if i try suzy's diet i bet it will last for a week since there's lot of food for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. why i don't even think about to search this.

  13. when i skip meal just once a day my mother makes me eat 2kg extra plus one glass of milk ……hahahhaha i know she is cute

  14. People in the comments be saying that this diet is extreme or that this diet is considered starving
    But I eat like one meal a day or some days I eat nothing

  15. I see all about how Asian families are gonna make u eat……IM HISPANIC.

    my mom literally yelled at me for ordering only rice and French fries -=-

  16. Asian family one time they be like: lose some weight. Look at the other “Asian girl” she so thin look at you.
    Asian family one time they be like: eat some food. * shoves rice into mouth

  17. No joke this is a very food idea because you are not starving. This is a New lifestyle that promotes healthy food and potion control

  18. Как блин они так быстро худеют? Как твою мать. Я ем каждый день по 800 калорий и трачу по 750 калорий и блин за неделю ни грам не похудела. Тваю мать, как????????

  19. If you want to know something that sounds like the music used in the video sometimes by crush really good song!!!!!!!!

  20. i think this is a good diet , it's not really extream like many other kpop diet , but i personally think eating the same food every day is kinda boring 😅

  21. الدايت الحلو بس لو نخلي الدجاج مع الغدا والسلطة مع الفطور حيكون احسن🤙🏼

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