Day 2 – Stretch & Soothe – 30 Days of Yoga

Day 2 – Stretch & Soothe – 30 Days of Yoga

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to the 30 Days
of Yoga with Adriene challenge. I’m Adriene. And today is day two. Let’s get started. All
right. So today we’re going to begin in extended child’s pose, bringing the knees as wide as
your yoga mat, bringing your two big toes together. I’m using a little blankie to pad
my legs. So that’s always a nice, comfy option. All right. Here we go. Walking the fingertips
all the way out, nice and slow, easing into our practice today. We take a deep breath
in. And on an exhale, release. Let’s keep some active reach through the arms. We’re
starting to open up through the side body. We melt the heart down and let the belly be
soft here. So your pose might look like this and that’s
okay. In time, we’ll be getting the space to send the sit bones all the way back. So
be in the moment. And we’ll begin by tuning into the breath here. So you don’t need to
look at the video here. You can relax your forehead on the earth, or on a pillow or a
block. We’re just going to take a second here to notice the breath. And you can bring the
palms to a little bit wider, like a flying V if the shoulders are feeling tight. And
we take a deep breath of gratitude in, gratitude for ourselves for showing up on the mat today,
taking this time to practice. Take a second here to connect to your intention
or set a new one. It might just be one word, or a current mantra, or a goal. And then we
use some breath to send some energy to that, just kind of confirming it, the power of word,
the power of thought. So deepen your breath here. You might even begin to connect to an
Ujjayi breath. Then with the eyes closed or the gaze nice
and soft, I’ll begin to lift my head up, drawing a line with the nose forward. Moving into
a little drunk Cat-Cow, I’m going to spread my palms and inhale, moving in a circle. Inhale,
come forward. You might just walk the knees in just to here. And then exhale, come around
and back through that extended child’s pose. Again we inhale, smooth the heart forward.
And get a little freaky here. Start to work out the kinks. And exhale around and back. And now in your own time, you can take your
gaze off the video, you might even close your eyes. And we begin to notice any tight spots,
stretching it out, reversing your circle, inhaling as you come forward, and exhaling
as you come around and back. Begin to check in with the hips, the shoulders, even the
neck. Sometimes my friends in yoga will come all the way to the front. So you get to explore.
See if you can synchronize the breath with the movement, and the movement with the breath. Linger in the places that it feels good to
linger in. And also you might find that the place that feels good to linger in for you,
in this little warm up, is here in extended child’s pose. So a couple more rounds, a couple
more breaths. Awesome. Then we’ll come up to a tabletop position here, walking the wrists
underneath the shoulders, the knees underneath the hip points. Press into the tops of the
feet. And here we go. Inhale, extend the right toes out. So we’re extending through the right
leg. Now turn your right toes over towards the left side of your mat so you can level
those hips. So I go from here, I’m exaggerating, to here.
And I draw my lower belly in. Navel draws up. Beautiful. Now imagine pressing your right
foot into an imaginary wall. And don’t forget about your foundation. So we’re pressing into
all 10 knuckles and really using the top of that left foot. Now inhale, slide the left
fingertips forward. Plug the left shoulder in and breathe. Navel to spine, rib cage draws
in. And we create a full body experience. Breathe into the back body. Inhale in here
and exhale, release, on the breath out. Awesome. Let’s take it to the other side. So checking
in. Sending the left toes out and dialing that left hip down by turning the left toes
towards the right side of your mat. Find your foundation. Notice if you’re collapsing into
your bones here, kind of like this, see if you can bring a little integrity, waking up
the body. And often, that means you’re working harder. But the more we practice, the easier
it’ll get. The more ease we’ll find and the softer and sweeter it feels. Navel draws up. And we can stay here or we
can extend the right fingertips out. Plug that right shoulder in. We’re reaching as
if we’re trying to shake someone’s hand here. And then we’re pulling back through that right
shoulder. Navel draws up, we hug everything into the mid-line. Take one more deep, full
breath here, and then exhale, release. Awesome. Cat-Cow, dropping the belly, inhale, heart
forward. Find a long neck here, and then exhale, rounding the spine. You know what to do. Find
your breath. Just a couple of rounds here, warming up the spine, back and forth. Then we’ll come back to tabletop position.
Same thing as before. This time, we’re going to pick up the pace and move with a little
flow or a little Vinyasa. So I’m going to extend the right toes out. And as I do that,
I’m going to send the left fingertips forward. Again, I grab that imaginary handshake there
and I check in with my joints, pulling the shoulder in, dropping the right hip down. Inhale in, you might gaze forward or keep
the gaze straight down. So we have lots of options here depending on how your neck’s
feeling. On an exhale, reel everything in nose to knee. Press up out of your foundation
and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze everything up. Inhale, extend. Move nice and slow. Exhale,
nose to knee. Press away from the earth. Inhale, extend. Find your breath. And exhale, nose
to knee. One more. Inhale, extend. Spread your fingertips and toes wide. And exhale.
Hug it in towards your heart. Hold it here for one breath cycle, in and out, working
strong, I know, navel up. And then exhale, release. Awesome. Switching to the other side. We’re going to
jump right in. Inhale, left toes out, right fingertips forward. Find your alignment. Check
in with that action. And then when you’re ready, we begin to flow. Inhaling, extend.
And exhaling, reeling it in. Inhale, extend. Find your foundation. If you feel a little
wobbly, press into your foundation. Exhale, hug everything in. Inhale, spread your fingertips,
spread your toes. And exhale to the heart, yes. And one more. Inhale, smile, lighten
up a little bit. And exhale to the heart. Hold here. Squeeze. Press into your foundation.
Hug it in, hug it in, hug it in. And then exhale, we release. Awesome. Good job. Curl the toes under, walk the fingertips all
the way up. Helps if you have a little padding for the knee here. If you don’t, you can grab
something now. A towel works great or you can even double up on the mat. So a little
yoga for the feet moment here. So when I first came here in yoga, I couldn’t believe how
much it hurt. My feet were not alive and not awake. And I was just cramming them into shoes.
And a lot of my standing postures would bring foot cramps and genuine foot pain. So now, I like to integrate a little yoga
for the feet here. You just gently rock a little side to side, seeing if you can press
into your pinkie toe. And if this is too much, you can always use blocks to stabilize you
or even a little fingertips. I have this nice bench here. So one more breath, you got it.
And then we’ll release, back to all fours. Come on to the tops of the feet here. On an
inhale, we press away. On an exhale we find that hovering cat. So this is a full body
strengthener, but I also think this is great, just spinal check in. Connecting from the
crown of the head to the tip of the tail bone. Welcome a little heat. If you are wanting
a little more heat in your practice, you can work on this sawing motion back and forth. If you’re new to yoga or the challenge might
just stay here, holding on for dear life, but infusing your breath into each moment.
Let’s do one more breath, in and out. You got this. And then we release. Awesome, everyone.
So stay on the tops of the feet this time as we walk the fingertips all the way up and
come to the knees. So just notice that the toes have started to come in or go out. And
let’s see if we can keep an awareness on the feet. Nice parallel lines here. And you might
start to go into toxic thought world, if you’re feet are all moving. But that’s why we’re
here, to practice and take stock and then see how it evolves. So no worries if the toes
are curling in or going out. Let’s just see what’s up. Okay. From here, a little love for the wrist.
We’re going to come into this zombie “Thriller” mode here. And if you can, draw that lower
belly in a bit, tuck your tailbone down. So just a little integrity in the torso. And
to check that you can lean back a little bit. You’ll notice if you’re like, all in a bunch
of pieces o if you can come into one sweet piece. That’s what she said, or he said. It
doesn’t even make any sense. Okay. Bring your right thumb to your left palm. So it’s coming
to the center of the palm here. And I’m gonna wrap my fingertips around to
press my thumb into the hand, and just find this beautiful stretch throughout the arm.
Okay. Nice and easy here. Shoulders are going to want to come up here because that’s what
we’re used to. So relax them down. One more breath. And then we switch. Left thumb now
to the right palm and I just give it a little bit of a push. This is great for carpal tunnel.
This is awesome, again, if you’re at the computer a lot or use your hands. This is great. Shoulders
are relaxing down. Take one more breath. And then I release. Awesome. Hands are going to come behind now, fingertips
up towards the sky. I bring them to the lower back, the sacrum area here. And if we’re really
tight in the shoulders, we might just come about this far. In time, we’ll be able to
press the palms to the sacrum. And then this is where I really press into my feet here,
remember my feet and open the chest and the heart. So to each his own here. Maybe I’m
beginning to grow my back bend practice already, hugging the shoulder blades in, elbows hugging
in. I press down through my palms and I keep the heart lifted. So I’m now collapsing here,
but pressing up and away from my foundation. So we might be at different levels here. We
might keep it nice and stacked. Let’s take one more breath. Wherever you are, fill it
with air. And exhale, gently release. Awesome. You might just take a loop of the shoulders
here or rotation of the wrists. And then we’re going to dive forward and send the sit bones
up to downward facing dog. So curl the toes under and keep it nice and slow as you come
up into our first downward dog of the practice today. Pedaling it out, melting the heart
back, finding your breath. I’m going to move my blankie to the side now. And the tops of the shoulders rotate out,
the tops of the thighs rotate in. We find space with each micro movement. Paying attention
to the detail here as we listen to our bodies and deepen the breath. Awesome. Then we’re
going to bend the knees generously. Carve a line with the nose, look forward. Repeat
the walk up from yesterday or bend your knees generously, take a deep breath in. And on
an exhale, hop the feet up towards the front of your mat. Together we’ll land in our forward
fold. Work out the kinks here. Take a couple of freestyle moments to find what feels good.
Sway a little side to side. Keep it soft and easy, breezy. Then on your next breath in, let’s lift up
to that flat back position, full breath in. And on an exhale, slide it down. Cool. Tuck
the chin into the chest, and we roll up to Tadasana, mountain pose. Draw energy up from
the arches of the feet. You might lift your kneecaps slightly here. And we come into the
present mountain pose. So for me, if I could just connect to Tadasana everyday for 30 days,
I’d feel like a total awesome badass. Take a second here to find your breath. And
stand up nice and tall. Open your heart, open your chest. Lift up from the earth. Then find
a softness in the knees, this buoyancy. And we’ll spread the fingertips wide. And on your
next big breath in, reach all the way up and overhead and exhale down through the mid-line.
Here we go. Forward fold. Inhale, half way lift. Long, beautiful neck. And exhale, slide
it down. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back to plank. Don’t panic. Nice and soft. As we
ease into it here, pedal the feet, you might bend the knees back and forth. Stretch the
feet again. Press into those pinkies. After you’ve wiggled it out a little bit, come into
a place of stillness, pressing up from the earth, drawing your navel to your spine, and
really trying to avoid this collapse in the upper back body. So breathe into the upper back body and see
if you can create a balloon shape there, hollow it out. Holding for one more breath. We got
this. And then sending the navel up and back, downward facing dog. Hip points high up towards
the sky, sit bones spread left to right. We find a little movement and then a little stillness.
Bend the knees generously. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, hop or float the feet up towards the
front. You can also repeat that walk that we did before. And here we go. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale,
getting the juices flowing, we forward fold. Inhale, spread the fingertips. Slowly reach
it all the way up. And exhale, back down through the midline. Forward fold. Nice job, everyone.
Inhale, halfway lift here. Keep it soft in the knees, careful not to lock. And exhale,
bow. Step or hop it back to plank. And we hold here for three breaths. Notice if the hips or dipping or peeking up,
see if we can create one nice, long piece from the crown of the head all the way to
the heels. Then we’ll slowly lower the knees, hug the elbows into the side body. Keep your
lower belly drawing in. As you lower down, elbows back like two little grasshopper legs
here. We slide onto the belly. Release the feet down. And inhale, baby cobra. Exhale,
fold. Again, inhale, baby cobra. Pull the elbows back. Gentle back bend here. Open your
heart. Exhale, release. And one more. Press into your foundation strong.
This time, see if you can turn the palms up for a moment. Just make sure you’re not muscling
into your cobra here but really bringing integrity and awareness into the spine. And we gently
release, curl the toes under. Remember you have an option here to press all the way up
to plank then send it back to downward dog or move through the sweet transition of all
fours and then peeling it up. So we always have options. Keep mixing and matching. Deep
breath in and long exhale out. Bend the knees generously. Carve a line with your nose. Look
up. Have a little fun here. Inhale in, exhale, hop it up. Forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Long, beautiful neck.
Exhale, soften and bow. This time, bring the feet together, if you haven’t already and
keep a little bit of space, about a thumbprint’s worth of space between your heels. Bend your
knees generously. Bring your belly to the tops of your thighs. Now, we’re going to swim
the fingertips back. Press the palms into an imaginary floor here as you fly your heart
open in an Utkatasana variation here. So there’s going to be this curve in the spine.
I’m going to try and dial my lower rib cage in, draw my navel up. Legs are working hard
here, but we’re breathing strong, we’re relaxing the shoulders. And imagine someone, imagine
me gently pulling your fingertips slightly away towards the back edge of your mat. So
we go from here, to finding this openness. Take the ease from yesterday’s practice and
put it into this pesky pose here. Sit down a little bit lower. Send your weight
back to your heels. One more breath. You got this. In fact, let’s reach the fingertips
forward for this last breath. Deep breath in, and then exhale, hallelujah, forward fold.
Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow, step or hop now the feet back to plank, yogi’s choice.
Hold here for just one breath, in and out. Then lower the knees for Chaturanga practice,
or if you’re ready, you might shift your weight forward on your toes. Hug the elbows into
the side body and lower down halfway. Inhale to upward facing dog or repeat the cobra.
Take a deep breath in. And on an exhale, back to downward facing dog we go. Nice, everyone.
Deep breath in. And long exhale out. Bend the knees generously. Belly comes to the tops
of the thighs. We look forward, inhale. Exhale, hop it up. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Bend the
knees generously. Send your weight back to your heels, sit bones reach towards the back
edge of your mat. As we find our flying arms again and open our hearts, Utkatasana variation,
press into an imaginary earth here. So there’s a little resistance. We’re not just kind of
floppity-flop here, but create that full body experience. Squeeze the inner thighs together,
navel in. One more breath. Imagine me pulling your pinkies or your fingers back towards
the back of your mat. One more breath. And exhale, release. Awesome. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale, bow. Step
or hop it back to plank. You got this. Hold. One breath. Chaturanga practice or Chaturanga.
So we’re moving through a Vinyasa here that will be a little different for everyone. And
you can mix and match. So if you’re new to the practice, you might lower the knees, hug
the elbows into the side body, and inhale, lift up to cobra. Or you know your Chaturanga
top dog option. Together we’ll meet in downward facing dog. Or this time we’ll drop the left
heel and inhale. Slide the right leg up high. Take a deep breath in. Press into both palms
evenly. Drop your right toes down. Inhale in. Exhale, squeeze the right knee all the
way up in towards your heart. Inhale, three-legged dog. Exhale, stepping
it all the way up and into your low lunge. Stretch it out here. You might lower that
back knee, just like we did yesterday. Looping the shoulders, working out the kinks. And
then when you’re ready, we’re going to lift that back knee up. We’re going to lift the
fingertips and then draw the biceps… biceps, excuse me, I got excited, up by the ears.
High lunge. Super strong pose here. I’m hugging into the
midline. I might soften through that back knee so I can draw my tailbone down and underneath
me. Working hard here. Take one more deep breath in. And then exhale. Send your right
fingertips behind you, left fingertips forward. I’m going turn to the right. Pull your right
hip crease back and breathe here as you sink a little deeper perhaps. You got it. Take
a deep breath in. Exhale out. Inhale, back to high lunge. Stick with it. And exhale,
release. Hallelujah. So you have an option here. Take a Vinyasa
or take a rest in child’s pose. So you have two options. I like lots of options. It keeps
you alive and in the moment. Also it keeps you happy and more likely to stick with it
if you’re in control. Together we’ll meet in downward facing dog, where we’ll drop the
right heel and inhale. Slide the left leg up high. Dial those toes down. Level the hips.
Press into both palms evenly. Careful not to crash into your right shoulder but press
into both palms. Here we go. Inhale in. Exhale, bend that left knee, squeeze it up towards
your heart. Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale, three-legged dog. And exhale, all the way
up into your low lunge. Awesome work, my friends. Stick with it. Take
a little explore time here to stretch it out. You might lower that back knee. Find your
breath. Pay attention to your alignment. And then when you’re ready, we’ll lift that back
knee up, bringing integrity into the center, into our core, hugging the inner thighs towards
the midline. Let the fingertips hover. Deep breath in. I continue the journey up, biceps
by the ears. Check it out. And then I go through my checklist here. I can soften that right
knee a little bit. I can maybe pull the left hip crease back. Find what feels good to stay
curious. Then we’ll inhale in. And on an exhale, make
this a slow journey, no need to rush, I’m going to open out to the left. Left fingertips
back, right fingertips forward. You can have a little style here if you want. Sometimes
in these high lunges, I get really serious. So I encourage you to soften it up. Smile.
Keep it easy. One more breath. And we inhale back to high lunge. Deep breath
in. And exhale, release. Awesome. One more Vinyasa here. Feel free to skip it. Totally
skip it if you want. But I encourage you to give it a go in some variation, knees lowered
or lifted. We inhale to upward facing dog or cobra, and then exhale. Everyone, to child’s
pose. Swim the fingertips back. Rest your forehead on the earth. And notice how you
feel, observe your breath. Shoulders relaxed. Press into the tops of the feet, tuck your
chin into your chest and we slowly begin to roll it up. Right palm comes to the outer
edge of the left thigh, left fingertips behind, and we just find a gentle twist here. Lifting
the heart, inhale. Exhale, moving into your twist. Inhale, lift, and lengthen. And exhale,
twist. Inhale back to center. And same thing on the other side. So general rule of thumb, very joyful rule
of thumb in twists is inhale, we find that energetic lift, that current upwards. And
then on the exhale, we ease into the twist. We inhale, create more space up through the
spine. And exhale, we wring it out, like we’re wringing out a dirty rag, kind of getting
rid of all the stuff that no longer serves us, all that dirty water. A wonderful image.
One more breath. Inhale, lift up. Exhale, wring it out. And then slowly, we’ll come
back to center. Nice easy transition of the buttocks. We come
to all fours. Cross the left ankle over the right. Use your hands to guide you as you
come on through Paschimottanasana. We’re going to send both legs out in front. So you can
bring your towel or your blankie back if you need to lift the hips a little bit. Sometimes
it’s nice, especially for a seated forward fold. Tops of the thighs draw down. In fact, they
have this energetic spiral, in and down, as we pull through the heels, or press through
the heels rather, and sit up nice and tall. Then inhale, reach the arms up and overhead.
Big breath in. Exhale, forward fold. Now, belly doesn’t have to come to the thighs.
And we don’t have to do this Bikram style, peanut butter and jelly thing here. Unless
you want to, which is totally cool. But rather, think about it just like a nice sweet release
in your back. So imagine a big ball here as you go up and over. Basically, no problem if there’s a lot of
space here. You can be here, here, here, here, here. In time we’ll begin to work, and work,
and work, and work, and work, and get it maybe where our nose is closer to our knees. But
just be where you are at today. And then when you arrive, let the weight of the head relax
completely over. Breathe into the backs of the legs. Breathe into the back body. Awesome. Tuck the chin to the chest. Release
your arms and slowly roll it up. Catch the backs of your thighs with your hands. As you
slide the soles of the feet back up, knees up toward the sky. You can stay on your blankie
here if you want, it’s no problem. I’m going to get off mine and I’m going to return to
this boat variation. Shins lifted, parallel to the ceiling, heart open, elbows drawn down,
shoulders away from the ears. You might reach the fingertips forward again or you might
stay right here, nice and comfy. Or you might inhale in, exhale. Send the fingertips
out, toes out wide. Inhale, back to center. Exhale, spread. Inhale, back to center. Exhale,
spread the fingertips and toes, lift your heart. And one more time, inhale. And exhale,
burst free. You might hold here for a breath or two. And you might be like; “ugh, no.”
Together we’ll come back to hands behind the thighs, and rocking on back. Enjoy this little
rock and roll move. You might take a moment here and plow pose or you might save that
for another day. Massaging the spine sweetly, back and forth we go. And then when you feel
satisfied, go ahead and come onto your back. Hug the knees into the chest. Give yourself
a nice big hug. You rock a little gently side to side, if it feels good. Then slowly release
the soles of the feet to the ground. I got to do this embarrassing inchworm to the center
of my mat. And I’m going to extend the right leg up high. Reclined one-leg pigeon here,
crossing right ankle over left thigh, interlace the fingertips behind your left thigh and
squeeze those legs up towards your heart. Breathe. Inhale in. Exhale, unravel and switch. Left
leg goes up high. Crossing the left ankle over the right thigh, same thing on this side.
Pay attention to how you feel, stay present in the sensations. Man, a little really goes
a long way. It’s so good. Yoga is so awesome, seriously. I’m feeling it in my body like;
“Oh yeah, I needed this.” One more breath. On an exhale, we unravel. Once again, hugging the knees up. Ending with
a little Texas-T here, we send the fingertips left to right. Inhale, scoop the tailbone
up. Exhale, melt the knees to one side. It doesn’t matter which side. Inhale to center.
And exhale onto my mic pack, to the opposite side. And then it’s all you baby, back and
forth here. Try to keep your shoulders on the ground. And we just stabilize and work
it out, twisting back and forth, back and forth. And then when you feel satisfied, take your
time, but when you feel satisfied come back to center. Soles of the feet hit the mat with
a bit of a thud, just a little reflexology here. Oh yeah. That felt good. You can do
it a couple more times. And then slowly sliding the legs down. Oh. One at a time. Inhale,
reaching the arms up and overhead, full body stretch. Inhale, lots of love in. And exhale,
lots of love out. Good job, my friends. If there’s anything
else you’d like to fulfill in your body, do that now, practice. It’s all yours. Otherwise,
we’re going to guide the body towards Shavasana. Taking a moment of gratitude for this time
on our mat. Get settled in. Close your eyes. Return your breath back to its natural rhythm.
And enjoy this moment of rest. Namaste.

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    My tolerance is improving with the planks as well as my breath
    I’m really loving yoga..!

  14. Lol my wrists felt like theyre bout to break ..geez, i gotta figure that out cos it hurts and i dont wanna mess them up somehow..

  15. You kicked my butt on this one and it’s day two. I’ve been in a deep depression for a while now but I started to finally see a glimpse of a light in a very dark tunnel. You are part of that light. Thank you. Thanks for the amazing videos and all of your hard work. 😘😘

  16. I never thought that i'd be doing yoga tbh, Matt Haig said that its good especially if u r depressed, m sticking to the second day and it feels good, I really feel nice doing this it's like a spiritual journey thank u sm 💙💙

  17. When I was younger, I would immediately do complicated movements without ever being able to align my hips. Now that my back hurts, I found your videos and I really didn't like the first day. Today, I almost didn't do Day 2 but I ended up deciding to give it a shot. My hips feel so much better and I realize the shift of balance, opening up the heart, pushing the hips back and the amazing verbal cues you give. Thank you for offering such a wonderful program that changes not only the physical body but also the mind.

  18. I love this girl… I'm sure she has a spy cam in my room though… how does she know I'm holding on for dear life and wobbling like a jelly lol

  19. After 2.5 years of quitting "yoga with Adriene" I finally started again. This is like a cool déjà vu!!!! Happy to be back 😉

  20. Hello from New Zealand. I am a first time Yogi and loving it. Can't wait to see how I feel once I get to day 30 as I've done three days so far and my neck and shoulders feel so much better already!!! Thanks Adriene.

  21. My biggest challenge as a composer who works at home is getting myself up for another day of productivity. Just starting the day with yoga and a shower and changing into clean clothes(!) makes me feel so hopeful for the day! Thanks so much. I almost feel like getting a 1:1 coach. How do you know what I’m thinking?

  22. I love your channel, Adriene. Thank you so much for making all of these yoga videos available to us, for free. It is so helpful, and there are so many videos to choose from I never get bored. Also, you have a very calming and helpful way of explaining poses and offering modifications for beginners. Seriously, thank you! Your channel has made a big difference in my life.

  23. Thank you Adriene! It’s been many years since I’ve practiced/enjoyed Yoga…. I was fortunate to find your videos a few days ago, and I really couldn’t be happier. The 30 day has been awesome so far. I really appreciate the variety and your sense of humor is not lost! Thank you thank you thank you!

  24. This one was so hard! I nearly gave up three times and I'm not even close to touching my toes level of flexible yet…. but I made it 💪 Here's to tomorrow day 3!

  25. Its nice but she talks a bit to much. Its not as user friendly with so much input when yoga is about silence and connecting with your breath.

  26. I'm 5'11" and I weigh 85 kgs. I'm on my 2nd day. 15 mins done and sweat like I'm in a gym doing cardio. I do this wearing shorts and it hurts my knees so bad even with yoga mat. Any suggestions?

  27. my hips were not happy with this. but I did as much as I could and finished the day. and the poses that get repeated do get easier with every day.

  28. Just finished day 2 of this 30 days challenge and I’ve noticed how I can’t do forwards fold or any other yoga pose with my head down. No matter how slowly I stand up I get really light headed. So instead I do a modified version and it really helps. Loving this challenge as I’m very new to yoga. So relaxing yet challenging. Xx

  29. September 2019 anyone?
    I just started these videos to help with my anxiety and stress and it’s helping so much! You are such a great teacher!

    Well done everyone with Day 2! Whoop!

  30. Day 2 done. I felt really amazing and relaxed the whole time, except when I'm trying to balance myself :D. I guess, I still have lots to learn. I could never find a kind of exercise that I want to stick to, but I'm loving this 30 days of Yoga Practice. It makes me think that I'm in for some kind of an adventure everyday, learning and improving.This is really awesome. Thank you, Adriene. 🙂

  31. I started dabbling in yoga around a month ago, and I consider my life changed forever. I was doing a random bunch of videos everyday with gentle poses, but then I found this series. Thank you so much for making this. I love having something to look forward to. I lost the motivation to get out of bed a while ago, but knowing I get to do this everyday has me thinking that stuff isn't so bad, that life has a lot in store, and that there's a lot to be happy about.

    Thank you Adriene. Thank you.

  32. Day 2 complete! Those extensions, though. 😨 And my mat looks like it came out of the ringer. 😅
    Namaste, Adriene. 💞💕

  33. Heyo, YWA Family!

    Since Adriene liked my last comment I now have to be 100% in for the 30 day challenge.

    With Day 2, I just wanted to share my takeaway – and that is Yoga centers me, not just to the present to who I truly am. It brings an authenticity with the movement as for Day 2 I work to (as Adriene put it), find my breathe.

    Find your breathe, find who you are, and lift your hearts. I will see you all for Day 3! 🙂 Keep rocking 🙂 <3

  34. your exercises are so great, so nice. I found it really interesting at the time I was bored with other muscles practices and work-outs that required me to push myself so hard! The video is awesome!
    Thank you so muchh for being my inspiration and energy every morning when I wake up!

  35. After having just a rough day, I wanted to just skip the yoga today and crash HARD but decided to roll out my new mat, turn on the video, and really work to commit to this new practice of mine. Thank you Adrienne for making it fun and encouraging to practice even when it's hard and thank you to everyone who comments bc I am reminded that this is not a journey that any of us is really on alone. I've only been doing this a few days but each time I start a new video with Adrienne and am able to push past my desire to quit, I end up more proud of myself than I thought I would be. Keep strong! You are strong! Day 3 LET'S GO!!

  36. You have such a therapeutic voice, Adriene!😍 Today was a little bit difficult for my muscles, but I'm glad that I could finish it. In the middle, I was still overwhelmed with my anxiety, but in the end I was really relaxed and I couldn't get how quickly the practice finished. Thank you for everything!🤗☄

  37. This burnt me out wheww…adrianne has such a soothing voice…
    But I found it very hard to switch to warrior pose after a 20 mins workout, my knees felt so weak I could barely hold my breath and position, would be a lil easier for people like me with weak knees if the pose was more towards the beginning…Anyone else felt so?

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