Coronavirus Epidemic Update 23: Infections in Kids & Pregnancy, South Korea, Spillover From Bats

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 23: Infections in Kids & Pregnancy, South Korea, Spillover From Bats

welcome to another MedCram SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 update we had a good conference but it’s good to be back what
we’re gonna talk about in this update are the new cases in South Korea the new
criteria once again for the diagnosis a lot of you have been asking questions
about infants and mother infant transmission and we’ll talk about that
we’ve got some data there that we’ll talk about and also getting back to the
source of where this virus actually came from we’ll talk about some data there as
well once again really appreciate all of the
comments all of the questions and there are very good questions that you all
have I’m keeping track of those as we go so here is again the map total deaths
well over 2000 total recovered is around 18,000 and we can see the graphs here if
we go to the world ometer they have similar numbers we’ve already talked
about how these numbers are under estimating this we don’t know how much
it’s under estimating but we may have a better understanding once we start doing
serologies because that will test for antibodies to the virus and that will
tell us a much better distribution of the population has seen this virus we’ll
talk more about that as we go active cases and close cases close cases 20
thousand looks like 89 percent of those have recovered in the active cases
they’re saying that 40 3888 are in mild condition we just don’t know where we’re
going with those at this point if we click on the graph for those active
cases you can see that they’re actually decreasing according to the statistics
coming out of China we’ve got here daily new cases and remember we had this big
jump on February 12th we’ll talk more about that since that time it’s been
decreasing total cases outside of China are still continuing to increase and
that is of course a concern if you exclude mainland China in the daily
cases we’re still seeing some of the highest new case reports here most
recently and that brings us to this BBC news
article talking about the South Korean sect that was identified recently as a
hotbed about 30 of the 53 cases identified today in South Korea came
from the city of Daegu and was tied to one 61 year old woman who tested
positive for the virus earlier in the week she belonged to this
religious organization and is probably responsible for at least the 30 of those
cases and so they are undergoing quarantine we’ll put a link in the
description below to this article also in the news we’ll talk about the diamond
princess ship to people from Japan who were infected on that ship have died
they were both in their 80s let’s move to this confusion mounds over China’s
counting methods as coronavirus numbers swing wildly and this is interesting
because as it mentions here in the article we have Hubei Province reporting
349 cases that’s in the entire province and yet at the same time in the capital
of that province Wuhan there’s 605 new cases all by itself so what is it that
is going on here it seems as though the provincial government is not confirming
cases unless they actually have the genetic testing whereas what’s going on
in the city of Wuhan is they’re still going by the newly updated criteria
which is allowing physicians to diagnose even though they don’t have genetic
testing they still have these scans which show pneumonia in these patients
with clinical signs and that make it suspicious if you read the article it
does go in to the fact that there was a sudden spike in the case numbers On
February 12 which we discussed in a previous video was most likely due to
the relaxing of the very stringent diagnostic criteria it’s not a
coincidence that the new officials from the Chinese Communist Party took over on
the 12th or around that time and there’s been this thought that perhaps they
wanted to clear the slate get as many diagnoses on the books as possible and
there’s this quote from the article which basically states that the party
boss of Wuhan was saying if there’s one more case
where to be found in a household that that districts party secretary would be
held accountable and that’s the show that there is probably a real push to
try to get the numbers down now that the new policy makers in Wuhan have taken
over anyway we will put a link to this article also in the description below so
you can read it for yourself okay let’s move to an article that was published
back on the 14th of February in JAMA which is the Journal of the American
Medical Association titled novel coronavirus infection in hospitalized
infants under one year of age in China so here the N number was only nine
patients but it’s because they’re not really seeing a lot of kovat 19
infections in these patients so out of 75,000 they’ve only got about a hundred
or so on the books in the pediatric population so that could be because
maybe the pediatric population isn’t as susceptible and when they looked at
these nine first of all they found that only four of them had fever only two of
them had upper respiratory infection symptoms one of them was completely
asymptomatic and they were tested because the family had tested positive
they wanted to make sure in terms of the number of infants with severe
complications or on the ventilator in the ICU the number was zero again we’ll
leave a link to this article in the description as well so you can read it
for yourself so with all of these infections going on the CDC has put out
some answers to questions about pregnant women one of the questions was our
infants born to mothers at increased risk and so that’s an interesting
question it looks as though based on limited case reports adverse infant
outcomes or preterm birth have been reported among infants born to mothers
positive for kovin 19 during pregnancy however it is not clear that these
outcomes were related to maternal infection and at this time the risk of
adverse infant outcomes is not known here’s another question can pregnant
women with Kovan 19 pass the virus to their fetus or newborn and it seems as
though in limited recent case series of the infant’s have tested positive for
the virus that caused cough in nineteen and additionally when they looked at the
amniotic fluid they were not able to find a virus in there either of course
when the birthing process occurs there can be a mixing of bodily fluids and
that could be the source of infection in an infants after the birthing process
with Zika virus that can cross the placenta it appears as though corona
virus does not at this point well that brings us to one of the last stories
that we want to talk about this was a really kind of concerning article that I
saw here on NPR new research bats Harbor hundreds of corona viruses and spill
overs aren’t rare we’ll put a link to this in the description below so what is
this here you can see these researchers actually taking samples of saliva from
bats and actually taking a rectal sample and when were they doing this not
recently but three years ago when they were doing studies because of the SARS
outbreak from 2002 which was linked to bats so this story talks about a
organization called eco health alliance that was going out in Borneo but they
also did research in China at the time and they collected specimens from bats
and what they found was actually quite disturbing they found that there were
over 400 different species of corona viruses in these bats now remember these
bats live in caves they live together and they commune together and so there’s
a lot of crossover that can occur the previous thinking on this was that these
corona viruses could not really jump into humans because they had to go into
something that was closer to humans or that had to get a mutation so it could
buy into human receptors for instance the ACE 2 receptor that we see in SARS
and actually the virus that causes Kovan 19 they thought that spill overs were
rare what they found was concerning because they looked at these viruses and
they found that these things could infect human cells in fact they took
some of these corona viruses that they found in these bats they put him on a
petri dish that aligned with human cells and the
coronaviruses at least some of them could infect these human cells without a
problem so then they decided to go visit some humans that were living around
these caves where the bats were to see if in fact these coronaviruses had
already jumped into humans and when they went into the caves to do the research
they found water bottles around the caves because in the summertime it’s
kind of cool and humans tend to go in there and also the people that were
living in the area said oh yeah bats fly into the house and sometimes we kill
them so there is this crossover well when they did test the humans for signs
symptoms genetic traces of these coronaviruses they found them and so
they concluded that spillover does occur of course this is kind of in a rural
area and so this may not explode into an epidemic because it’s not in a city
center and the symptoms may be very mild okay now fast-forward here three or four
years later of course when this new corona virus breaks out what they did
was they took the RNA from this corona virus and they compared it to the four
hundred different strains of the corona virus that they identified earlier in
China and says here they found an extremely close match they said in fact
that a viral tax ominous would probably call it the same virus species they say
that suggests that this current outbreak which has infected tens of thousands of
people could have come here’s the word could have come directly from bats there
is a larger take away he says that these bats ours related coronaviruses are
actively spilling over into the human population not all of them will spark a
deadly pandemic but the more frequent these spillover is the greater the
chances that this could potentially be happening in future updates we’re going
to talk about the molecular biology of corona virus how it infects the cell
let’s get down to the nitty gritty compare it to the behavior of other
viruses other viruses that have been brought up in this discussion
for instance HIV etc and how is it that these viruses do different things what
is it that they do what are their target that’s we’re gonna try to answer thanks
for joining us

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  2. Doc

    Considering the high rate of infectiousness of Corvid-19 it is probable that the pandemic will circle the planet and infect anyone who cannot isolate themselves from their neighbors for several months.

    Also the economy cannot survive a several month shutdown as employees need income and businesses need income to meet debt payments, rent etc.If the economy shuts down then many people will starve.

    In light of these considerations the least mortality will occur if everyone carries on with business as usual. Keep the farmers farming, truckers trucking, grocery stores stocked and gas stations stocked with gas.

    This approach will result in an overwhelm of the medical system. Without ICU care the mortality rate will rise to 5% or more so the public health agencies will have to expedite the disposal of bodies as has been done in Ebola epidemic areas so as to minimize exposure and avoid the public health problem that will result from rotting bodies left unburied.

    This is a tough love kind of solution but looks to me like the most responsible handling for the pandemic.

    Is there a better way?

  3. Re PCR tests people are asking about . Are you aware that CDC has announced that because of a failure in the test kits only three US states can test for coronavirus at present, also kits sent to 30 countries experienced the same failure. This is not rumor it is official . So how can we know what the situation really is in the US.Please comment on this , thank you .

  4. Is there any chance to drink the urine of a person who has Corona virus then recovered to get the dead virus reacting with a healthy person for immune?

  5. Your thoughts on Klaus-Dieter Zastrow (i.e., German hygienist)? What about in-active sub-unit vaacination?? What about interferons??? What about protease-inhibitors in combating this outbreak, Dr?

  6. Nobody trusts China with their economic data and suddenly everybody is trusting them tho they have been caught covering up the whole story from the beginning..

  7. I have a question that has been on my mind for a while, I suffer from Rhinitis and occasionally have episodes of intense coughing and sneezing. I was wondering, if I caught the coronavirus, how much at risk would I be

  8. Members of the Korean sect visited Israel last week. All the people that came in contact with them are put to quarantine as of evening the 22th. including 60 students from a local high school in front of my home.

  9. Thank you for these incredibly clear and useful videos. Do you have any advice for asthma sufferers? Continue to take preventer steroid inhalers even though some say that use of steroids can decrease immunity? Your opinion greatly appreciated

  10. Appreciate so much your response @ lectures, Dr.
    After going back to Stephen Abel’s blog #64, they state that David & Sally Abel have been diagnosed with cold, flu, pneumonia & covid 19.
    What does this mean to US decision to only test people who don’t have the flu. Also I’m hearing that this virus may have mutated which could explain the daily doubling of cases in several new countries affected. Thank you for any insight you might have.

  11. Usually the young and old have weaker immunity, but in this particular case, infants (who sleep all day) and young children (may sleep 10 hours a day) have the best resistance against this particular virus, which is consistent to your episode 16 on building immunity. But children nevertheless are generally known as having weaker immunity than adults due to their young age. So, is it possible the fact that infants and young children have brand new/undamaged cells also help them gained advantage in resisting the virus? In older adults cells are worn out or damaged and shrink as well, Isn't it? How to strengthen our cells?

  12. I love your channel. Ive been following for about 20 days and ive learned alot. Im applying it to my life as well. Sleep and hygiene that is

  13. The issue is that people have been living with bats and eating bats without an epidemic occuring. Sounds like the corona virus in bats was manipulated in a lab to infect humans

  14. Sir I've been watching your video's avidly for weeks now. I truly appreciate your dedication..

    Yet, I truly hate to be the "conspiracy" guy but it seems no one from the medical community is touching the obvious issue in China.

    All agree that the numbers are squid. But why is no one giving any theories as to the amount of death we're seeing via videos.

    Bodies on the streets, bodies in homes etc.
    At first i was convinced they're not related. Today I'm not so sure.

    I think it's quite disrespectful to the people risking their life or freedom by putting these videos online.

    The minimum we can do is speak about them truthfully.

    Just my opinion. Would love your professional input. What can possibly cause people to drop dead in such a way. Please

  15. This is obviously an engineered bio weapon virus. Way of lessening population of china and other countries. Thousands of virologists master in the world only one i know is willing to tell the tale.

  16. There were 90000 in late January. there are eyewitness reports from crematoria and from hospital workers of bodies having to be stored in hospitals and ovens running at 5 x capacity. The numbers are a joke . In USA, they say there are only 34 includign the 14 from the Diamond Princess, but Costa Mesa just successfully got a preliminary injunction against the USA and Cali and the State Dept et al, to prevent 35-50 positive overflow from a military base to a halfway house there…

  17. we can't think that we can shut down the cases coming to the us. it's not only in china anymore. Plans need be made ready if it does come here..but not panic mode yet, just need to have plans in place.

  18. Does anyone else notice the survival rate of cases reported in Iran. 0% SURVIVAL. The only country with more than 2 cases in which all reported cases have died versus gotten well.

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  22. DR. Peoples with the Pneumonia Vaccine have better defences against this virus? Also, Any new about peoples released after infection been possible transmitter of the virus?


  24. Information now suggests this virus was actually manufactured in a Level 4 bioweapons research lab located in the City of Wuhan where the virus originated.

    take yohgart, sourgraut, kombucha – for stomach cleanse of virus as most cells are in the gut

    burn eucalyptus oil in lemon water in an oil burner that has a candle burner under the liquid


  25. All bats should be destroyed. They are filthy disgusting disease ridden evil from hell. If the eco whackos love them so much, let's put the bats in their bedroom and seal the door shut so they can all commune together while singing kumbaya. Idiots!

  26. that's what happen when a greedy dumbass so called "doctor" doesn't wash correctly the lab animals before reselling them ,leave the bats where they belong ! it's human's fault & it's gona clean up the planet of all the weakest in two years or less , there's not enough pills to cure the all population ,China being the main producer , I'm curious to see how all this mess will end ….

  27. Reality ☑ too many sick people being turned away by the hospital without treatment. Becoz they don't met the coronavirus criteria! And all reported death in CN is made up No# let's get Real this unknown virus spreading out of control over months now.. @All, Be safe🙏🙏

  28. Biologists claim that the bats in the Wuhan area are hibernating this time of the year, which makes it unlikely that bats are the source of the present outbreak.

  29. Anyone has breakdown by age for death by Covid19 outside of China. This would be interesting. The reason i mentioned outside of China is because the country was overwhelmed so not a true reflection

  30. As an update from Italy, the latest official count (23/2 13.00 local time) is above 130 "infected", 80 in Lombardy alone. Quarantine measures are being taken for the "red zones". Two people died.
    Some considerations: there is no information (at least in the TV news) about the criteria used for "infection", it is not clear if these numbers are Covid19 diagnoses or CoV2 positives. The TV-news are calling the virus Covid19 and do not seem to be aware of the difference.
    The cases went up in just two days. It is apparent that the infection was circulating but went undetected for a while, and the cases popped up after the first detection, these are not people coming from China, though they might have had contact with returning people.
    This might have been worsened because there are seasonal infections occurring, and in particular with pulmonary complications, that might have masked the CoV2 diffusion.
    According to the TV news, one of the persons who died had pneumonia for 10 days before he was tested for the CoV2, to be taken with a grain of salt.
    It is now to be seen how much the infection has spread, or if it is limited to contacts with the identified cases.

  31. In italy is started an epidemy, I live in northen italy and the State underestimated the secondary contagious's risk

  32. Question:
    When the bodies are burned, does not that make the virus airborne as heat rises and this virus-carrying air then blowing across the globe?

  33. Question:
    It was reported yesterday that there is no getting well from coronavirus; that it's simply recedes and reappears, masking as the flu, until the victim succumbs to it.
    Is this valid?

  34. Thank you for the evidence based explanation. I am a dentist. I always think the pathogenesis of SARS and Covid19 and periodontal disease are so similar. About 15% of the population can be seriously affected, mainly affect middle to old age, but not children. They all are inflammatory in nature, get worse when there are underlying diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. All these relate to the immune response of the host! What is your opinion?

  35. …. or it COULD have come from a LAB …. one lab that is up wind from a certain fish market — or where lab personnel get off of work – and go to said fish market … and contaminate the WORLD …

  36. How did they define "species", in order to state there are 400 different ones in the bat study? Based on genome analysis?

  37. Hey


    If you look at the blood type percentages in China , the majority are RH positive , and only about 0.6 percent Rh negative , So it seems like this virus only infects people who are Rh Positive ?

  38. I was beginning to think it was only me that was worried about the coronavirus, I’m sure my family think I’m paranoid and don’t really like me talking about it. I’m sure it won’t be long before they all understand how dangerous this virus is going to be.

  39. Any thoughts about alleged similarities between CV-19 symptoms and the alleged symptoms of 5G-poisoning eg: shortness of breath, cyanosis, arythmia, sudden collapse and dry cough? Wuhan, S. Korea and the cruise ship are allegedly high-5G environments. The theory is CV-19 was released to cover the 5G effects, or CV-19 is no worse than any other flu and the whole "pandemic" is 5G.

  40. I just want to say “ Thanks 😊 “ to this channel for providing accurate information in the middle of chaotic situation of the time.
    It is hard to get legit information these days…

    Especially, as a Japanese living in 🇯🇵, there are lots of things ranging from disinformation to conspiracy theories….with bunches of pseudo scientists and self-appointed experts..
    That’s so sickening to see them to fan the flame of fear..

    We all need to be vigilant but not be panic!! As Dr. Mike says🙏🏻

    Peace and Love from Japan 🇯🇵

  41. Further on 5G, Peak Prosperity's 21 Feb 2020 update highlights Costa Mesa Ca has taken out a Federal Court injunction to prevent CV-19 +ve patients being relocated there from Travis AFB. Costa Mesa residents have protested against the local government's decision to roll-out 5G. So, if one accepts the CV-19 as cover for 5G-sickness idea, 5G gets rolled out in Costa Mesa and the CV-19 +ve patients are put there to cover 5G casualties. Where is Ethan Hunt when you need him?

  42. Covid19 is the next pandemic. China is lying and downplaying the number of dead and infected. We are just now seeing it explode in South Korea now in one night it went from 140 infected to over 600 infected

  43. There is a wonder in my mind of the false positive,test…Possible two types of virus (Mutated),and one doesn't show up in the original first test,being used. Do you think the testing needs to be re-evaluated?

  44. This is very serious!!!! Many people are dying! It’s all in your Bible Matthew chapter 24. Jesus said, I am the Way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. John 14:6 pray as Jesus to save you come into Your heart forgive you of your sins, in Jesus name. Read your Bible tell others how to be saved and have eternal life.

  45. Unless they have a fever and have traveled to China the CDC won't allow testing for the corona virus.and they are sent home..That's what an emergency doc said on another thread.

  46. There has been a new video everyday, but it's been 2 days and no new video. So far Japan, South Korea, Italy and Iran have seen a huge spike in cases and now deaths there too.

  47. Hi.. These updates are very informative. A certain question does come to my mind: At what point does the Dam break ? as in what number of patients can a country sustainably manage without causing a complete break down of further infections or collapse of infrastructure.

  48. What sort of npis could one use when one might be exposed? For example, in areas where COVID-19 is present and one gos opt to periodically for supplies, other than washing hands, garments and PPE, what could be helpful?

    I assuming staying hydrated, eating well, sleeping well and avoiding stress are all very important.

    I’m thinking there may be some beneficial impact from timing sleep after returning or before, eating, exercise (vigorous or not). What about inhaling steam?

  49. Hi. Thanks again for the information. I had a thought. I have rheumatism arthritis. And medicine for it (methotrexate). This lowers the immune response as I understand my doctor correctly. It can be a idea (in de situation of a Corona virus) to stop taking the drugs until the virus is "gone". This could be a consideration (pain in joints/better working immune system). Just saying because maybe people are not aware of this. Do I have a valid point to state this like this in regards to defending/protecting yourself?

  50. WHO said:

    The following measures ARE NOT specifically recommended as 2019-nCoV remedies as they are not effective to protect yourself and can be even harmful:

    – Taking vitamin C

    – Drinking tradition herbal teas

    So can you explain this more? taking Vit C is harmful if you already have CoVid-19 ? or should stop it even before getting infected? and how about herbal tea?

  51. We need Johnny five -like robot bodies that can be remotely controlled by nurses and doctors and we needed this yesteryear

  52. I live in Italy and we currently have more than 200 cases with 4 deaths, which makes us the 3rd country in the world for infections. The situation escalated real quickly and our daily life is changing: many universities are closed, kids are not allowed to go on school trips, sports manifestations have been temporarily cancelled and some areas have been isolated.
    Is all of this really necessary or is it only spreading further panic?
    I don’t really know if this is the right way to face this epidemic, people here are becoming psychotic, for instance many supermarket shelves are empty and we are witnessing many episodes of racism

  53. Please put out another update, this seems to be the only Chanel I know of that puts out accurate information with out spreading panic

  54. Tx for the best channel on COV19 info


    What is status on how long the virus can live outside a host?

    You mentioned earlier about one being infected by the virus on a doorknob?

  55. We have gone 2 days without your updates. I literally look forward to your insight everyday. Hope everything is All right with you.

  56. With my health anxiety, it all just feels like the world is ending slowly. I'm starting to get scared to even leave my home, although we have no confirmed cases in Portugal. Our health system sucks and I don't trust our doctors and other health professionals.

  57. I suggest when trying to interpret statistics from the virus, we should just ignore the data from China because not only they're underrepresenting and biased (hospitals currently only admits patients with severe symptoms, and they won't figure out if a people is killed by virus or other reason unless already diagnosed in hospital), the criteria changes all the time and you cannot plot anything meaningful using these numbers.

    With infected numbers growing in other places, maybe we can get more reliable data about this virus.

  58. Thank you for all of these informative videos. I keep checking for # 24. 😄 Can you do one on a comparison between this corona virus and the flu?

  59. WARNING!!! Coronavirus is not transmitted through the air, this is a lie. The coronavirus is being processed by the world elite through sealed packaging, in China it was initiated by sealed smartphone cases and sold massively with the virus injected as a random pandora, and to this day it remains so!!!
    ALARMA!!! El coronavirus no se transmite por el aire, esto es una mentira. El coronavirus esta siendo trabsmitido por la elite mundial a traves de empaques sellados, en China fue iniciado por cajas de smartphone sellados y vendidos masivamente con el virus inyectado como pandora aleatoriamente, y hasta el dia de hoy sigue siendo asi

  60. Has anyone looked at the correlation between cigarette smoking and mortality of coronavirus? It would explain the highest death rate in Asian men, and lowest rate in children. Also, breathing in cigarette smoke would send the virus into a fertile bed for growth in the lungs.

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