Cannabis and Parkinson Disease mp4

Cannabis and Parkinson Disease mp4

Parkinson & cannabis Disease I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 8 years ago. Parkinson’s disease is life of tremor and pain. (Trying to write… ) (Filling a pipe… ) (Lightening it up…) (Smoking it… ) (Taking another inhale… ) That’s it. That’s it. – Interviewer: That’s it? – Patient: That’s it! (Moving his hands without shaking…) (He will try to write again… ) Cannabis & Parkinson Disease

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  1. Wow! Clearly more research needs to go into using cannabis for the treatment of Parkinson's and other neurological diseases!

  2. My dad suffers from Parkinsons, he is only 57, got it wen he was 27 trying to get him on the grass cos i no the benefits it can provide, keep u the good work 🙂

  3. The government know a lot more about the true effects of all medicines!! NASA as an example are about 40 years ahead of us in technology! The cure for cancer is out there? But they won't say anything cause pharmaceutical companies will loose out on medications and treatments?
    We know so little about the human body and its possibilities

  4. I'm really thinking about trying this. I have e rare undetermined 'genetic condition with symptoms of Parkinson's but what I need to know is do I have to smoke it or can I take it in other forms? I'll just have to find out I guess

  5. my grandmother also suffering from parkinsons…. so can i give her a joint of weed to smoke then she feel well?

  6. cannabis oil indica strain.. ..rick simpson…Amen
    cannabis oil …search rick simp'son..oil form heals way more problems fire kills other healing ..but smoking has its own ways to help..cancer other problems for healing has to be in oil ..Amen

  7. I agree that medical cannabis is very good in healing. If someone cannot
    buy marijuana in his state, he/she should read 3 books. After reading them
    and following the advice from them, he/she could heal completely Parkinson's
    disease even without medical cannabis. These are the 3 books: ''We Want
    To Live'' (2005) and ''The Recipe for Living Without Disease'' (2002)
    written buy Aajonus Vonderplanitz ( and the
    third useful book ''Salt Your Way to Health'' (2006) by David Brownstein
    ( I
    head serious health problems (but not Parkinson) and those nutrition books helped
    me heal completely.

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