California to offer Healthcare to "some" illegal immigrants

California to offer Healthcare to "some" illegal immigrants

okay California you know after 2020 there's gonna be three types of people that live in California the ones that are extremely crazy extremely poor or extremely rich that's it California set to become first state to offer health insurance to some illegal immigrants the benefits were included in an expansive plan for how California will spend two hundred and thirteen billion dollars of state and federal tax money over the next year oh boy this upsets me just reading this shit Democrats and the state legislature reportedly agreed to the broad plan on Sunday afternoon the budget agreement must be approved by the full state legislature before he can be officially enacted lawmakers under California law must enact a budget by midnight on June 15th the agreement allows low income in immigrants without legal status who are between the ages of 19 and 25 to be eligible for California's Medicaid program y'all know how California y'all know how broke Medicaid or how stretched thin Medicaid is why are you offering health services to adults these are grown as men and women the new reservists citing state estimates noted that about 90,000 people will qualify for the program and that it will cost approximately 98 million dollars per year which major tax is gonna go up people in addition the agreement is set to make California the first state to offer a to middle-class families with their monthly health insurance premiums under the agreement a family of four earning more than $150,000 would be eligible to receive about $100 a month from the government for their monthly health insurance premium bills what the fuck is that going to do the estate will reportedly tax individuals who do not pay for health insurance in order to pay for part of the proposal that is what Obamacare was the Affordable Health Care Act you tax the healthy to make them subsidize those for the poor that is exactly what Affordable Health Care Act was all about that's why the pushback was so great on that anywho and the policy would revive an individual mandate penalty that initially came with the federal health care bill former President Obama signed into law oh go figure yo P lawmakers eliminated the individual mandate from the affordable care act when they overhaul the tax code in 2017 first year governor Gavin Newsom proposed both the health care policies that are said to be a part of the budget some lawmakers said the bill regarding immigrants shouldn't have been should have covered all the dots however Newsom has voiced opposition to those calls no need to high 3.4 billion dollar cost yeah past 2020 it's time to get out of California y'all unless you can afford to stay there other than that get out peace

16 thoughts on “California to offer Healthcare to "some" illegal immigrants”

  1. Shit i guess I’m crazy 😜. It’s also crazy how they are giving illegal fence jumpers healthcare yet we got many Americans running around here with no healthcare

  2. This is freaking insane, and that's how they like it… that's the scary part.

    Dani California, Rest in Peace.

  3. California is trash unless you can afford to live in one of those cities with the big tech companies, and even those cities are terrible because of the traffic. I pray no California politician ever becomes President in the near future.

  4. They might as well have them pay for their own medical insurance instead of allowing them on medicaid and Medicare. Right now if they go to an emergency room they must be treated by law. It's cheaper to have illegal immigrants to buy health insurance then keep the status quo.

  5. All SICK TWISTED DISGUSTING SATANIC DEMONIC LGBTQP LIBERAL DEMOCRATES must be remove from all forms of government/legislative positions in America

  6. Fiscal year is 4 months away for the government, shit is going to be real January 1, 2020 for everyone else.

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