– Rare Disease Patient Communities – Rare Disease Patient Communities

Hi.  My name is Ben.
In 2006 at the age of 29, I suffered a rare type of stroke caused by an AVM, which is
like an aneurysm. I made it through the stroke, but I still
had to deal with recovery, brain surgery and two years of waiting for my brain to heal. I was virtually alone. That shouldn’t be. So I started a free online support group which
became   Here those of us with rare medical conditions
can connect with others like us.   We share and we care about each other— no
words can describe our bond. has patient support communities
for dozens of rare medical conditions.  These support communities help thousands of people
in the U.S. and around the world. But…there are still millions more to help.
  Our mission is to guarantee that anyone with
a rare medical condition has a safe place to go and connect with others like them. If someone you know would benefit from a caring
support community, or you want to help in any way, please visit us at

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