ALL ABOUT MY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Motivation? Workouts? Food?

ALL ABOUT MY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Motivation? Workouts? Food?

hey guys it's Reese and right now I'm doing the chillest video ever I'm sitting on my floor in my bedroom just chatting with you guys now if you know me at all you know that I attend college but I like to keep a healthy lifestyle like to go to the gym a lot and work out and I'm vegan so I eat really healthy and I get questions all the time just like how do I do that so I just wanted to kind of sit down and do like a Q&A chatty style just about my lifestyle and how I stay fit and healthy and I get questions all the time so make sure you guys are following me on Instagram and Twitter so that you can reach me when you have questions like this or if I tweet out something like ask me questions for a Q&A you always stay updated yeah we're gonna super chill here we're getting real and I don't know how long this video is gonna be I'll probably ramble a lot so grab a snack and join me so just a little background I'm 18 years old I do attend college but I like to keep my lifestyle very healthy and fit I go to the gym ranging from four to six days a week usually I go like five days a week sometimes I could less sometimes I go more I'm also vegan I'll go a little bit more into how I eat vegan and I have a whole entire video about my veganism so I will put that on a little card up here so you can watch that later and I've been going to the gym and on this fitness flow for probably two and a half three years now since I was like 16 so about two-and-a-half years now the number one question I get all the time is how do I stay motivated how do I fit this healthy lifestyle into my life now I know when people ask me this they don't really care about how I stay motivated they want me to tell them how do they get motivated to be healthy now the simple answer to that question for me how I stay motivated is being healthy and being fit makes me feel good when I go to the gym and when I work out and do like a killer workout and push my limits it makes me feel great and I love being able to feel and see results after a few days or weeks and it just like makes me feel really good I like feeling strong and I like being a girl and being able to prove my strength it would sound so funny but I do and also when I eat vegan and I eat healthy I vegan more for ethical reasons but I also know that when I Eevee and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and things are healthy and I just like putting good things into my body and it just makes me feel good from the inside out I never really workout or eat or don't eat for the sake of looking a specific way or to be a certain weight I don't even check my weight I don't even know how much I weigh I just do it to feel good and just be able to look in the mirror and see results that's the only thing I compare myself to I compare myself to how I looked yesterday today so that's my motivation but for you guys I can't tell you how to be motivated I can't tell you where your source of energy is gonna come from to incorporate healthy living into your life basically you either want it or you don't I mean everyone of course wants to be fit and healthy and go to the gym a bunch of times and maybe you want to eat vegan or maybe you want to eat really healthy but if you really want it you will do it you will find time to incorporate going to the gym and eating healthy into your life if you really want it it's just about managing your time and doing the things that you want to do I mean hey if you really like watching Netflix you always find time to watch enough like so take that time that you're doing something else that maybe isn't productive into your goal and fit that into time where you're actually working out or eating healthy yeah I can't tell you guys how to be motivated you have to find that own source yourself maybe you want to be a certain weight or you want to feel a certain way or you want to eat a certain diet nothing it's a diet it's like maybe you want to be vegan or maybe you wanted to be paleo I don't know I'm net source within yourself and manifest that into your life and create time for it because the only way you're gonna get things done is if you do them and then the other question I get is how do I find the time to incorporate healthy eating and working out into my schedule as a college student basically I don't know if this is gonna sound sad or just gonna sound productive but all I do is I go to school and do homework I go to the gym and work out I eat sleep a little bit of time for relaxation and I work like an actual job like that's how my life is split up my main priority besides for school is going to the gym so I always find time to go to the gym and be healthy that's just my priority now for you you might need to shift your priorities around a little bit like I said maybe you need to spend a little less time on Netflix and spend a little more time going to the gym so yeah just figuring out for yourself I also have a whole video on like time management and how to get your life together and I speak a lot about priorities and prioritizing so I will link that above as well I'm just like a self promo today guys also don't put too much pressure on yourself if you'll only can go to the gym for like thirty minutes but you do have that 30 minute time period just go to the gym you never will regret or at least from me I never regret going to the gym just the other day I procrastinate going to the gym all day and when it's end of the night came around I was like man like I'm kind of mad at myself I didn't go to the gym I had all this time and I just procrastinated it the gym was open for 40 more minutes and I'm like you know what I'm gonna go I ran my little butt over to the gym worked out for 30 minutes made it a real nice workout and I got in the gym for the day so yeah it's just all about managing your priorities and fitting your schedule to what you want to do so when it comes to my eating I am vegan and I do a high carb low fat vegan but I'm not like super strict about it like I don't follow like all like the subliminal rules that are there I just personally feel better when I eat carbs that come from fruits and vegetables and whole grains like rice and beans and stuff like that and then I try I've been counting my macros on um hold on let me back so essentially there are three macronutrients which is carbs protein and fat and then usually people try to split them up in a certain percentage so for a high carb low fat vegan it's usually like 80% carbs 10% fat 10% protein I kind of stick around there I do more like 70% carbs 20% protein 10% fat throughout my day and I had quite a text I tracked this personally on my Fitbit app so I have a Fitbit and then it comes with an app and I personally love my Fitbit app I haven't used it in a while and I kind of rediscovered it so if you want I can do a whole video on my fitbit on my vlog channel I'm just like a chill review of it and how I use it but yeah I essentially just put in all the food that I eat and try to keep my macronutrients around like 70% carbs 20% protein 10% fat what I believe is the fat you eat is the fat you wear so if you eat a lot of greasy fried foods I try to cook and eat no oil because that's just like a hundred percent liquid fat um and like there's there's always gonna be someone that like tries to debunk your eating habits and tries to prove that some other eating habit is good that eating a certain way is better than the other just do what works what best for your body because what works best for me is eating a lot of carbs getting a good amount of protein in and eating a little man fat so that works for me and I'm gonna keep doing it and then when it comes to what I eat I eat a lot of bananas throughout the day I probably eat like five bananas a day I make banana nice cream usually for dinner I like rice and beans and vegetables or a big salad with like a bunch of like nice toppings tofu just like I like to eat a lot of whole foods fruits vegetables healthy things as all gonna be wrong I don't eat perfect hundreds in time I do eat like popcorn and like chips not through like unhealthy chips like right here actually I have these pop corners popcorn chips they're just like a nice crunchy snack they have three ingredients in it so yellow corn sunflower oil and sea salt so like yes I do eat like things that come in packages and stuff I'm not eating like things that grow in the dirt 100% of the times so like something super healthy like this it's literally just three ingredients if I could make these myself I would figure out a way but it's just use your back I eat like granola bar type things cereal so like I do eat things that comment packages keeping on the food trend I got a question about well my favorite snack is it is popcorn I have a salty tooth I like things that are salty and crunchy and popcorn I just find is like the best snack because it's a really low calorie you can eat a lot of popcorn and it still be low-calorie and if you cook it with no oil it is very low-fat so it's kind of just like eating err essentially if you eat enough it is gonna like be caloric but like I just love popcorn because I'm the same person that when I snack I like to eat a lot so I like to keep the food that I'm eating very low calories so I can eat like a lot of it I also really like just like cereal cereals are really underrated food just like a nice sweet cereal against the cold milk it's crunchy it's delicious quick I really like cereal and I always snack with like fruit like apples grapes blueberries things like that I had a question whether I crave things that are non vegan I mean no sometimes I'll see like if I'm like at a party and there's like pizza or something I'll look at the pizza I'm like oh that pizza looks really good but I'm not like enticed to eat it because I know it's not vegan like I'm never gonna like give into something that's not vegan because I am vegan beyond the diet part of it I'm vegan for a lot of ethical reasons so um if I ever I'm like really craving something that's like cheesy or like a meat face there's like a million vegan alternatives just today I was craving grilled cheese really bad so probably this weekend I will go to the store and buy some vegan cheese and make myself a grilled cheese because I can it's vegan all right so I'm gonna talk a little bit more about me going to the gym so like I said I go to the gym about four five times a week I like to do five days a week and do two rest days so each time I go to the gym I like to start with cardio and cardio get your heart rate up it gets you a little sweaty it gets you ready for your workout and I like starting with cardio because if I leave it to the end I probably won't do it I usually do ten to thirty minutes depending on how good I'm feeling that day I like to push for thirty minutes because I know cardio is what keeps my body slim when I go like a week or two without doing cardio even if I'm still going to the gym and like doing weights I do get a little softer so cardio I know helps me stay slim so that will include either running on the treadmill like a nice quick paced jog slash run or I'll walk on the treadmill at a really high incline so it's kind of like you're walking up a hill I'll go as fast as I can without holding on to the machine I don't really like the elliptical that much sometimes I'll do the lip tackle if I'm feeling a little bit more tired because it elliptical I feel like requires less energy than like a treadmill so I'll do the elliptical but I won't do it for too long and then I also really like Stairmaster machines or like stepper machines because it's just like it's killer on your legs I do them on like days and then after 20 30 minutes of cardio I will go into weight training so I like to use weights to build muscle and to get stronger and each week I like to add a little bit more weight and see my progress go and how much stronger I'm getting so this will include say it's like day I'll do weight it barbell squats I'll do deadlifts hip thrusts I will do resistance band training which basically that's like a whole thing on itself I'm gonna go on two tangents if it's arms I do a lot of dumbbell workouts because I feel like using dumbbells instead of the arm machines it's a lot more effective because you're simply using your arms to lift the weights you know sometimes when you do machines you can like push your whole body into it and it kind of takes away from using your arms so I like to use a lot of dumbbells and I do like the cable machines as well because it's just like a simple cable pulling the weights and you can do some like different more intense moves with them I think for abs I just do like a lot of floor exercises a lot of my ab workouts you could just like do without even going to the gym which I am gonna be filming an ab workout soon but yeah sometimes I'll add like a weight it medicine ball or like dumbbells to whatever I'm doing I I just kind of do whatever so yeah I'll do weight training for probably like 45 minutes to an hour once again depending on how good I'm feeling that day so my workouts usually end up being like an hour to an hour and a half Oh anything about it in the scope of your day that's like really not so much time if you just do an hour of a workout like you are good just make that hour or 45 minutes or 30 minutes however much time you have a really good workout push yourself to your limits just kind of like be lazy and just kind of wander around and like do everything halfway like if you are gonna workout set the intention that you are going to work out and do your best and then also throughout the week I do yoga every single day I didn't before but this whole month I've been trying to do yoga every single day and I've been successful with it and yoga it just helps more with the mental work and also helps stretch after workouts and stuff so yeah that's my job okay that was super chatty I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope I answered some of your questions and if you like these chatty rece videos definitely let me know I just love talking I do make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and leave a comment below also hit that subscribe button on the way out if you like my face if you don't wow you made it really far into the video and yeah I hope you all have a wonderful day or night wherever you are make sure you stay tuned till the next video and peace

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