Affordable Health Care, Truth about Weight Loss, Disease Prevention, Austin Wellness Clinic

Affordable Health Care, Truth about Weight Loss, Disease Prevention, Austin Wellness Clinic

new videos everyday life wisdom hi I'm dr. Vince bollanzi and I'm glad to join you today I want to talk a little bit about affordable health care there's a concept out there that we can set up equal access for everybody to health care and if we spend enough money if there's enough government intervention that everybody's going to be taken care of but this is a real problem for people to assume that that they need someone to take care of them health care really is alternate more disease care health care is managing diseases and to some extent it tends to pipette you perpetuated is chronic disease is at an all-time high and it's still growing at epidemic proportions whether you talk about diabetes or or even things like cancer chronic disease is something that's manageable with lifestyle yet people don't seem to pay attention to their lifestyle until they contract a disease there's no way we're going to find enough money enough government management to take care of everybody who's sick presently and if the trends continue then more and more people having chronic disease will never be able to keep up with it the only real answer is to prevent disease in the first place in fact there was a recent research article in the New England Journal of Medicine and they discussed the fact that we need to start discussing preventive measures instead of simply waiting for for a disease to occur prevention so far and conventional medicine has been nothing more than fine something early and then begin to treat it when it is very possible we know more than we ever knew before now about epigenetics and how you affect your genes it was an assumption that if something was you and your genetics you were automatically going to experience it but that's not true we're finding that as we understand the interaction of environment with genetics that that you don't have to contract a disease and you don't have to live with it so unless we start recognizing the importance of what we do in our lifestyle what we choose to eat how physically active we are your body is only adapting to what you do day to day and that adaptation could be good or bad if you're not paying attention to things very it's going to be something you don't want to deal with life a chronic disease so if we're going to find a way at all to manage all of the chronic disease cases we're going to have to find a way to prevent them from happening in the first place that's the only answer that I can see because the numbers just don't add up we continue to allow people to live a lifestyle that creates disease and then we try to find a way to manage it it's just not a possible scenario no matter how much again we throw into it as far as money your lifestyle absolutely has the biggest impact of anything you're ever going to do much better than any medication or drug that's out there in fact your choices and food actually communicate to the body function or dysfunction and diseases nothing more than a dysfunction if I'm choosing the right food choices that work along with my genetics I don't end up creating the disease situation so then I don't have to worry about affordable care I don't need the care and the same with my level of physical activity if I'm not physically active and be more sedentary I'm allowing the biological systems in my body to just shut down and that means dysfunction that means disease so it's not about blaming people it snowed up assigning guilt or anything like that it's about making people aware of what they're doing by ignoring their health and it is it is really just a fact of not paying attention and not doing things that are going to create a situation where you're not having disease it is truly a choice that we make every day every meal every time that you decide that you're not going to be physically active and even though it sounds very simple those are the most impactful things you have let's take diabetes as a quick example most diabetics are considered a lifestyle disease in other words the diabetic lived a lifestyle that created a loss of control of blood sugar which led to all of the problems that they're having and then the answer medically is to give them some pills and eventually put them on insulin and eventually keep them in the hospital that's one road to go down the alternative is to not lose control of your blood sugar which a very doable situation by eating foods that don't cause your blood sugar to go out of control and by being physically active enough so you can control your blood sugar because you can you can transport sugar just by physical activity so if I gain the control over my blood sugar I'm not a diabetic I don't need the disease management and we don't need to pay more for health care I'd much rather spend the money on other things because we don't have the money in the first place to cover all of this and there's a lot of other important priorities that should be set instead of just trying to figure out how we're going to have more doctors and more hospitals and more drugs we're at wigs already experiencing drug shortages we don't have enough hospitals to take care of the people presently and doctors because of this equal access to healthcare have figured out that they're not going to be able to make the same money they're going to have to work harder and a lot of doctors will leave in the field so instead of increasing practitioners we're actually losing them how is all this going to work how is all this going to fit together the only real answer that I can see is prevention and it's something that you can do so this is dr. principal Anzhi learn how to prevent your disease don't just manage it so if you want more information about what we've talked about today then you can get a whole copy of my book health recklessly abandoned I talked about a little more detail on how to get control of your health how did how to take care of yourself and the fact that people have in a sense abandon their health and how they can get it back you can order the book on my site WWE Ellis health com or you can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or any site like that so if you like the video go ahead and like it on Facebook get it on Twitter subscribe to the site there will be more videos I'm going to get into more detail on certain aspects of health and we're going to talk about physical and mental health so again if you want more information you can get my book health recklessly abandon this is dr. Vince bollanzi thanks for listening you

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  1. Dr. Bellonzi is incredible , got really motivated by him and by watching your channel, god what i have been doing my whole without taking care of myself .. thank you so much for all your videos.. i am living the best of my life to be healthy and love myself more with all your helpful videos.. thank you thank you thank you

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  8. What Dr Vince Bellonzi says is so true. Here in the UK the National Health Service (NHS) spending is out of control, mainly because the majority of the population ignore their health.and insist on their lifestyles of junk food, alcohol and smoking.

    Whenever the government issues public health messages, or proposes legislation to reduce unhealthy behaviours (such as increased tax on junk food, alcohol and cigarettes), everyone wails and whimpers about the Nanny State violating our freedoms.!

  9. Great video. I like this style more that the interview style also. I agree that prevention is key to good health

  10. And I looooove Dr.Vincent Bellonzi.He does really help with his advices.Thank you ,doctor!We appreciate that!

  11. Yes that's right. We don't need any government to take care of us. We don't need any government to tell us what to do and eat.

  12. A similar argument can be made for abstinence. In a perfect world people would be responsible for their own well being, and looking over some comments here, and many do. However; not everyone will follow the good Dr's simple rules, so a healthcare system that helps those who do not, is a good alternative.

  13. I love Dr. Bellonzi!
    This 5 min video is all you need to know about being healthy! So precise and to the point!

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