A MOUNTAIN AT MY GATE – Living with Young Onset Parkinson´s Disease.

A MOUNTAIN AT MY GATE – Living with Young Onset Parkinson´s Disease.

jolene jolene jolene jolene don’t take
my man just because you can eyes green and something red hair
something something people say oh you look great
you look fine what’s wrong you’re thin I wish I’d looked like you can we trade
bodies be careful what you wish for why do you seem so down it’s gonna be okay you’re a warrior look
at you go see you can do this this is no problem are you okay I used to play the violin I
could play so easily in the vibrato what do you mean you didn’t sleep it
takes so long can you be a little quicker do you need some help you have
Parkinsons you’re too young are you drunk you’re not yet 40 and you’ve been
diagnosed with a brain condition a degenerative and progressive chronic
brain disease what are you going to do next they tell you to exercise there’s
deep brain stimulation we could have our head cut open while we’re awake and
electrodes planted in our brain we can take lots of pills that help us move
they also hit the pleasure reward centers I see a mountain at my gate I feel like
life is going too fast a blur and I can’t keep up I keep slipping I want to
stomp around and scream warrior I might take too long in the bathroom I
might take too long in the checkout line I can’t get change out of my purse
sometimes or I’m not getting out of the way fast enough and people want to run
me over with their carts I used to be that person that impatient person I will
never pound on a bathroom door ever again I don’t see people the same way I
can see their wounds a little better and I’m grateful life is magic it’s magical
it’s crazy it’s unpredictable I can see the mountain at my gate just like
everybody else and sometimes I wonder when it’s my time will I see Tom Isaac’s
and Muhammad Ali I’m not crying for me I’m crying for all these lives
especially the younger lives people just don’t know I didn’t know just give me that one thing I can hold
on to to believe in this living it’s just a hard way to go

20 thoughts on “A MOUNTAIN AT MY GATE – Living with Young Onset Parkinson´s Disease.”

  1. very beautiful woman, why, why, but I don't ask who to ask. My Parkinson started at the age of 45, and now at 50 they're considering DBS.

  2. I met Heather Kennedy while in Parkinson's groups on fb…. see like Heather I look normal but fight this condition daily. The struggle is real. I deal and cope by doing stand-up…. you see I used to play bass and guitar… I used to draw and write songs and poetry. So difficult to focus. Love you Heather Kennedy

  3. Thank you for showing this thruthful image of us… Sending u love strength & hope from Belgium (dx at age 30)

  4. I recognise this world… to me, after 12 years, those "lines" we hear all day and allow to wash over us sound like the blah , blah, blah of the Charlie Brown comic… I paint, I kinda dance, and I remember as many lyrics as I can, I have a PD Pidgin now… at times words are too big… and YOU Know my friend , Heather, my wonderful loving PD beautiful friend ? I have swear words cos they say they MOST with the fewest letters… FUCK. PD IS A C…T

  5. Thank you for this brutal but beautiful short film. It's difficult but knowing someone else "gets it" makes me feel a smidgen better.

  6. Congratulations on a very beautiful film and story. Keep climbing that mountain. Beautiful people.

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