6 Exercises That Will Improve Your Two Hand Piano Playing

6 Exercises That Will Improve Your Two Hand Piano Playing

16 thoughts on “6 Exercises That Will Improve Your Two Hand Piano Playing”

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  2. I was looking for something to work with for a while. These excercises are top quality and as always you explain everything. You are no doubt youre the best yt piano teacher. Your channel deserves 10 milion subs…

  3. Thank you for this lesson on exercises, I couldn't see the link on scales that you mentioned.. could you paste the link here pls

  4. Hi Tim, thank you again for your excellent tutorials. I have been wanting to ask you your opinion about using contrary motion with scales and you must have read my mind hehe. One of your fellow tutors teaches the major scales using the contrary motion but only for the first five keys eg C , G, D, A, E. After E, She then uses the parallel motion for the remaining seven keys. Obviously the remaining seven keys donโ€™t lend themselves to using the contrary motion to them. Can you please advise on this further. All the above of course is using the circle of fifths. Again, thank you, Tim.

  5. What a great piano lesson and so much to include in my practice and here all the time I thought I had the scales all down pat–lol. I am definitely gonna have to try some of these exercises! Thank you so much for posting this video!

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