8 thoughts on “5 Doctor-Recommended Foods That Help Fight Disease”

  1. I love Dr. Li ! Note to RR and Kappy: I now look forward to your recipe using the following ingredients: soy milk, tomatoes, mushrooms, and sour dough bread. Chocolate covered Kiwi for dessert! Thanks, ❤️😜

  2. I am looking on Amazon now to look for this book. Looking for a healthy life change.
    Only wish that Rachel would let her guests speak without interrupting them. She wastes 1/2 the segments with her unneeded comments, and needs to quit talking down to her viewers, we get it!!!! Just let the guest do their thing, and quit sabotaging their time!! Also don’t cover book covers with your hands, you’re suppose to be promoting the book, let us see the title and cover!!

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