100 thoughts on “5 BEST EXERCISES FOR THE DIP BAR”

  1. Chris may not be the strongest athlete in the world (there always will be stronger) but he’s definitely the biggest inspiration for a lot of people (including me). I’ll get stronger soon Chris and I will someday hold a full Planche with you at the LA Fit Expo 💪🏼 Keep dropping quality video like these. You rock even more lately.

  2. Sir plzz plzz wanted you to visit India so we can meet u and u can give some motivation to our people here.. Plzz Do Plan For India. 🙏

  3. I like how Chris goes over different levels of the exercises, very quality video! time to progress!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. WHERE IS THE WAVE!!!!!!!!!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊😫😫😫😫😫

    Let’s get it!!

  5. Hey guys, can somebody please explain the difference between HIIT and Cardio ? Isnt it the same ? 😅

  6. Really appreciation the nutrition tips. This is one area that is difficult for me as my metabolism is unbelievably fast so I have to eat a TON. Need to find a solid routine and things I can eat throughout the day that are quick and healthy.

  7. THIS video had me looking for dip bars at my local park. Love that it's got something for everybody especially beginners

    And the visuals are great – no palm trees in nyc you know?

    I'm thinking we could use some lower body moves to balance out a dip bar workout 😁
    Great content as usual

  8. Pasadisimo, este es sin lugar a dudas el mejor canal de calistenia que existe, Chris Heria jamas deja de sorprenderme, estos ejercicios estan brutales.

  9. Hey Chris, you knew that you have a lot of fans in Russia! Please convey your greetings to the Gym Fit info channel, they translate your videos and officialthenx videos so that all Russians can enjoy your creativity and your team

  10. Good one Chris. Thanks. Really enjoying these 5 best. Must say the dip bar I need work on. I’m more beginner than intermediate. This has given me motivation to better this skill.

  11. Can't help myself but those Superman dips make me think the nastly k word….kipping. skip that #LETSGO

  12. Chris how are u so chill? Thnx so much I use ur exercise even tho I’m 10 and I’m the strongest in school

    Lit vid as always 😀

  13. Just discovered you and only watched two video. Love the way you explain and give instruction clearly. Downloaded the app and got the pro right away. Im too skinny want a good body 🙂

  14. Do you not wear your gauges when you make videos or what ? Because you can get this surgery to make your ears back to normal bro I’m not hating I’m just asking

  15. Bruh, I'm incorporating archer dips into my workout aft i watched this vid. And holy shit the superman dips burns! It felt great tho 💪 Thanks Chris!

  16. U are the best guide ever.U urself is a motivation for anyone. I have been seen ur and Thenx videos this past week and am doing workout regularly.Thanku so much
    I just wish if u can make a video for beginner skinny guys in between any video with some title too so that it would be easier for future viewers too.I don't want others guys like me to keep asking u same thing again and again it's just itvwouod be easier if there is a specific title to beginners video.

    Thanku Sir u actually are a gem of a person. Don't know how much time would it take me to be upto where u are but I am gonna keep trying.

  17. Chris i love you… you are my motivation and. bevause of you im starting to workout… You are awesome and the power you have man im just speechless.
    Im from Kashmir, India and im 15 years old… and if i get a good body, Ill always remember that its because of you… I dont have enough equipment yet but still workout for 2 hours a day… All my diet has been changed because of you… You motivate everyone I knnow

  18. TIP : wear a weight vest while you are sleeping in case of working out in dreams.

    Just joking , keep up that AWESOME inspiration 🙏🔥🔥💪

  19. can you please tell me how to gain mass… I have abs and all that but i am like a pencil😂😂.. i need to look more buf how do I do that

  20. Another great lesson! Thank you Chris! I would suggest a video on rest time, reps and everything about activity and rest rhythm! Woul be super useful! Thank you again 👊

  21. My problem: the gym i go to has no parallel bars. I need to use the cables machine bars up top, muscle up, and then I can do your last dip, where I bring it down.

  22. Bruh I like how people assume you’re cocky and all that but man, you’re fkn down to earth and just get to the point. Subscribed ✔️

  23. Heria
    Recuerdo que antes en los vídeos pedía subtítulos al español
    Ahora estudio un curso de inglés y puedo entender más tus vídeos sin necesidad de los subtítulos
    Muchas gracias por todo!

  24. Did you do karate Chris? You got sensei vibes in your teaching style. Instead of busting out 10 sloppy reps, I got your voice in my ear telling me to do 3with perfect form. You rule man!

  25. and this is published on my mom's birthday)). а small retreat. I love everything you do. Amazing man!💚

  26. Sometimes I come to this channel for the background music. Heria Music 🔥. Not forgetting the gains of course

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