5 Best Exercises For Rear Delts (No Weights Needed)

5 Best Exercises For Rear Delts (No Weights Needed)

100 thoughts on “5 Best Exercises For Rear Delts (No Weights Needed)”

  1. Great video Chris , Nice follow up from working on your chest also training the antagonistic muscles on your back to avoid imbalances .
    A few exercises I hadn't even thought of , keep up the good work .
    And yes a rings video would be great .

  2. Love the explanations! I recommended them last time! Greta vid and I’m definitely trying these and incorporating them into my workouts 🔥

  3. Thanks Chris I found ur channel this year. I been working out for 7 years and it was beginning to get really dry and I started to plateau. Discovering ur channel reignited the flame ur the man bro. Keep it up

  4. 1 month i workout with your tutorials i can do full planche already and deltoids also have got stronger and bigger so as full body but i have one problem i experience pain in clavicle and front delt area all the time i train 5 days 2 days cardio 1 hour sessions thanks

  5. Thanks Chris. But I've been doing these exact workouts my only request is doing a full shoulder workout video concentrating on the front, rear and upper deltoid. I've got problems with the upper and my front deltoids have not been growing as well as the rear. Should i do more pushups?

  6. The first thing I'm definitely going to buy when I become a PT is a Chris Heria vest, Mozambique shipping anyone?

  7. Hello Brother😁😄 Sorry do you have a calisthenic exercise for the side delt and upper, middle, lower trapezius, thoracic and lower back, forearm, wrist and rotator cuff and how to neck exercise?🤔

  8. do a video on drilling the basics of calisthenics , isometric /static holds , explosive strength & body control so that we can build up stronger foundation for weighted calisthenics and calisthenics skills !! 🔥🔥

  9. I really need to save money I really want a weight vest, too bad today is the sale and I don’t have money😫

    Are the red ones out yet, cause I don’t see it on the site

  10. Chris: How much does your weight vest weigh? Because I'm trying to get one, and I'm wondering how much weight I should use.

  11. 👍 Hi Chris, could you please do a video on a routine that intermediate athletes can do and after a few weeks/months of doing the routine, people'll be able to perform a muscle up?

  12. I'll purchase your vest and pay for Heria Pro if you message me or comment.

    I have a broken AC joint fully seperated and wanting to know if you would help me figure my situation out.

    Does your vest have shoulder support?

    Can you help me figure out workouts for my broken shoulder?

    ( I refuse surgery, long story short i believe Calisthenics can naturally fix my sitiuation.)

  13. I am Vietnamese, but I love to watch your videos even though I don't understand what you said, the videos are short, roundabout, but I have to admit that ang's body is very beautiful, writing these words I need to translate google, not knowing English Hey bro. Already subscribed to the channel, I hope the channel will grow 😁😁

  14. Hey chris I just got some lebert equalizer bars. Can you do a video on exercises you can do with the equalizer bars? Imma a big fan Thanks.

  15. Hello Chris Heria. My question is:
    How did you wife reacted when she saw your tattoos and how long did you took to get that muscle built?

    I need to lose weight. I sadly look fat.

  16. Definitely looking forward to some rings content! They were my gateway into calisthenics but I'd like to learn more!

  17. Hello Chris, I just wanted to share a part of my story with you and say a big thank you for all those vlogs and exercises. Since 9 year old I ve been doing a canoe sprint racing and trainings were hard. I ve been muscled up at the 7th grade of elementary school but I didnt like all the sport and stuff. I gave up at 17 and started playing guitar. At first it was something new for me, I liked it. But after almost 3 years with instrument I was missing something. It felt like my body was telling me to workout, I was feeling weak. Now Im workouting again, regaining my strength from the past years Ive lost and keeping guitar as my leisure time. Thank you again for sharing your tips, exercises and everything, it helps me on my way building the superhuman strength and getting that body shredded. Hope I can share my progress with you some day.

  18. I started working out and first I mastered the fundamental exercises
    Now I can do muscle up and everything
    Because of you
    You are the best teacher ♥️♥️

  19. Hey, I just wanted to say "thank you", you put me on the right way. I mean in my last years I was just a fat boy, but now I'm fit. Thank you, that u helped me to lose weight.

    Sry for my bad English, I'm from Germany.


  21. Hi Chris, I tried the full planche training from the THENX app, and I feel "this is crazy training" hahaha but it feels WOW amazing 💯🔥🔥

  22. hey bro i would like to thank you 1 year ago i was 15 years old and 80kgs i started watching your videos and started working out all my friends were extremely fit at the time and was not so i follow all your guides and i am proud to say that i can now bench 85kgs and have a six pack and all and am fitter then all my friends.

    thank you bro

  23. Chris all of your videos are so awesome. And inspiring to everyone. I been gone for a while. But I'm getting back into it. I reached out and grabbed u from my pocket. U r my ride or die trainer. I dont need anyone else. Periodddddd @chrisheria @chrisheria @chrisheria 💯

  24. Could you make a video on what the best workout routine is like what day should you work out a certain body part(s)……. much needed

  25. What are some good exercises that don’t require full wrist movement? Basic pushups are near impossible for me because my wrist just doesn’t bend enough (bad break a couple years ago so I don’t have full mobility). It causes a lot of issues with pulling and pushing exercises. I find that my wrist shuts down my workouts before the rest of my body starts to fatigue.

  26. Hey Chris, i already started my job after watching you😊
    You are the Fitness guide of mine and subscription done☺

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