Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be showing you some more slow cooker dump bags. You guys seem to love
the recipe that I put in my recent dinner hacks video, so I thought I would show you
some more and give you some more inspiration, because this time of year is such a good time
to be using your slow cooker to make nice, healthy, warming dinners. So I have a few
here to show you and I hope you really like them. If you like this kind of content, don’t
forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you’re new. Without further ado, let’s
get into my recipes. So the first recipe I’m going to share with
you today is a delicious beef stew and I have precut and prepped everything here so that
it’s quicker to show you. But that has obviously taken some time.
I personally think that when you’re making slow cooker dump bags, it works well if you
double or triple a recipe, and that way you can put them all in your freezer and then
you can have beef stew once a week for three weeks, say. These are also great if you are
heavily pregnant and you’re planning to have some meals ready in your freezer for when
the baby arrives, so I’m just going to put all the ingredients together into this bowl.
For the first time ever, I’m going to be using a slow cooker liner, which so many of you
guys recommended to me as a really mess free way to use your slow cooker, but you don’t
have to put all of your ingredients into a bag if you don’t want to. This works just
the same in Tupperware if you want to be completely plastic free.
So first off you’ll need some stewing beef and I bought it precut for ease. I’m just
going to chuck that in. There’s about 600 grams of this, but I will put all the details
to the recipes in the description down below if you want to find out all the measurements.
Yes, I’ve chucked in some stewing beef, also some salt. Then I’m going to add in some green
beans, then I’m going to add in two chopped up garlic cloves and chopped up carrots, some
onion finely chopped, and some sweet corn as well. Then I’m just going to crumble in
a beef stock cube. I’m also going to add in half a cup of apple juice and then I’m going
to seal this bag up. It’s also a great idea to add a label if it’s
a recipe that you don’t know very well. So I’m just going to write on this beef stew.
I’m also going to write when I made it, so it’s December and then I’m just going to say
add one and a half cups of water and cook on low for eight to 10 hours.
I completely forgot to add a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, so I will add that in
now, but obviously add that when you make it.
Is it bad I’m sitting on the couch? No. I was so keen to eat this that I forgot to
film, so this is it. We’re having it with mash tonight and it’s so yummy. It’s really
nice. Yummy, yummy. How’s the dining table? Next up, I’m going to show you a delicious
chicken noodle soup, which is such a good one if you’re suffering from cold and flu
because it has lemon in it, also has ginger, so great for fighting off the flu. So all
you’re going to need for this one is six chicken thighs, which we’ve taken the fat off and
chopped up. Put that in. Then I’m also going to add in a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon
of fresh thyme. Also going to put in two bay leaves, which you will remove once it’s done,
and then I’ve chopped up two carrots. I’m also going to add in one large finely chopped
onion, then I’m adding in two sticks of celery that have been finely chopped, some ginger,
garlic, and I’m just going to crumble in a chicken stock cube. Finally, I’m going to
add in a tablespoon of sesame oil. So I’ve also just added on a label that says
chicken soup, add six cups of water when you cook it in slow cooker, and to cook on high
for four hours. 30 minutes before it’s done, you also add in your noodles or your pasta.
You can use anything you want, but I’m going to use fusilli because it’s Jackson’s favorite.
So I’m just going to throw in two big handfuls of fusilli 30 minutes before it’s finished.
Then to serve, you add some fresh parsley and some lemon as well.
Hi guys. Tonight is chicken noodle soup night. So I had it cooking in the slow cooker for
about four hours and I added the six cups of water to make it a soup. So I’ll just show
you how it’s looking at the moment. This is looking and smelling really, really good.
But now it’s 30 minutes to the end, so I’m just going to add in my noodles or, in our
case pasta. Going to add in two really big handfuls and then let that cook for 30 minutes.
Maybe a bit more, what do you think? [inaudible 00:06:22]. Yeah, bud? Look at [inaudible 00:06:26]. I’ve put more past in it than it called for,
because I thought it would go further. [inaudible 00:00:06:37]. Next up I’ve got a chicken and sweet potato
curry. So in this one, again, we’re using chicken thighs. I’ve got a pack of eight here
and the nice one about this recipe is you don’t have to chop them up. It will cook down.
So throw them in, then I’m going to add in a sweet potato, which has been chopped and
peeled, teaspoon of salt, some cumin, and some finely chopped garlic, some finely chopped
ginger, and a tablespoon of sugar as well. Chuck all that in and I’m going to add in
three chopped up carrots, one large onion, which has been finely chopped, and we’re going
to add in a tablespoon of fish sauce. It actually called for two tablespoons, but I think that
is quite fishy, so I’m just going to do the one.
Then I’m going to add in a big tablespoon of Thai red curry paste. You can get these
little pots, which are really handy, so I’m just going to chuck that in. I’m going to
crumble in some chicken stock. Then the recipe calls for two tablespoons of peanut butter,
but I’m using almond because one of my sons has an allergy and this should taste just
as good. Then I’m going to add in a can of coconut milk. You can add this at this point
or if you prefer, you can actually put it into the slow cooker once you’re ready to
cook it. But I’m just going to put it in because you can freeze it.
So I wrote on it chicken curry, add two cups of water when I cook it. You can either cook
it on high for four hours or on low for six hours. This is a huge bag. I think it’s going
to feed a lot of people. Good morning. Today for dinner, we’re going
to have the chicken and sweet potato curry. So last night when I went to bed, I got it
out of the freezer and put it into our slow cooker just to defrost overnight, but it’s
still a bit frosty. I’ll show you. It has defrosted down a little bit, but it is a little
bit icy still, and I’m wondering if that is why some are slow cooker recipes online say
to add the coconut milk in when you actually put it into the slow cooker. So maybe I will
that next time because it does still need a little bit more time to defrost, but this
is only a four hour dinner, so I’m going to leave it to defrost until lunchtime and then
I’ll turn it on so it should all be fine. But I thought we’d just say that.
So I’ve just cooked up the red Thai chicken and sweet potato curry. I actually made it
the other night but forgot to film. But I’m having it again today for lunch. So I thought
I would show you what it looks like. That is also the beauty of making slow cooker meals
because you can make a big batch and you can have it for lunch. That’s what I did with
the chicken noodle soup and also the red Thai curry. So this is what it looks like. This
is it here and I’m serving it with white rice today. It’s not spicy at all. So I think children
could eat this as well, but it’s really, really delicious. The sweet potato goes very soft
and really, really yummy. Hi guys. Today, I’m cooking a whole chicken
in the slow cooker. So I thought I would add this recipe onto the end of my dump bag video
because it’s such a good, easy one to have up your sleeve. You can stick a whole chicken
in the slow cooker and then use that in pasta’s or curries or just have roast chicken. It’s
such an easy one and I love to do this when I don’t really know what to do for dinner,
and sometimes you can get two to three days worth of chicken out of it for meals or sandwiches,
stuff like that. So it’s super simple to do. I’m trying a new recipe out today, but often
I will stick a whole chicken in, shove a lemon in there and some garlic and a bit of white
wine, and that is really nice. Or you can actually get chickens in at the supermarket
that have spices. You can get parsley ones or lemon ones or you can get rotisserie chickens
that you can then just stick in your slow cooker.
It’s already spiced in everything. So that’s another really easy option. I’ll show you
what I’m doing today. So this is the chicken here that I have today, but you can also get
bigger chickens than this that will actually fit in your slow cooker. This recipe calls
to put a foil ring on the bottom so that it doesn’t sit in the juices. So I’ve done that,
but I don’t always do that. Then what I’m putting on top of the chicken today is a tablespoon
of brown sugar, some smoked paprika, salt, pepper, and it also called for garlic powder,
but I didn’t have any, so I’m going to put in some fresh garlic like this. I’m just going
to stick the little garlic pieces into the chicken’s armpits and legs, so it’s staying
on the chicken and I’m going to put some inside as well, just to make it nice and garlicky.
Then you just have to rub this spice mix onto the chicken and then cook it on high for about
three to four hours. Right, so this is the slow cooked chicken
all done. I’m having the breast, and then on the side I’m having some carrots, and then
we do these potatoes in the oven with some onion and some rocket, olive oil, salt and
pepper. It’s really yummy. So yes, we’re going to have that, and then we’ve actually got
Matt’s mom and dad round for dinner, so there’s enough for all of us and the kids as well.
It’s very yummy. Right, so that’s it for this video. I really
hope you enjoyed the slow cooker dump bag ideas. If you make any of these recipes, make
sure to tag me on Instagram because I always love to see when you guys do, and thank you
so much for watching. Maybe comment below what your favorite thing to make in the slow
cooker is, and thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in my next one. Bye guys.


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