30 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | No Equipment at HOME or GYM

30 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | No Equipment at HOME or GYM

23 thoughts on “30 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | No Equipment at HOME or GYM”

  1. Good evening (from where I'm from), Abby!! This is interesting; am so going to try this!
    Just wondering if doing this workout can help with weight lose. Thank you

  2. In love with it!! Followed this video since I didn't get my workout today–BOY THIS WAS CHALLENGING AND FUN! Please do more like this <3

  3. Loved this type of video! Leaving for Mammoth Lakes in a week and I will definitely be using this to stay on track. 🖤🖤

  4. I've stayed in that cottage before, and did some workouts on that boathouse roof too, in between games of bean bag toss lol. Great spot for sure

  5. I love how you put the "Up Next" exercise in the bottom corner. I find it helpful knowing exactly what is coming next, I also really like that it's in video format rather than just a typed out name of the up coming exercise.

  6. This is EXACTLY the kind of video I've been looking for. I've just started my fitness journey again, and trying to piece together exercises and knowing how many reps and how long to hold for, etc. is overwhelming and confusing. Seriously helpful, ty. Would love to see more like this 🙂

  7. I’ve been doing these workouts and I love them! I love having a schedule to keep me on track and I can’t wait to play this video and do this workout with you! 💕✨✨✨

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