3 Important Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

3 Important Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

[Applause] when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating the modern norms and trends surrounding health foods can sometimes come across as a little bit surreal while the name might imply otherwise wheatgrass is not actually grass at all instead this name refers to the leaves that sprout from the common wheat plant otherwise known as chuda Combe as stephen in recent years wheatgrass has seen a steady rise in popularity among health food enthusiasts finding its way into juices smoothies powders and supplements on the shelves of food stores everywhere but is this supposed superfood really as healthy as people make it out to be or is it just another case of grass being greener on the other side of the grocery store today the writers at bestie aimed to find out once and for all the true nutritional benefits of wheatgrass before we start subscribe to besties and bring the notification belt that way you can stay up to date on our daily videos and content number one a rich source of nutrients unsurprisingly one of the biggest reasons wheatgrass is currently making waves among health nuts is because of its supposedly high concentration of essential nutrients according to Health Line dietician Rachel link wheatgrass is an excellent source of vitamins A C and E as well as other vitamins and minerals such as iron calcium magnesium and 17 different varieties of amino acids that last point deserves extra attention out of the 17 different amino acids found in wheatgrass eight of these acids are considered essential nutrients essential in this case means that your body cannot produce these amino acids on its own meaning that the only way to get them into your system is to incorporate foods containing them into your diet in addition to its high concentration of vitamins and minerals wheatgrass is also beneficial due to its rich supply of healthy antioxidants we here at bestie have discussed the importance of antioxidants before but in case this is your first time hearing it from us here's a quick rundown antioxidants are important compounds foul within certain foods then improve your health by regulating your body's number of free radicals if left unchecked these free radicals can cause your body to experience oxidative stress and can cause lasting damage to your body's cells making antioxidant rich foods a must-have for a healthy diet finally wheatgrass like all green plants contains a high dosage of chlorophyll which the Journal of Food Science and Technology claims may prove to be beneficial to your body's health as well however one thing we need to mention is the fact that most of the research examining the potential nutritional benefits of wheatgrass has so far been limited to test tube and animal related studies as such more research is required before we have a complete understanding of just how healthy wheatgrass can be when it comes to human consumption nevertheless given the amount of nutritional value attributes to this humble plant it seems to be a pretty safe bet that the odds are stacked in wheat grasses favor number two may help with weight loss trying to shake off a few extra pounds in time for swimsuit season as it turns out wheatgrass may be able to help you with that as well in addition to its high concentration of vitamins minerals and antioxidants wheatgrass may be a useful addition to your diet due to its potential weight loss properties this is because wheatgrass like other plants contains tint specialized compartments in its structure known as thylakoids these thylakoids contain chlorophyll and are used by the plant to absorb sunlight and facilitate the process known as photosynthesis but studies have also claimed that they may also contain nutritional benefits when consumed as well in volume 68 of the scientific journal apatite a small study was published which demonstrated that individuals who supplemented a high carbohydrate meal with phyla quoits felt more full and sated after a meal compared to a control group which supplemented with the placebo instead by increasing feelings of fullness after a meal thylakoids could be useful for weight loss by preventing people from potentially overeating by acts thus reducing their overall caloric intake while this is indeed beneficial to the weight loss process it's also worth mentioning that these thylakoids are not unique to wheatgrass specifically according to Rachel link thylakoids are a common component in a wide variety of other edible plants as well including other forms of leafy greens such as lettuce spinach and kale as with our previous point more research is also needed in order to fully determine whether or not wheat grass by itself is an effective addition to a weight loss focused diet as many of the tests conducted so far have used concentrations of thylakoids that were much higher than those found in your average serving of wheatgrass number 3 reducing cholesterol blood sugar and inflammation like many healthy foods wheatgrass is potentially noteworthy for your diet plan not only because of what it adds to your body but also what it takes away as well according to a number of animal-based studies wheatgrass may be effective at regulating the body's level of LDL cholesterol otherwise known as the bad cholesterol in fact a Polish pharmaceutical study discovered that the effects of wheatgrass on cholesterol yielded effects similar to those found in patients who took a store of a statin a prescription medication specifically designed to help treat high blood cholesterol in addition to lowering levels of LDL or bad cholesterol wheatgrass may also assist your body by raising its levels of good cholesterol as well otherwise known as HDL cholesterol other animal-based studies have indicated that certain components in wheatgrass may also help to regulate blood sugar levels within the body preventing blood sugar spikes that can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity as well as other unwanted health complications such as impaired vision skin infections and even nerve damage when using diabetic rats as test subjects researchers found that wheatgrass based extracts were highly effective at not only decreasing blood sugar levels by a certain margin but also by modifying certain enzymes in the body that also assists with blood sugar regulation additionally wheatgrass may also be an effective agent in reducing inflammation while inflammation is normally a regular function of your body's immune system in response to certain types of injuries and infections causes of chronic inflammation can potentially result in complications that can lead to autoimmune disorders heart disease and even cancer according to one study researchers collected 23 participants with ulcerative colitis a type of inflammatory disease which affects the body's digestive system specifically the large intestine by drinking just under half a cup of wheatgrass juice every month the participants in the study were found to have their symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis significantly reduced in addition the high chlorophyll content of wheatgrass means that it may possess other anti-inflammatory properties as well making it potentially effective at inhibiting certain types of proteins that have been known to trigger inflammation in the human body while research into the potential health benefits of wheatgrass are still in their preliminary stages it would appear that there are a wide variety of reasons that this plant-based food source could become an extremely nutritious addition to a person's diet with hypothesized benefits ranging from weight loss to the decreased risk of heart disease and cancer it would seem as though wheatgrass and its related products and derivatives may be worth keeping an eye on for anyone who's looking to improve their daily meal plan and make the most of their nutrition did you find this video helpful or informative what are your thoughts on the recent wheatgrass craze do you think there's merit to wheatgrass as a nutritional food source or is this yet another diet craze that is designed to dwindle into obscurity once the next food fad rolls around we're interested in hearing your feedback so be sure to leave us a comment in the section below in order to keep the conversation going enjoy this video hit the like button and share with your friends also subscribe to our channel for more videos like this thanks for watching you

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  1. Did you find this video helpful or informative? What are your thoughts on the recent wheatgrass craze? Do you think there’s merit to wheatgrass as a nutritional food source, or is this yet another diet craze that is destined to dwindle into obscurity once the next food fad rolls around? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a try and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. So a butter fly is not a fly made of butter. Please language is not always exact, direct, and logical. I mean thanks for letting us know wheat grass is not actual grass. (I was being funny, and sincere. I did enjoy the video tho.)

  3. I ask you question.
    Wheatgrass comes from wheat and the bread is made of wheat, it means bread has the same nutrients as wheatgrass.
    It's simple logic

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