140 LB Body transformation – Fat To Fit – Amazing Fitness Transformation

140 LB Body transformation – Fat To Fit – Amazing Fitness Transformation

100 thoughts on “140 LB Body transformation – Fat To Fit – Amazing Fitness Transformation”

  1. Discover The 3 Simple Steps I Followed That Took Me From Obese & Confused to Ripped & Confident

  2. This is crazy !! A CRAZY TRANSFORMATION !! very motivating sir !! A huge respect !!! Guys trust me rather than being motivated for just a min after watching such motivational videos why don't you just embed that in your mind and heart and then work on it and be successful ! I wish you all the best !!!!

  3. I want to add my 2 cents to the video….a lot of people don’t realize that major weight gain and obesity isn’t always about overeating or eating the wrong types of foods. Alcohol plays a significant role in getting fat. You could eat salads, fruits, and drink protein shakes all day, but if you’re drinking beer and/or hitting the bottle, your weight is gonna skyrocket. I’m shedding that alcohol weight now and has no desire to drink anymore. There’s no point to it.

  4. Blessings brother. I'm on a similar path. I have a debilitating condition that nearly killed me. I'm at the genesis of a miraculous comeback. I look forward to sharing my story some day. You sir are an overcomer and an inspiration.

  5. this is truly amazing……what he went through….not just being obese but the obstacles beyond that….he was imperturbed and kept gloing…

  6. Ure such an inspiration..I cried thru this video 😭..I'm battling with a lot of health issues like hypothyroid, ovarian cysts, uric acid n obesity but I'm on a mission to be fit again to be healthy again and I'm not giving up untill I see the six packs in my abs☺️..Sending love and support and prayers to everyone who are going thru rough times in their lives..Don't give up we will make it thru 😘🤗

  7. Thanks for uploading this man, i needed it, am on my own journey now, went from 92 kg to 81 and i’m seeing change in my arms chest and stomach your story and progress just makes want fight harder

    Anyone who is on their weight loss journey and becoming fit i know you can do it, never give up no matter the circumstances, progress may be slow but at some point it will become a regular part of your life and eventually like this guy said in the video, you will become addicted to seeing your body change!

    God bless and hope you’ll reach your goal💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  8. Desde Argentina, gracias por tu ejemplo de asumir una gran responsabilidad como lo es preocuparse y ocuparse del cuerpo dejado, y transformarlo en dedicación esmero y amor por el mismo.

  9. Very inspiring, I need to reduce 40 pounds of fat and get more muscle… but don’t know how to get this type of will power..🤔you are a great example.

  10. I can tenaciously relate to your obesity narrative. Like you- I am immensely obese with high blood pressure and other health challenges. But- God enabled me to haphazardly come upon your channel. Iam so unhappy and miserable. What a motivational diatribe in how you proactively changed your exercise, fitness, and eating habits. Praise the Lord for your phenomenal testimony.

  11. Depression is so hard it's hard to break through and do the things you want to do because you just dont have the energy to deal with all that I want to lose weight I weigh so much I'm 5'9 and I weigh around 260 I have no motivation hopefully one day I'll break through this

  12. Lost over 60lbs in the last 6 months, my knees feel better, my feet don't hurt anymore, just another 60 to go 🙂 thanks for the inspiration to get up off my fat ass brix, big up.

  13. Man I'm literally sitting here with tears. You don't know how much this video means to me. I'm 250, 6'1, man boobs, finances a wreck, very depressed, and just in a endless cycle. Your right. Its time to break the cycle and just dive in immediately. Thank you for inspiring me this morning.

  14. I’m proud of your bro! I was at 293 pounds. Now I’m down to 260. I’m starting the Insanity workout in 2 days with the meal plan. Your story inspired me.

    “Everything worth fighting for In your life will always take time and effort. It’s the things that come easy that aren’t as important.”

  15. You said everything I'm going though now, but I don't have the money for the gym. I've been fat all my life and I want to be happy and different. I want to be pride of myself

  16. He reminds me of my dad. Very motivated and hard working guy. I’m on a weight loss journey too. 210 down to 204. 40 lbs to goooo!

  17. Well,the transformation was good but let's not forget the fact that some enhancements were used to accomplish it,plus the competing "body" raised some flags for me cuz that category are all roids users,and it is waaaay too far to look as shredded and massive all naturally,idc what excuse you'd come up with,genetics,nutrition,dedication blabla and bla,nope i work into this field so please stop giving people fake hope and selling them fake programs when your accomplishments were all fake natty from the start 🙌🏻

  18. I’m loosing my weight too whenever I watch these kind of videos after that I start runing then I feel strong for runing so thanks for videos

  19. On thanksgiving last year i started my weight loss journey i was 295 I’m now at 245 wanting to get down to 220 around Christmas ive gained weight back myself as its hard having to stay up late and study and i get snacky

  20. Hello Everyone! I'm starting a journey to lose 100 pounds on youtube please subscribe to my you tube channel & or Follow me instagram @Rashadinspires

    Thank you to all who show me love & support ❤🙏🏾

  21. Hey man thanks for the hope you are giving us right now.

    I was wondering if you could give us a routine of you did of what you ate and worked out in order to reach that state.

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