11 Bollywood Stars Who Are Suffering From Serious Diseases | You Didn’t Know

11 Bollywood Stars Who Are Suffering From Serious Diseases | You Didn’t Know

11 Bollywood Stars Who Are Suffering From Serious Diseases | You Didn’t Know

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  1. Jaldi Tum log uper Chale jao.Bahuto ko barbad kiya hai.
    Bahut Ladkiyon ko jhansa de kar Tumlogon ne un ki izzat luti hai.jald Tumlogon ko mout ho

  2. Que le Tout~Puissant DIEU de miséricorde le DIEU par excellence se souvient d'eux et les fortifie et les guerrisse au nom de Jésus Christ

  3. i than God for pipo who knows there diseases coz they can get help any time than like us going to the hospital for help but given paracetamol not even any dr to check on you this wold for now adayz

  4. Do you know the meaning of a disease? Based on what I saw, only Manisha, Lisa Ray, Big B and Sonali has diseases. Routine surgeries, Bronchitis, Alcoholism are not severe diseases. I have something called Li–Fraumeni syndrome and so far I survived 5 different cancers ( Brain, 2 Colon, Prostate and kidney ). Don't try to sensationalize with useless information.

  5. Most of the rich survives, If I've the power, I will announce free treatement for cancer all over the world.. Missed my mom to cancer..😭, It's easy to die, but it's very difficult to watch the loved one dying,, 😭 ⬅️ This is not just an emoji, It's the tears of persons like me ,

  6. Tell me the stars who has been jailed &bailed out fr doing wrong to this society will b very happy if u post

  7. Шаxрук кxaн у тебя очен многа поклоникаx но я асобиная поклоница целую тебя лашкарбекова шарора из Явана

  8. This world is not the world of comfort is the world of testing..
    May god Allah give us cure all Muslims and non Muslim..!!
    Love and peace ✌🏿 ❤️

  9. Hello. I'm a cancer survivor. Colon cancer, Stage 3. It was detected sometime in July, August 2013. Symptoms were, total blockage of Colon – large intestine, no passing stools, no digestion, acute vomiting sensation, loss of 15 kg in 30 days. Prior to detection of cancer, I'm a 6 footer, 85 kg, well built, reason ably good looking guy. Unlike film stars, politicians, beaurcrats, rich business men, Im from simple ordinary middle class family, but we'll educated, loving, friendly civilized person. Hardly any disposable income to meet the operation and post operation expenses. The oncologists, radiologists, doctors told me I have just about 2 or 3 months to live. For a while I said Good, at least I know when I'm going to die,!! But then, I wanted to Live. Bcas my most Loving, most beautiful, most adorable wife Anitha was down with total Renal failure. And I am the only living person to take care of her. So I talked to the onco surgeon Dr. Sabber Javeri to fix a date for surgery. He said he and his wife are going to Australia, New Zealand for 3 months holiday and will give a date thereafter. I insisted that he cut me open, remove the diseased portion and then go on holiday. He liked my desire to live and agreed. And the date for operation was fixed… (to be continued)…

  10. this is so sad they have made a lot of impact in people life through their movies I wish them good health God have mercy on me some things is not right above all this ten Bollywood star left the earth just few years and now this what in hell is going on in Bollywood

  11. Ohhh sorry king khan and salman and hrhitik and all of you may God bless you with perfect health inshaalah

  12. Chutiye fake news dega Aisa marungi na tab pata chalega ruk edin mujhe bula ke la tab dikhati Hun tujhe kya karunga ruk

  13. Myocardial infarction is Heart Attack, not hereditary disease, but strong family history can increase your risk too.

  14. Mr writer either true on lie your caption does not fit what you displayed besides SRK only had injuries from acting not diseases… Too bad… Go and modify your standard of ENGLISH 👎

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