❤️ONCE A MONTH FREEZER MEALS | Dump & Go Crock Pot Meals, Healthy Casseroles, Easy Recipes!

❤️ONCE A MONTH FREEZER MEALS | Dump & Go Crock Pot Meals, Healthy Casseroles, Easy Recipes!

– Hello, hello, welcome
back again today friends. We are doing a whole
bunch of freezer cooking. You know this song and dance. I am cooking up my brand new large family freezer meals pack eight, it’s going down. I’ve got some of the meat already cooking and prepping over there. We are gonna cook up low
carb chicken mozzarella bake, balsamic rosemary beef
roast, ginger lime chicken, cabbage lasagna which is super yummy, spicy chicken legs, low
carb beef and cheddar cauliflower bake, white
chicken chili, keto red pepper meatballs, Greek chicken dinner
and Philly cheese steaks. And so if you see my recent Costco haul, I shopped with my shopping list here. Now we’re gonna use the big
batch freezer cooking guide. I already got my ground
beef and my chicken started cooking this morning
while we were doing breakfast. So we’re gonna tackle the low carb chicken mozzarella bakes first. And we’re making four nine by 13 pans. Okay, so much has been
crammed in here because I’ve been prepping to do all this cooking. Okay, nothing to see here folks, just a woman with her
cabbage and some more sour cream and cream cheese
and all that good stuff. Now, the cabbage isn’t needed quite yet, but we’ll need it here before we know it. I also had a bunch of sweet potatoes, so I’ve had those cooking
in the Instant Pot today, not related to the freezer
cooking that we’re doing but I had about 10 of them that had come in some of my vegetable boxes that I have delivered and
needed to use those up. So anyway, with the low carb
mozzarella chicken bakes, I mix all of that goodness up in a bowl, we fill the pans, top it with cheese, it’s gonna be good, let’s
get our pans out now. And I mentioned this in my other video, since I am cooking all three
of my new freezer packs, two which are low carb and
one that is mostly low carb, but all dairy free, which is pack nine, doing pack eight today, all that to say I’m doing a total of about
75 healthy freezer meals and I am splitting them all
with a good girlfriend of mine. She is real busy doing all
the things like all of us and she’s working and home
schooling a bunch of kids and you know, just the mom life. So, she’s getting about 37 of the meals, I’m keeping about 37 of the meals. Together our kids will be fed. And yeah, it’s helpful let me tell you. So, I’m doing some that I’m keeping for my freezer in my glass dishes and then I’m passing on these pans for her. I just try to always have some of those and have a collection of them. You can tell it’s the
start of a new cooking day because I gotta get
all my stuff out again. When I cooked freezer
meal pack number seven, I gave a tour of my
freezers if you guys haven’t seen that yet, just look
in the description below and I’ll have a link for you. Many, many of them are
just easy throw and go quick either slow cooker
or Instant Pot meals. Now we’re gonna chop some mozzarella for this and some cream cheese. Instead of getting the little blocks I just got the big, big brick. So I am going to cut my cream cheese and butter and mozzarella. I got this mozzarella from Costco. Cut it into slices, then we will mix that along with our sour cream and our chicken and our broccoli, throw
some salt and pepper and some garlic powder and
some onion powder in there. And then we’ll top it with some shredded mozzarella, put it in our pans. (bright music) So here’s a look at all
four of the low carb chicken mozzarella bakes, yum. (bright music) Okay, so now we are doing the
balsamic rosemary beef roast. I have two of these roasts
again from all the Costco meat that I bought, and if you
haven’t seen my latest large family Costco grocery shopping haul, I will have that linked below. Now let’s see, I may
have to, there you go. Can the garlic hold you up? And my little bag holders,
these do work lovely and it will once I get
back over there to hold it. It’s not a perfect science. This one is one of those
quick and easy dump meals. We’re just gonna put in
some garlic, rosemary, balsamic vinegar and some butter. Butter will freeze just fine. And so many of the meals included in large family freezer
meals pack number eight are just quick dump and go
meals, but there’s a balance. We’ll have like a chicken mozzarella bake and the cabbage lasagna as well. So you can have oven meals,
nice to have some variety. Included in the new packs
seven, eight and nine large family freezer
meal packs there’s also a special bonus single recipe addition. Which means instead of four chicken mozzarella bakes you’ll just make one. Think what I’m gonna do
real quick before I then do a bunch of the bag meals is I’m just gonna sit here for a minute and get these cabbage leaves peeled because I always like to think through what can be happening while
I’m doing these easy things. (bright music) Related to my kids eating
dinner here in a few hours, I already had some hot
dogs that were set out and defrosting that I
had got at Sharp Shopper and I had got some baked
beans at Sharp Shopper. So again, excuse me while
I’m doing my law carb freezer cooking I had told the kids that I could make them
some beanie weenies, so we’re going to get that
going here in the slow cooker. And then when I get these
cabbage lasagnas done I will probably make one of those as well. (upbeat music) Okay, so again, the hot dogs
I bought them on clearance. They were defrosted, kids
have been requesting, hey what about beanie weenies
when they saw I got hot dogs. So my non-low carb kid food. This is two big cans of baked beans, whole lot of hot dogs, about
two cups of brown sugar. Mmhmm, I’m not winning any awards with this meal but the kids will love it. Clean up here a second, then we’re gonna do the ginger lime chicken. (upbeat music) I’ll tell ya, I go around
with these big cups of coffee and then it takes me all day to finish it. (upbeat music) Okay I got distracted there a little bit. We have family talking
and I’m still cooking and then I’m not filming, so now I’m on to doing the Philly cheese steaks. So I’m gonna get these bags out. Just got some more green
peppers chopped over there. I need to take some
bags out to the freezer and bring the steak in
that I still need to slice. So let’s do that. And then after we get
the Philly cheese steak for the slow cooker, or
electric pressure cooker, done, then we’re gonna finally
do the cabbage lasagna and then I have a beef
and cauliflower bake. We will get these out in the freezer, bring that steak in and
help it meet its destiny. (upbeat music) So here’s how the freezer’s looking. These are some of the
meals I made yesterday when I cooked up freezer meal pack seven. But I’ve added our spicy chicken wings, we have our roast, almost
all of our stuff in here. Here’s our Greek chicken, and then more slow cooker meals I did yesterday. All my meatloaves I did yesterday. Yeah, just lots of wonderful food. (upbeat music) Okay I’m gonna work on a
few moments of clean up here because the next two recipes,
the cabbage lasagna and then the beef and cauliflower
bake, those are in oven pans. (upbeat music) Calls for two heads of cabbage,
10 pounds of ground beef, four 32 ounce containers
of ricotta, 10 large eggs, 108 ounces of sugar free spaghetti sauce, four cups of Parmesan
cheese, two tablespoons of garlic powder, two
tablespoons of onion powder and a whole bunch of
shredded mozzarella cheese. So, we are doing it. We will be making four cabbage lasagnas. I will keep two, my good
friend will keep two. (bright music) I got my ground beef, now I’m gonna fight with my can opener to get my tomato sauce. This is, as always, my, wow, I just broke a lot of things. So, look what I just did isn’t that cool? – Yep. – Just broke quite a lot. But I really, it was so important, I was gonna show you this sauce so now that I have this glass at my
feet, please look at my sauce. $3.39 from Costco. Cleaned up with that little event now. I’m just gonna do these one
at a time for right now. We start with two cups of the sauce, and I’m gonna use my little
handy dandy meat cruncher. Now we will do cabbage leaves. The only thing that went
wrong with the last time I did cabbage lasagna is I accidentally burnt my ground beef a little bit and had that nice ground beef burnt taste all through the cabbage lasagna. I was like man, this would
be fantastic except for that. (bright music) One cabbage lasagna. (bright music) I think I got enough ricotta,
I’ve got enough cheese, I think I’ve got enough
cabbage, gonna have to see if I have another can
because I’m, like I said, fudging on this a little bit. The pack is enough to make four, but if I can add a little bit more sauce to my meat sauce there I
think I’ll have what I need to scrounge around and
pull a fifth one together. Okay, true confessions,
I don’t want to open up another big thing of my spaghetti sauce because this is the last
thing I need it for. Got a couple cans of pizza
sauce, no one’s gonna complain. We’re gonna make it happen. (bright music) Okay, last one and then you can watch me, we will clean up this mess. This is the low carb beef
and cheddar cauliflower bake. Okay, yes I’m just pouring it
right in the ground beef mix. (bright music) Now, what I have dumped in here, which is the extra ground
beef, because I had cooked some extra, and
I put in an extra bag of cauliflower, I’m
thinking this is looking more like, at least three nine by 13 pans. (bright music) Okay, now a little extra bonus, I got four pans out of it, but
I’m out of shredded cheese. That’s what happens when
I start stretching things and such, but I do have this
fantastic jalapeno cheese, only $1.49 a pack from Sharp Shopper, yes. If you run out of something, or if things don’t go exactly as planned
for whatever reason, just as I always say, make the best with what you have on hand. Zion has had a little
assembly line going for me, I’m going to walk these out and then get them in the garage refrigerator. I’m gonna work on cleaning
up this mess right now. I’m hoping I can get it
done in 15 to 20 minutes, then I’m going to feed the
kids and we’re gonna have some late evening story time before bed. And, I’m going to show
you the freezer stack. Zion’s wrapping a few more
of those bakes for me, so once I clean this up,
meet me at the freezer. Let’s go. (soft music) We haven’t yet cut down the Ikea chairs. If you remember I got these
chairs at Ikea a few weeks ago. I think I accidentally got the taller set. Many of you had great ideas on Instagram that Travis could cut them
down two or three inches. So I said since they had just built them, let’s use them for a few weeks and then we’ll see how far we
want to cut them down. But honestly, they’re
working well at this height. So I’m not convinced
yet, although I am gonna give them a spray, I’m not convinced yet that we’re going to cut them down. (soft music) And now with my kitchen,
when I have cooked in it for hours like a big cooking day, I have done some cleaning
videos and folks will ask, wait a minute are you just
wiping mess onto your floor? Yeah, when I have to clean
the whole kitchen anyway, like top to bottom besides
inside the refrigerator, I just wipe it all on the floor. Because you know what? I’m getting ready to sweep
it in a few minutes anyway. So, I believe with those few extra meals I ended up squeezing out we
ended up with about 29 or 30 healthy large family freezer meals in new low carb pack number eight. And don’t forget that right
now for a limited time you can buy my brand
new super mega ultimate large family freezer meals
bundle that has packs one, two, three, four, five, six, and now seven, eight, nine for 60% off. That’ll be the first link
in the description below. Lots of people have bought
the original one through six bundle, if you already
own that, and you’re one of the many mamas who have been waiting for my low carb and also
the dairy free packs that have just come
out, you can get 30% off your brand new seven,
eight and nine bundle. Again, those links are
in the description below. Don’t miss out with those. (soft music) I will put this on Benjamin’s
tray here in a minute when he comes down, and this is how we just cram everyone around the counter. It’s where we end up
eating most of the time. Wasn’t my plan, that how it’s worked out. Here’s another look at my quick and easy kid requested dinner this evening. Ah, we opened the door, hello friendly. You going to the garage with me? So here’s how we have
everything stacked for tonight. Tried to not have anything
crushing one another, but we are starting to
fill up with our pans. I laid some meals that need
to flash freeze up there. These are meatloaves from the other day. But yeah, so this is all of pack seven and then all of pack
eight that I cooked today. Tomorrow we’re gonna cook pack nine. Thank you so much for watching, friends. Go ahead and click that first link in the description to
get your 60% off deal. I will chat with you in those comments and I’ll see you real soon where we’re gonna cook up pack nine, yay.

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