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How Do You Keep Buyers and Sellers Inside Your Marketplace?

Jaron Gilinsky created Storyhunter, a platform that connects media companies and brands to freelance video producers and journalists in 180 countries. But to succeed, he had to overcome two major problems: First, his original business model was failing him. And then, once he created a great way to connect those media companies and video producers, he had to become so invaluable that they wouldn’t abandon him.   Have a problem-solving story to tell us? Do it at http://bit.ly/2v8g4Y6

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Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome: Battling Back with Dave Sanderson

From the moment flight 1549 narrowly glided past the Washington State Bridge, to wading through the cold, waste-deep waters of the Hudson River awaiting rescue, to the career and life reawakening which followed; we explore Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome with plane crash survivor and President of Dave Sanderson Speaks Enterprises, Dave Sanderson, in a candid, in-depth interview. Learn how to thrive by managing your mental state, leading effectively, and communicating clearly. Plus, Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jason Feifer, shares how you can achieve the new American dream.

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Alan Alda Reveals His Top Communication Techniques

Welcome to episode #1 of Entrepreneur Radio, your definitive guide to the diverse challenges of business ownership hosted by award-winning broadcast professional, Alan Taylor. To commemorate Entrepreneur Media’s launch into talk radio, we open the show with communication expert, best-selling author, and award-winning actor/writer/director, Alan Alda. Alan reveals his top communication techniques and gives us a preview of his new book, “If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look On My Face?”. Then, we get a preview of the June edition of Entrepreneur Magazine with Editor-in-Chief, Jason Feifer, celebrate 25 years of ThinkPad innovation with Lenovo’s Tom Butler, and learn how to prevent a data hack with cyber security expert, Jayson Street.  

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American Manufacturing Revival with Cheers TV Star, John Ratzenberger

Our country was built on hard work and problem solving. John Ratzenberger, the postman from the popular television series, Cheers, tells us about the skills that made him a successful actor, serial entrepreneur, and the voice of American manufacturing: an unyielding work ethic and inquisitive mind. John currently keeps himself busy as an active member of the Elite Aerospace Group, a treasured Pixar voiceover artist, and founder of subscription box company, thegiftbox.com. John offers tried and true advice for new entrepreneurs looking to build a successful future. Listen now.

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Courageous and Wild: Maverick Start-ups Turned Multimillion Dollar Companies

We begin the hour with former Navy Seal, Eli Crane, who created a new way to serve his country after retiring from the military. Bottle Breacher is a veteran-owned manufacturing company offering bar goods proudly made in the USA. Then, we hear from Nathan Latka, the 27-year-old mastermind and personality behind premier business podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs. Alan describes Nathan as a ‘gorilla investor’ to in part to his aggressive business strategy which is equal parts brilliant and crazy. Discover more about these business gurus now!

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An Astronaut’s Guide to Entrepreneurship and Cyber Security Tips

Being an entrepreneur is no cake walk. There will be times when you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on walking. Astronaut, emergency trauma doctor, father, inventor, and professional thrill-seeker, Dr. Scott Parazynski, has been through a lot and has come out on top, the top of Mt. Everest that is! The good doctor offers a motivating message on thriving in the face of adversity. In the second half of the hour, we hear from CEO and Co-Founder of Centrify, Tom Kemp, regarding recent security breaches, cyber-attacks, and the significant need for stronger password protection. How safe is your company from a breach? Find out now. 

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